16 oranges

Another girl who loves girls dies on my TV screen and people call it poignant. People call it “actually necessary.” People look at her crumpled brown body and call it a brave, artistic choice.

I call it a bag over my head. I call it dry-heaving into a throw pillow.

Girl-who-loves-girls doesn’t get to be called by her name in this poem because she wouldn’t be called by her name on the news. Girl-who-loves-girls is just a trope anyway, just a social justice lesson. Girl-who-loves-girls is just a body, just a prop left on the floor until convenient. Supposed to make you feel some kinda way to see her lying there, all that could-have-been slipping out of the room like air from lungs, or bullets from a gun.

I’m angry but this poem is not to say that I am angry. This poem, like all poems, is a safe space. This poem is not the only place I can kiss my partner without worrying who’s watching, but sometimes it feels like it is. Sometimes kissing her feels like a precursor to violence. 

If we don’t get to be happy, even in fiction, then whose blood shows up for shock value next season? Hers or mine?
—  Trista Mateer
🌟old movies renamed🌟
  • <b> rear window: the boy who cried murder<p/><b>an american in paris:</b> i guess we should add some singing to all of these dance numbers<p/><b>the philadelphia story:</b> i want you back, i want you back🎵<p/><b>how to steal a million:</b> gullibility and sarcasm fall in love and steal a dinky statue<p/><b>cabaret:</b> drag and scandalous dances in WWII<p/><b>the sound of music:</b> where a kid can be a kid (and fucking sing like a normal child)<p/><b>bringing up baby:</b> can we keep him? please?<p/><b>seven brides for seven brothers:</b> abduction cause its romantic<p/><b>singing in the rain:</b> good morning🍊🎵there are 16 oranges in every tropicana pure premiu-<p/><b>it's a wonderful life:</b> a cute old man fixes jimmy stewart's many problems<p/><b>the shop around the corner:</b> we're better staying pen pals than actually dating<p/><b>breakfast at tiffany's:</b> she's lowkey a psycho but it's all about love and cats anyway<p/><b>roman holiday:</b> tomboy princess takes a day off and then has to face reality again<p/><b>star!:</b> gertie get your shit together<p/><b>my fair lady:</b> men are snobs and the english have a social system based on speech<p/><b>sabrina:</b> you got hurt and couldn't go on dates with me so i dated your brother instead<p/><b>thoroughly modern millie:</b> everyone is extra and there are white people who play asian people and horrible sex trafficking but it's okay because carol channing<p/><b>west side story:</b> why the fuck do you love him after he literally murdered your brother oh well he died so who cares anyway<p/><b>harvey:</b> polite and innocent man is a bit loopy so everyone tries to lock him up<p/><b>gone with the wind:</b> you don't love me?!?! but you gotta, i guess i'll marry all of the south to make you jealous<p/><b>casablanca:</b> paris and kids being looked at<p/><b>the african queen:</b> oh we almost died but we didn't so let's kiss and build a torpedo from scratch<p/><b>on golden pond:</b> where everyone won best actor/actress and 74 year old katharine hepburn did her own fucking stunts<p/><b>annie get your gun:</b> frank butler is a fucking selfish wienie<p/><b>lawrence of arabia:</b> nice, noble man goes crazy over the course of 4 hours<p/><b>the wizard of oz:</b> everything magical and good in the world is a hoax, kids<p/><b>cinderella:</b> cinderelly, cinderelly, we're woodland creatures providing comical pastime<p/><b>snow white:</b> practice makes perfect, disney, because this movie was on drugs<p/><b>sleeping beauty:</b> let's take a story about rape and make it for kids but then add unrealistic body types<p/><b>gold finger:</b> look it's the german villain from chitty chitty bang bang in a bond movie<p/><b>chitty chitty bang bang:</b> this movie was also on drugs but it's still great<p/><b>funny face:</b> audrey and fred in france<p/><b>🌟i love all these movies so much so don't get your panties in a wad it's a joke:</b> <p/></p>
Fic Recs

Disclaimer: this is not ranked because all of these fics equally hold a large amount of place in my heart.

