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Feeling amazing this morning. Just hit my lowest weight! 189 pounds. That’s over 100 pounds lost ❤ proud of myself. Getting closer to my goal weight 160. Its been a long journey lol. But i think im finally coming to accept my body. Even with all its flaws.

Weight Loss Goals

SW: 207 (4/12/17) 

CW: 201.2 (5/17/17) 

Goal 1: 200 - Reward: Girl’s Night

Goal 2: 190 - Reward: Contacts!

Goal 3: 180 - Reward: Book Birthday Trip

Goal 4: 170 - Reward: New Clothes!

Goal 5: 160 - Reward: Disney World Annual Pass

Goal 6: 150 - Reward: Book a Winter/Spring Disney trip

Goal 7: 140 - Reward: Book a Food and Wine Disney trip AND New clothes!

Gotta keep motivated with those non food based rewards. After not working in the parks for 2 years, I’ve got a mighty need to go back.They were my home for 4 of the last 6 years and I need to go back. It’s the perfect motivator. 

ryan-is-totally-normal  asked:

I'm 5'4, 17 and a trans guy. Currently I'm 208 lbs. What would be an ideal weight bracket?

Make these your goals:
I don’t recommend going lower because I know t can cause some weight fluctuation and 140 is a safe weight. And also because you are a guy, I’m assuming you probably want some muscle as well? Please don’t starve yourself; just chill with the bad foods and make sure you work out. And remember that muscle weighs more than fat so don’t kill yourself focusing on the number. Good luck with your transition!


Kickstarter Tomb Raider Suite

The Main Title from the classic game soundtrack Tomb Raider of 1996. Composed by the great Nathan McCree.

An extremely interesting project is launched by Kickstarter. The goal is to extend and re-record the original Tomb Raider music by Nathan McCree with a live orchestra at Abbey Road Studios in London. I hope it will succeed but there are a lot of pledges to be done to realize the goal of 160,000£.

I keep my fingers crossed for it and I hope this video will help promoting this project. Feel free to like and share this video so that it will reach more Tomb Raider fans who maybe are not aware of this fantastic project.
Thanks in advance for that!


Carlo Ancelotti: Cool in the hottest of moments

By Anthony Lopopolo

On the margins of a blank piece of paper, he would scribble in his starters. He would fill the rest of the page with points about the defence and attack: to maintain possession, to play two-touch football, to bide your time. And he would make copies and hand them out to his players before matches.

Carlo Ancelotti writes all of his notes by hand. He writes in ink. He always wanted to make that human connection. “You can’t write a love letter on a computer,” he writes in his book, The Beautiful Games of an Ordinary Genius. You could say Ancelotti is a bit of a romantic.

Communication is the most important thing. He wants everyone’s opinions. If one of his players is upset, Ancelotti hears them out. He prefers talking to his team instead of shouting; listening instead of ignoring, even when he knows he is right. 

“For me,” says the 54-year-old, coach of Real Madrid, “it’s managing people. Managing Ronaldo is the same for me as managing Carvajal or Morata.”

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anonymous asked:

I'm 6'0 and I weigh 246lbs, and my goal is 160, is it possible?

If you are a female, yes that should be possible! :) For a male, I wouldn’t say so. 

Give yourself a good year on my programs to reach your goal. If you ever have trouble when first starting out you can do some of these things:
- cut the reps in half or thirds
- just use body weight
- do brisk walking as your cardio
- add in extra rest days
- split up the workout throughout the day instead of all at once

Also do not be afraid to add in extra healthy snacks or bigger portions since you’re taller :) 


lovely-summer-night submitted:


Before: 212 lbs - After (In Progress): 160 lbs - Goal: 140 lbs

I’ve been working on becoming healthy for 7 months.

