Since it’s international transgender day of visibility (according to facebook) and my invisibility powers are inactive today, I’m gonna put off on robbing that bank and post pictures of my face instead. And in case this goes further than my friends here on tumblr:

I’m Andy, I’m genderfluid, I’m nonbinary, and my pronouns are they/them!

And I’m pretty good at that eyeliner that makes your eyes look bigger, apparently.

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As if you're engaged to kc, you're like 17 and she's 16... bull shit.

You wanna know a secret? It’s not your relationship so why should you care? also yeah, that’s correct. But people get engaged at age 18, 19, 20 and no one says anything, right? I think both me and kc have a brain :) :) :) :) bye


i dont care how theyre justifying mikoto and munakata they still look the same to me so they dont look like highschool students lmao
esp mikoto


"Please don’t attempt to recreate anything we do in this video.
We’re stupid. Don’t recreate stupid.”

Just some fetus Calum for all y’all cause this is a quality selfie that everybody needs in their life.


"I gave him one of my DJ necklaces, where it has headphones, and I gave it to him, and I guess he was showing everybody, like ‘Look what Paola gave me!’ And then he’s so cute, ‘cause he’s like, ‘This is the only thing I can give you.’ And it was really sweet and I made it into a necklace."


video credit to @kristalized_ (x)

keaton sounds liKE A PUNK SINGER I GOTTA GO