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Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 #100 (Variant Cover)

Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 17: Clone Saga TP

(John Romita Sr.’s The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #100 Homage)

 Art by: Mark Bagley and Richard J. Isanove

Hey ReverseRacism! So the new Spider-Man movie is here and recently I have been thinking about the concept of superheroes and heroism, a concept that many people, if not everyone, has thought of identifying with at one point or another. Because the concept of the superhero is so powerful in our society, this means the ability to identify and see yourself in that role is also as powerful. And this is where diversity plays a role. Giving people of all races a chance to see themselves in this role is important. That is why I chose to put a black boy in the role of Miles Morales, the black Spider-Man of Earth-1610. Kudos to Marvel for coming up with the concept and choosing to add diversity within their superhero line-up.