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When you first try it, it is EXTREMELY tart lol

Benefits are

1. Prevents Urinary Track infections
2. Anti-tumor properties
3. Improves cardiovascular health
4. Combats tooth decay
5. Fights cancer
6. Fights common infections
7. Soothes discomfort caused to ulcers
8. Prevents Scurvy
9. Soothes inflammation
10. Aids weightloss
11. Boosts immunity
12. Curvs yeast infection
13. Prevents kidney stones
14. Anti-aging properties
15. Acts as a toner
16. Tones up tight skin
17. Treats acne
18. Promotes hair growth
19. Prevents Psoriasis and Alopecia
20. It can be used to color your hair naturally

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Do you support gency ??? Maybe u can write something about it plz..

A/N: I support pretty much every ship provided it doesn’t fall into some sort of taboo role. (Incest, Pedophilia, Bestiality) I’m just not comfortable with those kind of ships, but literally anything else is on the table. Widowtracer? Sure, why not. Reaper76? Go for it. McHanzo? Gency? Anahardt? Ship whatever makes you happy. You’re not erasing anything from canon, it’s quite literally all fiction. Anything you want to ship is cool with me, provided it’s not one of those taboo things I mentioned above. Shipping doesn’t hurt anyone, so do whatever you want, within reason. With all that said, let me write some quick Gency stuff for you, Anon.

Genji groaned to himself as he made his way towards the mess hall. His meditation with Zenyatta had finished early, mostly due to the voracity with which Genji’s stomach rumbled, the faint growl taking on a metallic echo from his armor. “Genji, where are you off to in such a rush?” Mercy’s smooth voice called from behind him, prompting the cyborg to halt, turning to greet his longtime friend.

“Ah, Doctor Ziegler, I was just on my way to-”

“My clinic is this way, Genji, I trust you haven’t forgotten about your appointment?” Genji eyes widened, he had completely forgotten. Mercy smiled warmly at him, though he could sense how serious she was, despite her playful tone. “You didn’t forget, did you?” The pitch of her voice rose, her blue eyes staring at him almost accusingly.

“I would never, let us proceed there immediately.” Genji smiled, Mercy always managed to read his emotions, even through his mask. “I apologize for making you come to me, Doctor.”

“Please, Genji, it’s Angela. We’ve known each other longer enough to drop the formalities.” Mercy laughed, leading the way towards her clinic. “To tell you the truth, it’s nice to get out of the clinic once in awhile, it can get quite stuffy in there-” She was interrupted by a deep growl from Genji’s stomach, the noise seeming to fill the entirety of Gibraltar. Genji stood in silence as Mercy slowly turned towards him, his mask doing little to hide the deep blush on his cheeks. Mercy placed a hand over her mouth, trying to stifle her laughter, to no avail. “Genji,” she choked out between laughs, “When was the last time you ate?”

“Dinner last night would’ve been the last thing I ate.” Genji sheepishly spoke, averting his gaze from the laughing doctor.

“You had a bowl of soup, and that was almost 16 hours ago!” Her tone quickly became serious once again, “That settles it, the check-up can wait, we need to get you some food!”

“I do not need you to accompany me to the mess hall, Angela.”

“No, no, no. We’re going to get you some real food, something with nutrients, an actual meal.” There was little Genji could do to sway Mercy once she set her mind to something.

“What did you have in mind?” Genji chuckled, turning to face Mercy once again.

“I know the perfect place.” Mercy hummed, grabbing Genji’s hand as she pulled him towards the shuttle bay. “Only the best for my little sparrow.” They each laughed as they boarded an empty shuttle, tapping in the coordinates for a nearby restaurant.

“As long as I am with you, I know it will be perfect, Angela.” Genji winked, as well as you can from behind a mask. A faint blush painted Mercy’s cheeks, she always had been good at reading people, for better or worse.


So do blue lives. A cop risks his or her life every day for the safety of the American public. Pay some fucking respect.

So do ALL lives. Not just black. Not just white. Not just Hispanic. Not just brown. Not just olive tinted. Not just tanned. Not just someome with lots of melanin. Not just someone with only a little bit of melanin.

Love your cops!💙 Love everyone!💙


Scary Message On Elderly Woman’s Phone – NORAD Warning? 

A user on Reddit captured an eerie message playing on his grandmothers phone and asked users ‘What is this sinister phone message all about?’

