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Can you not? They were the same heights 😭

Harry Styles - Falls For 16 Year Old Imagine


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Aka: For many people across the globe tomorrow it’s Christmas Eve, but to even more people tomorrow it’s Louis’ birthday!

It all started 5 years ago, with this tweet…

…and these ones.

Then a 16 years old Harry Styles did a twitcam, with a Christmas hat on his beautiful curls, proudly showing us how talented he really is. :’)

That dimpled smile, the light and the proud in his beautiful green eyes when he mentions his hero’s, his man crush’s name, and when he shows the present he made with so much love and wrapped with his little hands…

…and the disappointment on his little face when he tries to call Louis and he doesn’t pick up. :(

But we know Louis called him back later that day, don’t we? :) And later that month he let us know that that present was “Some TOMS”.

One year later, on December 22nd and 23rd 2011, the boys had two shows in Manchester, at the O2 Apollo Arena. Harry let us know, TWICE, that that place is special to him, just because both he and Louis were there back in 2009 (February 8th), attending the same The Script’s concert. 

I mean… (apparently) they didn’t even know each other, but just the fact that Louis (out of thousands of people) was there too makes that place special to him and makes him so proud of it! :’D But this is not all. During the second show at the Apollo Arena, after talking about The Script (for the second time) Harry continues his speech, making the audience sing happy 20th birthday to “Boo Bear” because… “To even more people tomorrow it’s Louis’ birthday!”. :’)

“Which brings me to my next point, because… for many people across the globe tomorrow it’s Christmas Eve, but to even more people tomorrow it’s Louis’ birthday! I’m gonna ask you to help me and sing happy birthday to him, okay? And by the way, when you do his name make sure you say “Boo Bear”, okay? Three, two, one…”

That same day, Louis noticed the trends for his birthday and tweeted about them.


Three months later (March 26th 2012, Much Music interview, Toronto, Canada), he still remembered those trends. 

Oh, and by the way… these were the trends that made him “inspired”. :’)

Of course, Harry wished Louis happy birthday on Twitter too. :’D

In 2012, on Louis’ 21st birthday, Harry attended the “small and intimate” party…

…with his whole family. :’)

And then wished him happy birthday again on Twitter.

I think this is one of the latest tweets between them (I’m almost sure the last one is Louis’ birthday wishes to Harry on February 2013, the “Happy birthday dude !” one)


  • Harry loves Louis so much that Louis’ birthday is more important than Christmas Eve.
  • It’s been 3 years since Harry’s last birthday tweet to Louis, so… @Harry_Styles, can we please do something?! Pretty please?!
  • If this…

…and this…

A video posted by Ernest and Doris Deakin (@ernie_and_doris) on Dec 23, 2015 at 2:40pm PST

…are the premises, it will be a wonderful day. :)

Happy birthday to half the love of my life! ♥

Please remember that I am Italian, so I apologise in advance for any mistakes, please let me know if you find any. Happy Louis’ Day and Happy Christmas everybody. All the love. - E ♥

I feel like Louis got Harry this card for his first birthday they spent together

And harry’s first thought is "oh I get it. I used to be a baker and they’re donuts. Thanks Lou!”

But then he reads the inside and becomes a blushing, stuttering mess. “Oh…um…I- uh you’re welcome? I-I mean um thanks.

Then louis finally takes pity on him and pulls him in for a kiss