Hey all. Mod here with a very rare break in Paradox’s character so I can talk to you all.

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you all so very much for the love and support you have shown Paradox and by extension, me. Paradox was always meant to be an experiment and test of my abilities since I am very new to digital art (with a drawing tablet, at least).

I am absolutely flabbergasted by the sheer attention she and her blog has received, despite a very low level of actual content. I mean just LOOK at all of this fanart. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

I have every picture saved on my phone because I just can’t believe it.

You guys are unbelievably generous, and I couldn’t be more thankful.
So here is a small reciprocation of that love and support.

Featured above (more-or-less from top-left to bottom-right) are: askppask-aqua-marine-pony, ask-autumn-song, askwanderingwhooves, ask-googlechrome, ask-hyperbrony, fisherpon, Golden Quill from askdiamondmoon, ask-celestia-stuff, ask-luna-bagelask-princess-moe-lestia, askmichigan, ask-noble, ask-storybook-sonnet, the incredible evie-ponybot, ask-the-nameless-oc, askleolion, twizz-doodles

Not only are all of these blogs and mods wonderful supporters of Paradox here, but they are all wonderful in and of themselves! Consider following any and all of them. You will not regret it.
I had actually planned to include many many more! But mod is very very slow with tablet, and has many ADULT obligations to attend to (enjoy your youth, kids). So I only picked a scant few of the many wonderful blogs following Paradox.
Trust me though, every single ask, like, follow, or reblog from any of you makes my heart soar. Truly.

Right then. And so we go.

160 kitty followers~


I just want to say, thanks so much for over 160+ followers

its means alot to me, and it boosts my confidence as a new artist

so, to celebrate, i made this picture of all of my friends OC’s as cats




((a few side notes, i’m sorry if i missed anypony, there’s just alot of you xD if you still want to be in the picture, i can make a picture of your OC as a cat))

So, I got a bunch of new followers (160!  Wow!) today, so here’s what you need to know about me.  ;)

My name’s Becky and I love to obsess over things.  

My main obsessions are ABBA, Broadchurch, Doctor Who, and (shhhhhhh, don’t tell) David Tennant.  I wouldn’t call myself a fangirl, but I’m definitely a little obsessed.  He’s cool.  :P 

I do a lot of drawings and you can probably find them all under the drawing tag.  My drawings include:

And a lot more which I don’t have links to… :P  You can look at all my tags here.

Feel free to drop a request in my ask box.  I love requests.  :)  Just know that I don’t do anything nsfw because that is just ew.

I also write fanfictions which you can see here.  All of them are safe for work and have no language unless stated.  :)  Some of them contain spoilers, though… :P

I’ve also started Broadhurts Tuesday which is basically weekly ramblings about sad things that could happen during Broadchurch.  Feel free to submit to Broadhurts Tuesday if you’d like.

And if you want to help a girl earn a little cash, you can check out my store.  ;)

I also run/co-run two other blogs in case you want to check them out: ABBA4teens and Adventures of Tiny Ten (and Friends).

So that’s basically all you need to know about me.  If you ever feel like talking, chatting, sending a friendly message, or even venting, you can always send them to my ask box.  :)

Thank you and enjoy your stay!  ^.^

Part 1 of Katty's über awesome 160 followers celebration!!

Alright doods!As most of you know I hit 160 followers and I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW but anyway let’s get this show on the road.Okay first off this is only part one of my celebration which is a contest!And here are da rules!
1.You must be following me!
2.You can only enter ONCE
3.No using multiple accounts
4.Likes don’t count
5.All you have to do to be entered is to reblog this!
1st place prizes:
1 Fanfic of your chose(any ship fluff smut ect)
2 Drawings of anything except nsfw
A follow from me ;3

2nd place prizes:
1 Drawing of anything (except nsfw)
1 Fanfic of anything

3rd Place prize:
1 Drawing of anything (except nsfw)

Good luck guys!!!
Also contest ends on Friday!!


160 frames of Shaq animation, for 160 SHAQZINE followers! WOW. Thank you thank you thank you for following Shaqzine!

We’ve had so many totally amazing fantastic incredible inspiring mind-blowing Shaqzine submissions so far–have you submitted yet?

Please join in, and send us your Shaqs! The submission deadline for SHAQZINE is March 17th!!!


[[WE’VE REACHED 160 FOLLOWERS, we’re having a 160 followers special! So for now we wanna know who wants to make a cameo, dont worry its nothing bad XD]]

(( we need people to make cameos as ol skeledouche tells a story, so add a comment if you want your muse drawn in! ))

Wot 160 followers>?<

So I have recently hi 160 followers. I am planning to do something for you guys when I hit 200 so It would be pretty rad if you guys could help me get 40 new followers by the end of next week? Thank you?

I would like to thank any one who has followed me and decided that they can put up with my crap. But yes thank all of you guys because y'all are great

But yeah for now lets have some gifs that sum up my excitement

Whats wrong with you guys!? o.o I just hit 165 followers and I didn’t do a fuck? You are fricker fracker super duper amazing and wonderful!! XD <3<3 If I could give you all a hug I would do it. No shit. For real… I. Am. In. Love. With. You. ALL <3 <3 <3 

I made a little “thank you” drawing <3 I am not a fantastic painter, so go easy on me, but I have been working on it for a little while, so I thought it would be the time to show it of. Please enjoy. And again thank you so much everyone!!!