I had always been a healthy weight growing up. I never focused on what I was eating, but I was a competitive swimmer from middle school through my Junior year of high school and was so active that I was able to maintain a healthy weight. When I stopped exercising I continued to eat like someone who burned 1500 calories a day…but I wasn’t. By the time I was a sophomore in college I was at an all time high and feeling extremely self conscious and depressed with my body. I decided it was time to make a change so I aggressively switched my diet. I cut out all carbs, sugars, and salts to begin with. Gradually I would limit my red meat intake and have cycles where I would eat mostly vegetables and protein supplements to see results. Once I lost the initial 25 lbs, I began a balanced diet portioning out helpings of vegetables, healthy fats and healthy protein for every meal. Now that I feel confident I have begun weight training and increasing my cardio. I run in the morning about 2 miles 5 days/week and rotate weight training focusing on back/arms, chest, legs/butt and core as the days go on…and more squats than you can imagine! Getting into the gym has allowed me to see the most progress in body and has really been the best addition to my routine.

My biggest advice to anyone going through this is to not allow yourself to fall victim to your self doubt or self criticism. If you mess up one day, okay, that’s fine, don’t ruin all your progress by punishing yourself and binging. If you feel over whelmed and upset because you aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped for, that’s okay, it takes time, don’t do anything drastic. It might take time but invest that time in yourself because you are worth it. Treat your body well and treat yourself well because you deserve nothing less. :)

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This is a one month progress I made a couple months ago. Since then I’ve fallen off the wagon and gotten back on! KEEP GOING. It’s going to be a struggle, but please, keep going. It’s so much easier to continue living a healthy lifestyle than to keep stopping and starting over. I can’t wait to see my progress in a couple weeks. Big changes will be happening this year. Stay positive!

Starting weight: 284 lb
Current weight: 266 lb
Goal weight: 160-175lb

IG: Julesofit

Starting weight: 233

Current  weight: 212

Goal weight: 160

Height: 5’6

I am 2 months  into this journey  and i still have a lot more to go. I always thought there was some hidden secret to losing weight and made things too difficult for myself. Then it just hit me, that i can do this, and i am strong enough to make my goal. I have been exercising  5 days a week (running and weight training) and eating clean. Every meal i have a veggie, protein, and carb. Then i snack throughout  the day. I have only  been drinking water. I am excited to see my end results. I will keep you guys updated if you would like :)

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My 2014 New Year's Resolutions/Goals

Remember that moment 3.2 seconds ago when I wrote about how I was *not* going to do goals/resolutions for 2014? Lol. I am so funny. Because really. I lurvvvve goals. Sure sure sure I epically fail on many and/or most of them, but occasionally I win at at them, and if not I like to think I chip away at them and eventually accomplish some pretty epic things (cough four-full-marathons, Base Camp Mt. Everest, moving to Australia, losing weight originally cough).

Now. Now because a goal without a deadline is just a dream, my deadline is Dec 31, 2014 (so original, I know):


  • Simple –> work my ass off


  • Make my new little apartment feel like home. I am so (so!) thrilled with my new place, but more than the physical structure of my apartment, I’m thrilled that I get to create a home base. A place where I can actually hang things, put up the curtains I want, and create a home, not just a house. It’s exciting! I’m excited to explore the world of decorating this year - as I’ve never really ‘decorated’ anything before.


  • This morning I weighed 175. But truth be told I’m fairly comfortable in my own skin these days (yay for me). Sure, I’m festively plump all year round, and yessss, I’m bigger than I’d like to be, but my weight/size is just the slice of the pie these days (as apposed to a few years back when that was pretty much my life obsession).
  • Butttttt, I do *hate* how I don’t fit many of my clothes, so I want to lose weight to get my dresses back (remember my white dress? Oh how I’d love to wear that again!) and, of course, just feel more healthy.
  • 6 Month Goal: 160 (that’s a 15 pound loss - above 0.5 pound loss a week)
  • 1 Year Goal: 150 (again, that’s under a 0.5 pound loss a week)
  • Note: Sadly I am so aware that losing weight is a full time job, so at some point I will actually have to make this a priority, because history has shown me that half assing losing weight, does not in fact half my ass.


