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IPKKND3: Episode 10 (July 14, 2017)

I’m gonna keep this short: tonight’s episode was possibly the most BS episode of IPK I’ve seen in its 400+ episodes history. And that’s saying something. 100s of actors/technicians/crew members worked on this episode, and not ONE of them questioned its ridiculousness? Baffling.

How bizarre was the episode? Here goes:
→ The lady who incited a mob against Advay’s parents, she’s a widow now. She’s at the “widhwa daan” function. And Advay conveniently notices her “chaandi ki payal.” So this lady has been wearing the same effing payal for 16 years. Sure.
→ Turns out she’s also Indrani’s blackmailer. Amazing. One of the show’s central plots gets resolved in 10 episodes. Kya baat hai!
→ Oh, and Indrani has a pet snake. She is straight up Lord Voldemort in disguise. And she gets Nagini…umm…I mean, her pet snake to attack the widow. I’m guessing she spoke to the snake in parseltongue and told it exactly where and how to attack this lady? Got it.

→ Then blackmailer widow’s dead body gets dumped somewhere. Of course, Advay just happens to walk past it. Coincidence.
→ The townspeople (extras) in this scene literally repeat, ”Hai! Bechaari widhwa thi. Kya hua tha iske saath?“ 4 times. Because that’s how people react when they see a dead body? They repeat the same sentence in unison? What are they? Robots? The director couldn’t even be bothered to give his extras reasonable lines. Sahi hai.
→ And don’t even get me started on the shenanigans involved in opening the mandir’s doors. The sun’s rays hit the Shiv murti at 45 degrees, which casts a shadow of the murti on the mandir’s back door. And this only happens once in 16 years. Riiiight. 
→ And there’s some sound detector inside of the mandir that gets activated through the vibrations of mantras that only Chandni’s dad knows. Chandni compares this to voice locks you see on digital devices. Uhhhh…..
→ Only a combination of these two events can open the mandir’s door. These people have clearly not heard of artificial lights. -____-
→ At this point, as outrageous as this was, I was still willing to suspend disbelief and play along.
→ But there was more BS in store.
→ Turns out, it’s monsooning on maha aarti day. Torrential rains. Which means no sun, no shadow, no door opening. Maybe lady luck is on Advay’s team?
→ Nope. Advay is Professor Dumbledore in disguise. He can control the weather!!  
→ In addition to Math, he also has expertise in cloud seeding. I. KID. YOU. NOT. 
→ First off, cloud seeing (weather modification) is hella expensive. It’s the kind of operation that governments undertake. Governments invest millions of dollars in R&D of such technologies because the short/long term benefits of these projects outweigh the costs involved. And by "benefits” I mean: combatting severe drought, removing radioactive particles from clouds, countering environmental hazards, increasing snowfall for worldwide sporting events etc. “I hate my ex girlfriend and want revenge” is usually not a good enough reason.

→ And Advay is doing all of this from his handy, dandy macbook. Wah! 
→ And if this wasn’t outrageous enough, there’s also a side plot of Veer making chirkut of Shikha. I guess this was supposed to be comic relief? But it provided this episode’s dose of cringe. Really not a fan of this actress. I’m trying, but it’s getting harder. 
→ At one point, they also used the BG score from Ishqbaaaz. Didn’t have time to edit/sound mix? Thought we wouldn’t notice? 
→ The only saving grace in today’s episode is Ritu Shivpuri’s breakdown at the mandir. She’s heartbroken that the mandir’s doors won’t open and that it’s going to destroy her family. It was sincere, relatable and touching. Indrani begins the episode by killing an unsuspecting widow. And yet, by the end of this episode, she manages manages to pull on your heart strings and get you to sympathize with her. That’s pretty incredible.  Ritu Shivpuri, you’re the bees knees!

→ I’m not expecting House of Cards level of prescience and writing with this show. I think my expectations are pretty reasonable. But to defy 5th grader logic, make a mockery of basic science and insult audience intelligence to this extent is a little TOO much. TOO MUCH!
→ The audience deserves better. And these actors sure as hell deserve better. 

→ Chandni sneaks into Advay’s room. 
→ Sidenote: Chandni is so cute. 

Attended the world premiere of Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 1 this weekend at Otakon!!

Thought I’d share some thoughts and highlights **major spoiler warning**

- First 30 mins or so is original content about the Summer of Love. Lots of battle scenes and young Charles, Ray, Holland (19 years old), Talho (16 y.o), and Dewey (and of course Adrock Thurston and Eureka). I couldn’t see the subtitles well at the beginning so there’s a lot I missed

- Adrock and Eureka go rogue for reasons unclear. Meanwhile, Charles and Ray are fighting off antibody Coralians while missiles carrying the Silver Box weapon are fired at location “Woodstock” in the mountains where the scub coral command cluster is located.

- The “Silver Box” mentioned in the trailer is a weapon that uses sound/music. The lights are really colorful like a disco or rave. Note that music seems to be a major theme throughout the movie.

- Something goes wrong with the Silver Box (the music wasn’t in sync or something?) threatening to destroy the world. Adrock says he doesn’t want to sacrifice Eureka for the benefit of humanity and ejects her from her pilot seat and then flies to the epicenter by himself. Humanity is saved by his actions and we timeskip to 10 years later.

- Remainder of the movie is a combination of new footage and recycled scenes from the original series constructed of a series of “play backs” and “play forwards”.

- The flashbacks don’t show much of the Renton’s time on the Gekko but focus on what happens after he ran away and met Charles and Ray. In the movie, they are his adoptive parents who haven’t seen him for a long time since he was in the military academy at Bellforest. After Renton finds out about the plan to attack the Gekko and kill Eureka, he decides to leave and meet Eureka again. He declares that Eureka is the prize that he wants to “earn” (a la Adrock Thurston’s famous quote).

