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[Interview] 红秀 GRAZIA Issue 160 Magazine - An Encounter with Choi Siwon in London
On 16th June at London Jimmy Choo 2015 S/S Mens Collection Show, Fans from various countries were gathering outside the venue. The Fans were all waiting for Asia Popular Kpop Star Choi Siwon. In order to meet him, fans from England and even from other Europe countries all flocked to here. This is “Hallyu’ that sweep across the continents. Few days ago, we heard that there were even two German Fans who rushed all the way to France and waited for a few hours just to catch a glimpse of Choi Siwon who is going to attend the Audi Le Mans 24hrs race.
As we walked into the makeup room to meet up with this Superstar that many fan girls fantasize, to our surprise we were also captivated by his friendliness and cuteness. He was wearing a black suit with white shirt, giving us a megawatt charming smile even from a distance away. He turned down the suggestion from staff of doing the makeup and interview session at the same time. He said “interview is actually very important and I can’t concentrate on my answering if I’m doing other things at the same time”, he pulled a chair to sit beside us as he talked —- and upon closer look at him he really do look very handsome and cute.
“Every time when I travel to here, fans from Paris and England will suddenly appear before me and I am really very touch about it”. Right now Siwon has about 13133009 followers on his Sina Weibo and in order to communicate better with his fans, most of the time he will post on weibo using either English or Chinese. “I like to interact with my fans, everyday I will be looking at those funny pictures that my fans edited and I will save all of them on my mobile.” He took out his mobile and showed it to us “This is a picture that my fans edited on comparing the expression of me and my dog, isn’t it cute?”
These few years siwon has been spending most of the time working in China, he said although he is faraway from home but he don’t really feel lonely “I don’t really miss home that much because in China I still have many friends and colleagues keeping me company however I do miss my dog.” Choi Siwon Chinese is very good, he can almost comprehend 70% of our questions in Chinese. We asked him whether if he is talented in languages or did he actually work hard on it? He jokingly said “I have to be good if not my manager will come after me…ha ha ha, no just kidding of course I need to put in quite alot of effort in it.”
He loves Chinese Food, “I’m sure you all might have heard that I love to eat Hotpot..spicy Hotpot…” and he continue to name all the dishes and name of the restaurants…”KongXin Vegetables, Ding Tai Feng, Xiao Long Bao…..” Since you like food so much so how do you maintain such a fit body? “I loves jogging, basketball, tennis and I went to play all these sports frequently with my friends, beside that my job is very busy and hectic therefore I don’t really need to go on diet”.
Although he is a lady killer but he wanted to challenge himself by acting in more challenging roles. “I’ve acted in a few dramas, I like <King of Dramas> and also <Billionaire Inheritors>, I like the character ‘Xi Wang’ that I am acting in Billionaire Inheritors, Xi Wang is a very kind, understanding and forgiving person”. Between there is a scene in this drama whereby siwon need to kneel down in public and how does he feels about it? “That is only part of a job that an actor need to fulfil, in order to challenge myself I am willing to forsake what others think about me, as long as I can meet new challenges, I don’t really care what others might be saying”. “I hope that I can get the chance of acting as a confused and complex villain next time. Last time I have watched a movie title ‘Hannibal’, the role played by Anthony Hopkins left me a deep impression and I watched this movie several times.”
Choi Siwon will also get to act in a new Jackie Chan Movie title ‘Dragon Blades’. “This is a very international movie, I can say that for those who are anticipating this movie, you won’t be disappointed. Jackie Chan is a person that I admired and respected a lot, after getting to know him I finally can understand the meaning of ‘Big Brother’.” On top of that, Siwon also revealed to us about his new upcoming project, “I will be taking up the challenge to act in a movie about sports and because in real life I can’t be a sportsman so I hope that I can get to fulfil this dream by acting in a sports movie.”
When talking about Super Junior, Siwon is very cautious and he declined to answer on questions that might make him sound more superior within Super Junior. “ I don’t want to create the impression that I am much better than the rest within the group, for me Super Junior is always the one that I want to cherish and protect over dearly” Even when we asked him personally what type of songs he usually likes to listen and he will immediately replied “Songs by Super Junior and also Music produced by SM”. Besides that he also enjoy rock, kpop and jazz music too.
Due to his hectic work schedule, Siwon seldom have much personal free time and he revealed that whenever he is free and alone, he likes to rest on the sofa at home and keep himself in deep thoughts. Sometimes he also watch TV programs

and reading self improvement books too. “Whenever I feel stress, I like to clean up and tidy my room too”. His manager also revealed that Siwon is a neat freak and also a detail person, even if staying at the hotel he will also pack everything neatly. “He is also a very environmental friendly person, he will help to sort out rubbish accordingly and also flatten the can drinks before throwing it.”
Before answering each questions, siwon loves to crack up jokes too and during photoshoot he even High-Five with the staffs , as long as he is around the surrounding will always be filled up with laughter, no wonder many people call him the ‘happy mood maker’. When we asked him is this due to his own personality or is he a thoughtful person? He replied “Happiness is actually very important for me, I like to work in a happy environment and I like the people around me to be happy as well. If everyone is happy, the work will also run smoothly too.”
Our theme for this photoshoot is ‘Sexy’ and of course we have asked him about his definition on sexy. He replied “Based on my own definition a guy who is humorous and interesting is consider as sexy”. So based on his definition, we can actually consider Siwon as a very sexy celebrity.
Trans by: Oceanblue0209