  • Half marathon? Full Marathon? What should I dooooo?
  • Truth be told I don’t really know what I’m going to do with running in 2014. If I run another full marathon, it will be because I coach a Running Room’s clinic, but I’m undecided on this.
  • May 11, 2014 is the Sporting Life 10k - so I want to run that.
  • And I’m going to run one or two half marathons and get my time down (my current PB is 2:18)


  • I love love love CrossFit. It is actually the only form of exercise I want to show up to each and every day, which means I’ll definitely be returning to the wonderful world of weight lifting soon. Luckily New Job gives us a fitness credit, which will allow me to sign up for it.


  • Blah. I don’t know. I’m pretty content right now, but me thinks as I get less busy with apartment things, and catching up with friends, this will become a priority. And why shouldn’t it, right? I finally feel healthy and happy and over Matt (yay!), and relationships are awesome, and I really want to binge-watch Netflix shows with someone. So yup. There’s that. I’ll probably do online dating and set myself a goal of “two dates a month” (note: I always feel like I have to defend myself to the Internets when I say I’d like a relationship, but c'mon, I’m 29. And human.)


  • BUDGET. And then follow through with said budget. I got my first pay cheque on the 2nd and it was GLORIOUS (cue the doves, champagne and fireworks).
  • My plan is to sit down and do my budget for 2014 this week, and the big goal will be to TRACK everything, and stick with it. I’m also going to use Mint.com to help me, and try and shop less for clothes.


  • Read more
  • Cook more (I was thinking of signing up for cooking classes!)
  • Go for more walks (as in, non-exercise walks/runs. Just nice, easy, look at the world, walks)
  • Reply to more emails (personal, and blog ones). I hate how I’m so bad at this.
  • Get more sleep. Or take iron pills. Eat more red meat. Or something - because I am always tired.
  • Put cream on my face each and every night. I’m so bad at this. I’m always like, whatever, I’m tired, good night, and skip it. But the wrinkles are coming!!
  • Random: camping. I want to go camping this year.
  • Dare I say travel? Bahahaha. Probably not. Although as I’m addicted I’m already thinking of Chicago in Feb, Vancouver this summer, and I would *LOVE* to head back to Melbourne for my 30th, but bahaha money.

Okay, all done. Dare to share your New Year’s resolutions? I’d love to know! ?

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I really want to reach my goal (160 away). So I will be following back everyone until my birthday is over tomorrow. Reblog pretty please!

After years and years of being on a roller coaster of weight loss I’ve finally been successful in getting the weight off and keeping it off. Though my journey is far from over seeing this progress picture motivates me to keep going. In the picture on the left I was at my highest weight of 278 in March 2016 I am now 218 as of today. My goal is 160, and after seeing this progress I know it’s possible!


Im not quite where I want to me but I am getting there! Its been a long, hard road and I am so happy to see the results I am seeing! One year and 4 months ago I look a look in the mirror and decided I had had enough. I wasnt happy, in fact pretty close to depressed. I changed my eating habits and rejoined the gym. One year into my journey I felt like I had obviously made progress but not the kind of progress ai wanted to see. So Oct 2014 I signed up for a local fit camp and had my ass handed to me! After 3 6 week sessions doing that I had hit another plateau..since I was moving to a new state I figured I would just give myself a break until I get myself settled down in my new home. Since moving here a month ago I have lost another 10lbs! From the time I actually cared to look at a scale I have lost 50lbs but it feels like and looks like so much more! I couldnt even tell you how many inches I have lost too! I am 10x happier now and working to lose the next 20 to my goal! My current weight is 180 and my goal is 160 then to tone. Once I get to 160 if I need to I will lose some more but I think a toned 160 would be perfect! :D

my name is latoya I’ve lost 70 pounds over the last past 9 months. starting out I would have never thought I would lose this much weight but with a little bit of willpower and a whole lot of praying I’m well on my way to my goal. I lost the weight by portion control light exercise 3 to 4 days a week for 30-45 minutes and drank lots of water, NO SODA! I’m loving my new body and so does my Husband ;-). This may sound cliche but trust me, if I can do it anyone can.

Ht 5'4"

Starting weight 241.6

Current weight 171

Goal weight 160