yall 16 year old these days are too smart when i was 16 i was dumb as shit and you’re over here lecturing me about class struggle


I thought I was smart when I was 16, but I don’t know shit compared to the 16-year-old girls that I see coming to my concerts. They talk to me about issues of social justice, and they know about intersectional feminism, they can tell you the difference between someone who is non-binary and agender and genderfluid. I didn’t know any of that when I was 16.

NCT As Boyfriends

Anon requested:  Hi I hope this isn’t too much to ask for but can you guys do nct as your boyfriend? Thank you!

Genre: Fluff & SMut

Author: admin Karma

A/N: Hey, i’m sorry you had to wait so long
These are all members besided the minors and Lucas & Jungwoo since I don’t know much about them yet……… Also since it’s 10 members this is a long one….

Reminder! This is completely how I see them as boyfriends and it’s probably very inaccurate as I am not that good at reading people but i’ll do my best!! (this is for all genders) and since this is a smut acc, I will add some 16+ content to it ;)

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Do not read if you hate spoilers!

Idk what’s happening in episodes 9 and 10, the pictures have everyone scared and coming up with several theories! But here is what I know based on facts from bts photos and shit the writers have teased

1. Simon at some point becomes a daylighter

2. Alec is going to use violence on Aldertree

3. Izzys props for ep 10 include handcuffs

4. “Beautiful Malec” is apparently happening in 10

5. Magnus will fight

6. Dot will be rescued

7. The institute will be attacked

8. Meliorn shows up at some point

9. Raphael is important to the plot of 9 and 10

10. A new sexuality will be shown in 10

11. Apparently a clace kiss (if they are still siblings when it happens, ew)

12. Will Tudor is credited for 10 so maybe he will show?

13. Madzie and Iris reappear in ep 9 for a “frightening climax”

14. Matt broke peoples hearts with his performance in 10, and did confirm an emotional scene with Magnus.

15. A fan spotted a malec hug being filmed, which could be for ep 9 or 10 (not sure)

16. Shit is going down in the downworld due to valentine being as asshole as usual

Anyway, a lot of shit for just 2 episodes!

Close Encounter of the Turd Kind

Context: Relatively new group of players, I am the DM. They are in the sewers of a city and are fighting a pair of giant squid

Dwarf Barbarian: Can I … poop in the water to distract them?

DM (me, laughing): You can try, go ahead!

Player rolls Nat 1

DM: You have constipation and now your butt is exposed to 16 giant tentacles!


It’s his first birthday with Dex, but it’s also his first Valentine’s Day with Dex, and he’s not really sure what the protocol is when you’ve been in love with someone for a year but only actually dating them for a month or two.

He stares at the little gift he’d made up – a new coffee mug, some Kit-Kats, a jumbo bag of Skittles, and a bouquet of flowers. Is it too much? Is it not enough? Is it cheesy? Is it weird?

In the end, he doesn’t have time to overthink it too much, because Dex is knocking on the door and Nursey has to go let him in. Dex has two bags in his hand, one red and one blue.

“Red is for Valentine’s Day, blue is for your birthday,” he explains.

Nursey opens the Valentine’s Day gift first – a new coffee mug, some Twix bars, a jumbo bag of M&Ms, and a bouquet of flowers. Nursey’s kissing Dex before he can even get to the blue bag.

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new-recipe  asked:

How would Viktor react to hearing someone speak ill of Yuuri? How would Yuuri react to hearing someone speak ill of Viktor?

With the exception of Yurio being a normal almost 16 year old shit (and we all know he actually loves Yuuri), I don’t think there are a lot of people who really would speak ill of Yuuri. 

However, Victor is very good at surprising people who would speak ill of him. He’ll grab a shoulder, arm, etc. and squeeze hard all the while smiling with a “I’ll kill you” look in his eyes as he asks “What was that I just heard?” Usually the people will stammer out “nothing” and run away quickly. When it comes to Yuuri, nobody wants to cross Victor’s path when he goes into protection mode.

Yuuri is more impulsive. He will rush to Victor’s defense telling anyone off who dares speak ill of him. He does not notice he’s doing it until he’s in the middle of it already. He’ll usually finish, slightly out of breath and glaring at the person who dared to say something negative about Victor. They usually back away is shock because people are not used to Yuuri getting mad and vocal. Around this time it occurs to Yuuri that he’s made a scene and he gets embarrassed. Not so embarrassed that he’ll back down on his defense, but enough that he does not mind hiding his face in Victor’s chest when he comes running to find Yuuri because someone went and found him to let him know that Yuuri was yelling and upset.

Misconceptions-Chapter 4

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Natasha x Bucky, Platonic Tony x reader.

Warnings: Violence. Badly written violence. Angst, the tiniest amount of fluff in the world, THE BABY IS HERE!! The lullaby is in Afrikaans, my ma used to sing it to my sisters. 

Translation for the lullaby:

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for his living,
& the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Guys i’m not sure about this chapter. But it needed to happen. Happy reading!

(Also i know Adriana is six weeks old, and this lil’ cutie is at least 4, but i could not for the life of me find what i was looking for, and this pic was the closest i got)


 “Buck” you call out, walking into the living room, “Stevie’s looking for you, you missed training” you look up from your phone, Nat’s holding Bucky’s hand looking guilty as sin, Bucky looks like it physically hurts to look away from her “Uh guys?’ suspicion clouding your tone, “Everything alright in here?” “yeah kitty cat, Nat was jus’ helpin a fella out, didn’ know what ta get my best girl for her birthday” Buck replies. Your eyes are fixed on Natasha, she never could hide anything from you “Nat?” you venture “Nat what’s going on?” “Buck’s a clueless procrastinator, I was helping him pick out something special sestra” she’s lying. You know she is. Your traitorous heart latches on to the lie like you need it to breath “Natalia” you warn her “Don’t lie to me” “I wouldn’t (y/n), honestly I don’t know what’s going on with you lately, but stop projecting onto me” She storms past you, Bucky following close behind her. Shit.

