[FANCAM] 120515 f(x) at K-Pop Culture Festival - Hot Summer


Yay! Girls are back on stage! They all look so good. Loving Luna & Amber’s “longer” hair and Vic, of course, looks gorgeous!!

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I had to find an error at work. While looking trough the plans i found the number of the braker but not of the fusebox it’s located at.
After lunch a co-worker sugessted to look in the secod basement but we thought that wasn’t logical. Well, it was located there in the end.

Bought Diablo 3 but couldn’t play it because of some internet error. I’ll try it again tommorow, if it doesn’t work i’ll try to get my money back.


[FANCAM] 120515 f(x) at K-Pop Culture Festival - Pinocchio & Greeting

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[NEWS] Kangta Cooks Pasta With f(x)’s Victoria!

F(x)’s Victoria’s recently paid a visit to Kangta’s cooking show.

For Victoria’s guest appearance on Kangta’s O′live channel cooking show, Kangta’s Pasta e Basta, Kangta and Victoria whipped up a ‘pink pasta’ as well as a spoon cake (cupcake).

During the show, Victoria revealed her cooking skills saying, “I normally make fried rice, omurice and other dishes for the f(x) members.”

Following the episode’s shooting, and eating, Kangta said, “Through Victoria’s help we completed an awesome dish and dessert,” while Victoria shared, “I’m so happy [he] created such a wonderful dish.”

Many viewers commented on their pleasure of seeing such close ties between the SM Entertainment senior and junior.

Kangta’s Pasta e Basta airs every Thursdays on O′live Channel.

Photo credit: CJ E&M

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[NEWS] Preview for 2PM’s “Beautiful” PV revealed!

As reported earlier, 2PM will be releasing their 4th Japanese single “Beautiful” on June 6th! Ahead of its release, the preview for the upcoming PV for the track has been revealed on Japanese television.

Their title track, “Beautiful”, already received much love as the CM song for a popular Japanese brand and has a record of topping the Recochoku chart.

In addition, the group has also recently sold out their 6-day Japanese tour for the upcoming single, evidencing much interest from fans.

Check out the preview of the PV below!

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[VID] 120516 2PM Thailand COWAY CF

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