16 precinct

Barson Drabble Giveaway Part 1

Title: Just A Little Bit Longer

Authour: roseinutopia

Rating: T

For: @untapdtreasure

Prompt: “Do you ever think we should just stop this?" 

A/N: Thank you for participating, I hope you like what I did with your prompt :)

Dust was floating in the air of the archive of the 16th precinct and a few sunrays breaking through the small, rather dirty cellar windows dipped the rows of shelves with long forgotten cases into a dim light. Most of the time it was very quiet and peaceful in there, barely any detective coming down, thanks to the digitisation of most of the information.

However, the peace was interrupted very abruptly when the door to the archive was pushed open and two figures stumbled into the room, arms wrapped around each other and bodies pressed close. They were panting heavily, their lips connecting again as they pushed the door closed again and fell against it, the draft dispersing the layers of dust lying on the cardboard boxes.

A low moan escaped Olivia’s lips as her head fell back against the cool door, her eyes closing as Rafael pressed kisses up her jaw and wandered to her neck, his hands gripping her hips possessively. He was driving her crazy with his stubble grazing against her skin, with his scent, with the way his lips always seemed to find her most sensitive spots.

“I missed you, Rafael,” she managed to whisper while he pulled her blouse out of her pants, his fingertips immediately gliding over her bare skin, causing shivers to run down her spine. It was a little bit ridiculous that she was missing him after only a few hours – he’d spent the night at her place, like he always did when he didn’t have court in the early morning. Three months of secret dates, stolen glances at work, waffles for breakfast with Noah. It was their little secret, and trying to keep their growing relationship hidden only seemed to fuel the fire burning inside of them.

And so it had become a habit for them to find a dark corner or a hidden room to share a few moments alone, trying not to get caught.

He pressed his lips to hers again for a passionate kiss and Olivia smirked into it as she loosened his tie and started to undo the buttons of his dress shirt when he suddenly pulled back. In the dim light of the room she could see how a little bit of insecurity flashed through his eyes, and then he asked breathlessly: "Do you ever think we should just stop this? Stop hiding and tell everyone that we’re dating?”

Her eyes widened in surprise – she definitely hadn’t expected him to ask her this anytime soon, especially not when they were just trying to get some alone time. And for a brief moment, fear flashed through her. Did he think that she was trying to hide him and their relationship because she wasn’t serious about them?

“Rafael… I don’t want to hide our love,” she whispered, running her fingers over his cheek and he smiled, pressing his forehead against hers, their gazes locked. “I just like the excitement of our little game of hide and seek.”

The smirk that appeared on his face when he leaned into her, his whole body touching her, caused a rush of heat to course through her, intensified by his hands brushing against the outline of her bra while he murmured back: “Just a little bit longer, then, mi amor.”

She nodded faintly before their lips collided again and his touch made her forget where she was, the feeling of being loved deeply washing her away as her eyelids fluttered shut.