 6 months later 

 You curse as you unsuccessfully try and tie your shoes, your spectacularly huge baby bump impeding the most mundane of tasks, you didn’t know what you were expecting, you’re carrying the child of a genetically enhanced giant with fabulous hair, your half expecting the baby to come out walking if you’re completely honest with yourself. You’re alone, by choice, you have no one to blame for your current predicament but yourself. Tony tries, he calls twice a week if he can, sometimes he doesn’t call at all, your melancholy has been slowly suffocating you, your hair has lost its shine, your eyes are dull, voice scratchy from disuse, “I’m going insane” you muse “This baby is fixing to pop any day now and I’ve lost my ever loving mind” you feel the power leaking out of you, your control slipping as you slip deeper into your panic, objects are hovering and vibrating in mid-air, the windows of your 4th floor apartment cracking as you desperately fight for some semblance of control, you laugh, an inhuman sound that shatters the mirror in front of you, chunks of glass hovering a few feet from the floor, the power a tangible thing that you can see in front of you, wrapping around you like a deadly vice clawing at the remnants of your sanity. No no please no, CONTROL IT. You’re screaming at yourself, windows shattering and furniture splintering with the weight of your emotion, grasping onto the first image that flies into your head, Bucky smiling at you, the real no holds barred smile he reserves for the truly fortunate, memories replaying in your mind of happier times, Natasha laughing at a prank Sam pulled, Steve blushing as you recount a particular interesting dalliance, Sam rugby tackling you at the fourth of July football game, Tony soothing you after another failed relationship. Family. My family. Your heart beat calms, syncing with the beat of the babies, a deep steady rhythm that has you coming back to yourself gasping and spluttering as you try and balance your emotions and your power, ignoring the ache that shoots through your chest when you think of his face, his laugh, his smile. “no” you chastise yourself ‘it’s not just you anymore (y/n), this baby needs you, she only has you, pull your shit together kitty. Woman the fuck up.” Decision made you abandon the sneakers and opt for a pair of ballet flats instead.

4 days later you give birth to a beautiful baby girl, with a full head of raven black hair and the greenest eyes you have ever seen. It physically hurts to look at this perfect mixture of you and Bucky and your heart breaks all over again, reliving the pain of the horrible words and your hasty departure on a loop in your head. That is until she looks at you, unfathomable devotion to this tiny person flares in your chest, and you know. You know, that no matter how deeply broken you are, you would give anything for her, withstand any torture, kill a thousand men if it would make her happy. She will never know, you promise yourself, she will never know pain. 

 You name her Adriana. You sign Barnes as her last name. you can’t figure out what compelled you to do so.  You have accepted you are never going to see James again.

6 weeks later: “Shh Ari baby, mamochka is just warming up your bottle” you try to quiet the crying child in your arms, singing softly “Maandag se kindjie is wonderskoon, in dinsdag se kindjie sal grasie woon, woensdag se kindjie is altyd bly,donderdag se kindjie sal alles kry, vrydag se kindjie is lief dog sterk, saterdag se kindjie sal altyd werk,en n kindjie gebore op sabbatdag is vol wysheid of hy werk of lag.” She gurgles happily “ssh Adriana” you whisper. Stretching out your senses you scan the building, too many people, 16 altogether, armed. Shit. Grabbing your phone, you shoot off a quick text and strap Ari to your chest in a baby carrier, “You gotta keep quiet for me Ari, Mama’s gotta kick butt and she’s a bit outta practice” Adriana sobers instantly, staring at you with her wide green eyes, you know she understands you, you can feel her power. “Alright baby” you say, grabbing the dual katana’s off the fireplace, sticking the gun hidden underneath the hearth into the front of your pants “this aint going to be pleasant.” You shove the throwing knives into your boots, you can feel your attackers’ minds, like a hive, swarming and busy, one coherent thought between them: take them alive.

Nope, not happening, you think. “Alright bitches, bring it” you yell as the first agent crashes through the window, he barrel rolls into a crouching position aiming a taser right where Ari is strapped to your chest. “Not my daughter you bitch” you scream, gracefully swinging the katana, severing his neck. 3 more enter through the door, grabbing the glock from the front of your jeans you take them out in rapid succession. Racing out the door way you head for the stairs when you’re roughly yanked backed, roots of your hair smarting at the force, neck straining with the pressure, you elbow your assailant in the solar plexus, driving a hard kick into his knee, breaking the kneecap, he grunts as he falls. You knee him in the face for good measure, tugging the knives out of your boots and expertly throwing them at the two agents racing up the stairs. You catch one in the throat and the other in the eye. This isn’t working, there’s too many, they will out man me eventually, you’re two stories up, there’s a lull in the fight oh god this is going to hurt, you send out your mind to find the remaining agents, gently prodding into their consciousness, they can’t detect you, not yet, not if this is going to work, you wait until they get closer, reeling them in slowly, and with one final push you channel everything you’ve got into their heads liquefying their brains. You fall to your knees, gritting your teeth against the exhaustion. Need to get up, need to move. MOVE. You limp your way to the exit, cradling Ari against your chest avoiding the stares of passers-by, getting into the car waiting for you, you bark out “Stark tower. Now” 

 15 minutes later you’re stomping into the Avengers tower screeching “ANTHONY FUCKING STARK! HOW THE FUCK DID HYDRA FIND ME” Only to come face to face with the man you’ve been avoiding for 8 months. You pale, Ari making distressed noises against your chest, Bucky’s eyes flicker to her and back to you, shock apparent on his face. “Well shit” you breath.

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