fun fact: when i was younger i used to get made fun of for drawing anybody over like. the age of 25. or even basically like…. anybody that could be considered middle-aged or “old”

like i was literally made fun of for drawing older people. or making older OCs. like it was such a weird thing to get picked on for. BUT IT HAPPENED. 

still draw em tho, its fun

Rainfall, Pt. 1 (Revas x Artemis)

The wardens are hollow-eyed and curt.

             It is not unexpected.

Revas cloaks herself in formality. Polite and focused, in the wake of that dreaded song. She will not waste time.

             Loghain Mac Tir is grim and foreboding. Artemis Tabris is severe as spiked glass.

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toxxicism asked:


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I don’t like when people act like photoshop is really easy. Like anyone can do photoshop. I’ve had PS for about a year and I’m just getting the hang of it. It takes a lot of time and a lot of shit edits to get anywhere with it. When I first got photoshop I was like ‘ohh yeah now I can do all the cool things!’ and i opened it and was like WTF IS THIS?? Like, it takes a lot of patience and determination ( because there have been several times I wanted to throw my laptop when photoshopping ) and it’s just silly how when you ask people for help they’re like ‘google it’. Like why would I ask you if I hadn’t googled it? 

I’d like to add that I’m a pretty fucking smart person and photoshop fucking baffles me.