- Renton’s grandpa and older sister Diane seem to be omitted from the movie.

- Movie was followed by a trailer for the second part and a Q&A with director Tomoki Kyoda.

- In the trailer there was a magical girl transformation scene with Anemone?????! I think maybe the girls from AO were also there wearing idol outfits or something idk it was really fast and I was still confused from all the flashbacks within flashbacks so I didn’t catch everything.

- Kyoda talked about how the movies are set up as a trilogy and everything will make more sense rewatching after you see all the movies.

- The first movie was codenamed “Renton 7" and the second is “Anemone 7” so we can expect to see a lot of her and Dominic in part 2!

- Hardfloor made the musical piece “Acperience 7" especially for Eureka Seven. It actually would be the 6th Acperience track but was named 7 for E7.

That’s all I had, but if anyone else was at Otakon I’d love to hear what you noticed from the movie and trailer!!


Different views of an irregular galaxy NGC 5408

Most galaxies have a spiral or elliptical structure. About a quarter of galaxies, though, look quite messy. Known as irregular galaxies, this group includes NGC 5408 above.

John Herschel recorded the existence of NGC 5408 in 1834. Astronomers had long mistaken it for a planetary nebula, an expelled cloud of material from an aging star. Instead, it turned out to be an entire galaxy, located about 16 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Centaurus (The Centaur).

In yet another sign of NGC 5408 breaking convention, the galaxy is associated with an object known as an ultraluminous X-ray source, one of the best studied of its class. These rare objects beam out huge amounts of energetic X-rays. Astrophysicists believe these sources to be strong candidates for intermediate-mass black holes. This hypothetical type of black hole has a good deal more mass than the black holes formed when giant stars collapse. (x)

Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, Judy Schmidt


Not all galaxies are sprawling grand spirals or huge glowing ellipticals. In fact, up to a quarter of all galaxies are amorphous. Known collectively as irregular galaxies, these assemblages have little in common aside from their generally small size, low luminosity and indefinable shapes. The mechanisms behind their formation are not clearly defined, but it is likely that they are the result of gravitational interactions from galactic collisions or near misses.

The irregular galaxy shown here is NGC 5408, recorded by John Herschel in June of 1834. It is located some 16 million light-years away in the constellation Centaurus. While it may seem messy and chaotic compared to its more structured brethren, this Hubble Space Telescope image shows a unique portrait of the broad swath of stars that make up NGC 5408.

This galaxy is home to an ultraluminous X-ray (ULX) source, known as NGC 5408 X-1. Beaming out prodigious amounts of energy, this rare beast is one of the best studied of this class of objects, and is considered to be a strong candidate for an intermediate-mass black hole.


Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, acknowledgement Judy Schmidt


From the invention of wireless to Radio Broadcast to Space

The word radio was coined in 1907 after a decade of furious activity to discover the mechanism for wireless transmission.  A decade earlier, French physicist Édouard Branly coined the term radioconductorto describe a means of wireless transmission.  He based his term on the verb radiate which ultimately came from the Latin word radius meaning the spoke of a wheel, a ray or beam of light.  The word radio was first used by itself in a 1907 article by Lee De Forest. It was used five years later by the Navy to distinguish it from other wireless technologies and entered common usage in the next decade.  Radiotechnology advanced so quickly that a little over 50 years later on November 16, 1974, scientists broadcast the first interstellar radio message out to the stars, a program that later became known as METI, the Message to Extra-terrestrial Intelligence. To date, only 9 messages have been transmitted by a variety of organizations:

  • {The Morse Message (1962)}
  • Arecibo message (1974)
  • Cosmic Call 1 (1999)
  • Teen Age Message (2001)
  • Cosmic Call 2 (2003)
  • Across the Universe (2008)
  • A Message From Earth (2008)
  • Hello From Earth (2009)
  • RuBisCo Stars (2009)
  • Wow! Reply (2012) 

The first radio message, known as the Morse Message, does not technically belong on this list as the Russians directed the message to Venus, and thus the primary mission was not Interstellar.  The message targets vary in distance from the very short (the majority of targets are under 100 light years away) to the very far, including the Arecibo Message, which targets the M13 globular cluster 24,000 light years away.  

While there have been some dissenting voices who argue that ‘revealing’ our location to enemy or hostile alien civilizations is ill-advised at best, most scientific consensus agrees that due to the physical restrictions on speed and travel (as currently understood) we are in no danger of imminent attack.  While the Arecibo Message won’t reach its target for another 25,000 years or so, the first of the other messages should arrive by 2029.  Other scientist point out that our current terrestrial radio and television broadcasts represent their own METI signal and thus we have no need to fund additional broad- or narrow-cast messages.  

Image of the Arecibo Radio Telescope courtesy Marius Strom under a Creative Commons 3.0 share alike license.  

Image of the Arecibo Message of 1679 bits in the public domain. 

to hell with it, i’m gonna have a party

lydia’s party mix - {listen}

01:: blankest year - nada surf; 02:: animal - neon trees; 03:: royals - lorde; 04:: blue jeans - lana del ray; 05:: bombs away - kyle andrews; 06:: bridge and tunnel - the honorary title; 07:: crazy beautiful life - ke$ha; 08:: ready to go - panic! at the disco; 09:: flaws - bastille; 10:: hello - martin solveig & dragonette; 11:: midnight city - m83; 12:: lights - ellie goulding; 13:: paddling out - miike snow; 14:: radioactive - imagine dragons; 15:: tongue tied - grouplove; 16:: 1901 - phoenix; 17:: all the small things - blink-182; 18:: collar full - panic! at the disco; 19:: supernatural - ke$ha; 20:: dreaming - smallpools