DIY 16 Tie Dye Patterns Tutorial from By Stephanie Lynn.

Excellent post about creating 16 tie dye patterns by creasing and folding, crumbling, scrunching, and twisting fabric. Also, there is advice about choosing the right colors using a color wheel to help you. 

For Tie Dye DIYs including Shibori go here:

Bottom photo collage found on Pinterest; all photos from By Stephnie Lynn.


OK, remember when I said I was going to make a Golden Girls-esque Sims scenario where the fusions are all old ladies with a teenage Stevonnie living with them? Well, I went and did that and finally finished. Here are their models (everyday clothes) and stats I gave them. I tried to balance out positive and negative traits but it was kinda tough for some of them since I needed some traits so they’d behave correctly.

Colorful Ace

aro-ace-out-of-place submitted:

It is not only my vocabulary that is colorful. As a Native American with a lot of European thrown in, I always seem Caucasian until people meet my family. I’m 1/8 Shawnee and approx. 1/8 Kickapoo making me nearly ¼ native, but my pigmentation isn’t quite right. The melanin in my skin is the same, but more pale. I am one of few people with cold brown hair. My eyes shift colors depending on mood and the phase of the moon. People think it’s easier for me to blend it, but it’s actually more difficult. I’m neither white nor native. I belong no where as a racial line. I’m mixed and terribly so. I don’t have the raven hair of my grandmother or the naturally sun kissed skin of my father. My facial features show it, and many people can recognize it, but it’s subtle.

I was raised in the old traditions of my people. I have trouble understanding some of the more modern social difficulties because natives always believed that gender was defined by the soul, not the body and orientation by the spirit and mind.

So being asexual was never something my family wouldn’t accept, but, like everything else, it was only my family that accepted this difference.

Like my mixed race heritage and the unusual pigmentation I carry, my asexuality was erased by those around me.

My race does not exist. My orientation does not exist. My heritage does not exist.

And yet, here I am.

I have become the proof that other people are wrong. That I can and will endure just as the heritage and genes I carry with me do.