5 years… 5 stupid years without him! 

This man is part of the reason why I am who I am. When the accident happened I couldn’t get back on my feet for so long. And still miss him, it still hurts. And it will hurt forever. I hate this day so much and wish it never existed on the calender. And to make it all bloody worse, it’s Tuesday again, same as the day he died. 

He was a man who loved with his whole heart, without asking for something in return. He helped everyone he could no matter what. And I’m just sitting here with tears streaming down my face, the pain washing over me in waves. There’s nothing I can do or anyone to make it better. 

If you wanna know how he was just read “If” by Rudyard Kipling. It describes him perfectly!

да му го посветиме 16-ти октомври, целосно на ♥ ТОШЕ ♥ , бидејќи на тојден,четири години, Tој нас не напушти засекогаш. За сите кои навистина ♥ МНОГУ ИМ ЗНАЧИ ТОШЕ ♥ - напишете го ова на вашиот статус! ♥ R.I.P ТОШЕ !!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Angels don’t belong on earth but instead in a world much more pure and beautiful then the one we know.

♥ R.I.P TOŠE ♥ †