1600 super

A Very Practical Gift

It’s Loki’s super sweet 1600 and he’s been given the best present anyone could ask for: a Thor to do what he pleases with.

Features: bratty Jotunn!Loki with a vagina, a grumpy Thor that’s not much of a talker, bathtime fun, and basically an uncle giving his nephew a dildo for a birthday present.

The robe Loki wears is heavy and itches terribly. He shifts in his seat as his uncle strolls up to present his nameday gift. He bows deeply before Loki, giving his father, who has been standing off to the side for the majority of this so-called party, a respectful nod.

“Dear nephew, on this most special day I do not bring you jewels or finely crafted weapons,” he pauses, giving Loki a smirk, “I bring you something more useful.”

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