The message on the phone would play every day between the hours of 7pm – 7:15pm. Whenever he or his grandmother picked up the phone at that time the message captured on the video recording below would play.

If it was before 7:15 PM, and you hung up the phone and then lifted the receiver again, the message would play again from the start. If you hung up and then immediately lifted the receiver again the line would appear to be dead until 7:15.

A transcript of the message being played:

1. [Female voice] 2. Connecting you. Please hold the line. 3. (Beeps) 4. [Male voice] 5. NORAD (?) EWS (?) 6. Station ZF77, ZF77 7. Status alert con 4, status alert con 4 8. Security tracing in progress 9. Attention, attention, attention 10. (Beep) 11. WW09 ready, NP44 danger, HP87 ready, HQ39 ready, PK58 ready, FC23 ready, NN18 trigger, VY92 ready, LC56 secure 12. (Beep) 13. Attention, attention, attention 14. (Beep) 15. (Distorted noise) 16. (Continuous tone until receiver is replaced)

The Reddit user was so concerned about the ominous and disturbing message that he recorded it one evening and uploaded it online to see what others thoughts.

These are some of the responses he recieved:

This is a DEFCON broadcast from North American Aerospace Defense Command Advanced Warning Station ZF77 “NORAD AWS Zulu Foxtrot 77″

The specific Defense Condition for this broadcast is CON4 (low defense condition) “Status Alert Con 4, Status Alert Con 4″
The computer is applying a trace to make sure that they are connecting to the lines and broadcasting into the stations that it is supposed to “Security Tracing in Progress”

It then lists out the reported conditions of each station it is broadcasting to “Whiskey Whiskey 09 Ready, November Papa 44 Danger”

This is an automated broadcast sent at a specific time of the day. If your mothers phone is cordless, then it was probably picking up on the frequency that the message was broadcasting at. Ive lived near several military bases growing up and would receive weird messages like this through the phone all the time when talking to my friends. Its is a LERTCON message, and your mother has nothing to fear from it.

Like many others this user is suggesting that the phone is picking up NORAD (“North American Aerospace Defense Command”) interference. If it is indeed Norad, why are words such as “danger” and “trigger” being said in the message?


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Request: Can I request an imagine where the reader is like a mom to Liam and they’re having a pack sleepover and it’s storming outside everyone goes to sleep but Liam bc he’s scared of the storm so the reader lets him lay with her and he falls asleep in her arms and she rocks him and comforts him telling him he’s safe please x

Author’s Note: I thought this was super cute, and I love fluffy Liam with mom!reader c: I added in some aspects, so I hope that is okay. Sorry that it’s so short! Anyway, enjoy!

Warnings: Probably some language; cute fluffiness


“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Derek grumbled playfully, shaking his head as he helped me make snacks. I laughed as I cut up fruit to throw into a bowl.

“Oh, you know it’ll be fun!” I said. “Besides, it’ll be good for the pack to bond and act like regular kids. Let them have a break from all the supernatural shit going on.”

“You’re right I suppose,” he sighed, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind. Derek settled his chin on my shoulder and held me close as he watched me finish up the fruit salad, reaching down to snatch an apple slice. “Hey!” I glared at him playfully, earning a goofy grin.

“You know you love me,” he mumbled, leaning down and pecking my lips. I smiled at him before pressing a kiss to his cheek and shoving the bowl into his hands.

“Put this in the fridge, please?”

The night had been great. Everybody showed up around the same time so no one had to miss out on anything. We played games and watched movies and ate all kinds of food. It was a genuine, real sleepover. Even Derek seemed to be enjoying himself. It made me smile to watch all the kids being able to cut loose and enjoy themselves for once.

We set up a big sleeping area in the living room section of the loft, sleeping bags and pillows and blankets laying everywhere with passed out teenagers strewn about. Everyone had been asleep for a few hours when the storm that had been raging outside all night let out a particularly loud crash of thunder, waking me up. I got out of bed with a yawn, quietly padding toward the bathroom. Once I was done, I decided to check on everyone, just make sure they were all okay. Everyone was sleeping soundly, except for one.

Heading into the kitchen, I found Liam picking at a small helping of the leftover fruit salad. He looked tired, like he hadn’t slept at all. Concern instantly washed over me.

“Hey, Li,” I said quietly. “What are you doing up?” His eyes met mine, fear reflecting back in them.

“Just got hungry,” he mumbled, looking back down at his plate.

“Then why are you picking at your food?” He shrugged, refusing to meet my eyes again. I moved closer, gently pushing the plate away. “Hey, what’s going on? You know you can talk to me.”

“I don’t like storms…” Liam said, turning his head away. Realization dawned on me, and I put my finger under his chin, bringing his eyes back to my own.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed about, Liam,” I told him. “Everybody has fears, it’s normal.”

“This is a little kid fear, Y/N,” he insisted, annoyance with himself evident in his tone. “I’m 16! Thunder storms shouldn’t freak me out.” Just as he finished his sentence, another loud clap of thunder sounded outside, making Liam jump. I put my arms on his shoulders to bring his focus back to me, seeing how scared he really was in his eyes.

“It’s alright, Li,” I cooed, pulling him into a hug. I ran my fingers through his short hair, my other hand rubbing up and down his back. “I’m right here. You’re okay, you’re safe.” He whimpered in response, making my heart clench in my chest.

“I can’t go to sleep,” he said, voice shaking. I pulled back a bit, still holding him close.

“You can sleep with me, Liam,” I offered.


“Don’t worry about Derek, I’ll take care of it.” I gave him a sweet smile before turning and walking toward the bed I shared with my boyfriend. Gently poking him awake, I met his sleepy green eyes.

“What’s going on? Is everything okay?” he whispered, sitting up on his elbows. I nodded my head, not wanting to wake the others with too much noise.

“Everything is fine, Der,” I said softly. “I just need you to take the couch.”

“What? Why?” Now he was sitting up, brow furrowed in confusion.

“I’m gonna have Liam come lay with me, he’s afraid of the storm and can’t get any sleep.” Derek knew about my motherly bond with the youngest beta, so I was hoping that he wouldn’t question too much.

“I’m getting kicked out of my own bed?” he grumbled.

“Just for tonight,” I chuckled, leaning in and kissing the end of his nose. Derek sighed, but got up nonetheless. He turned to head for the couch, snatching his pillow on the way.

“This is coming with me.” I turned to find Liam shifting his weight from foot to foot awkwardly as he waited. I beckoned him over, pulling back the covers. Liam crawled in and I wrapped my arms around him, making sure to face away from the windows. I played with his hair, feeling the tension slowly leaving his muscles. When the thunder started up again, I mumbled that he was safe, that was he alright, nothing would hurt him. I hummed my favorite song, hoping to drown out the sounds raging outside.

Soon enough, he was fast asleep in my arms.

Captain America: Civil War (second viewing)

I enjoyed it so much more this time. PSA: don’t watch this movie in 3D. (Actually, never watch a movie in 3D if you can help it. The picture is always worse, it’s disorienting, and the benefits wear off after ten minutes because your eyes adjust. 3D just sucks. This is two film degrees talking.)

A truly incredible amount of thought has gone into this movie. Almost never do big Marvel blockbusters like this stand up to (let alone improve upon) second viewing, but… oh, man. This does.

More spoilery thoughts under the cut:

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So a big joke over FIFA 16′s inclusion of women is that players will be menstruating?

Do these schmucks think it’s a common occurrence for female players to get subbed out for it or stop playing or something? (Has that, like, ever happened? And if so it was probably a serious health issue.) It’s convenient, isn’t it, using periods as a punchline when attacking women, when it’s generally a taboo subject in everyday life? How many professional female soccer players have publicly complained about playing while menstruating, something that’s so common chances are they’ve played a major game with it? Imagine the backlash that would get. So if players aren’t complaining they have to deal with this shit while competing for a World fucking Cup or Olympic gold medal, can lowlife misogynists deal with the OPTION of playing as women in a VIDEO GAME in which there are 0 period blood cameos? But that’s probably too much to ask for.

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could you write a one shot with the #18 thingy you said when you were scared

#18: things you said when you were scared.

Inspired by the sneak peeks of ep 2x13. So excited for the sleepover!! Let’s hope it’s more than like a two minute scene lmao.

“If this guy is stalking us, of course he’s seen you, you’re not safer than any of the rest of us.”

“Maybe. Or maybe I am. He hasn’t sent any creepy videos of me. If he saw me that night, don’t you think he would have recorded it? All I’m saying is, if we’re going to hole up somewhere while the grown ups take care of business–whatever that means–my place would be our safest bet…”

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