1.) fixated on one star  by alivingfire
* THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE!!! It’s because it’s in space and because there is this forbidden love thing going on. I absolutely love the names here and the quotes. You’ll love it, I swear (plus there is side ziall and it gives me life)

2.) these bountiful silences  by tommoandbambi
* This fic fucked me up for days and it hurts me in so much ways possible. It’s dystopian so if you don’t like that, I suggest you still read it because IT’S GREAT but WARNING: you should emotionally and mentally prepare before reading this. This is still so incredibly amazing and i really, really want you to read it ( also has side ziall)

3.) elysian  by wonderlou
* THIS IS GREAT GREAT GREAT and it gives so much more depth into the normal beauty and the beast story and it also gives me life. Everything here is perfect and yall should read it.

4.) we’re afire love  by rosemeetsdagger
* This also amazing and so very fluffy. It’ll make you cry of joyful, gay tears. Plus the smut here is great! This is the H-E- double hockey sticks fic that completed me.

5.) escapade  by dolce_piccante
* i cant eloquently word out how i feel about this fic but this filled every void that is in me. The fluff was amazing! The smut was wonderful and I might have read it more than once. I might also have made fanart based on this. (Hipster ziall that also gave me life)

6.) orange canvas  by aclosetlarryshipper
* This is so fluffyyyy and greaaat! Liam, Niall, and Zayn are the best friends you wished you have and its in Mexico. What could possibly go wrong?

7.) another hazy may  by deLILAh

8.) til i tasted you by kiwikero
* This is also very cute and fluffy and I relate to Louis so much on the obsession level and the cooking skills (or lack of) the ending is cute it made me blush augh. I love it.

9.) like a boomerang  by youwill
* The plot here is so complex and it lowkey ruined me but in the greatest possible way. You can never have too much larry. This so good I swear.

10.) touch me with your alien dick  by tvfeels
* the title is self explanatory. It does have fluff too underneath the smutty facade of the title I promise.

11.) A gold and green halloween by Tita
* one, harry potter. Two, draco malfoy. Three, halloween. Four, Larry as drarry. Need i say more?

12.) forelsket  by kosmicgirl

13.) torn on the platform  by Conscious_ramblings
* I need a Louis to my Harry and this made me want one so baaad. I wish I could meet someone in the train like this and I hope you do too so this is for you.

14.) flowers in your hair  by Ghostie09
* again, zayn, niall, and liam are the besties you wished you have, harry owns a bat and its wonderful and beautiful.

15.) chances over the purple sunrise by loupancake
* this made me believe in mermaids, believe it or not. So if you think that mermaids don’t exist, this i think will change your mind.

16.) orange you glad i stole your heart by nauticalleads (metamorphosis)

17.) Faking it  by TheCellarDoor

18.) i’ll blend up that rainbow above you  DamnGay4Louis
* i want to be Louis’ child. This is too cute. Imagine larry’s cuteness. Now add a smol and adorable toddler. Exactly.

19.) Oh Glory  by alivingfire

20.) Give me truths by iwillpaintasongforlou
* I really need a Louis in my life and this makes me more desperate to find a Louis. It’s so cute and overloaded with fluff and it hurt me and completed me and it made me gayer than a rainbow

21.) One To Make Your Heart Remember Me  by larrysrainbow (yours truly)

* Hello friends! I am shamelessly promoting my new fic haha. I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

What’s the craziest thing your dad has for breakfast?

We want to celebrate how super different dads are this Father’s Day. Everyone likes something different, like orange juice on cereal! What crazy breakfast is your dad going to have, or are you going to make him something special this Father’s Day? Tell us below.

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Performing a quite old reaction: a Hoffmann Degradation/Rearrangement.

It was discovered by August Wilhelm von Hofmann Hofmann in 1881. It is a transformation that converts a primary amide to a primary amine with one fewer carbon atom:

The reaction uses elemental bromine and works in a highly basic medium, in my case for every mol of amide 10 equivalent of NaOH was needed. As the reaction proceeds, my product separated as an orange powder (as seen on the gifs), as the end it was a highly basic (pH 15-16) orange slurry.  However it worked great and it was a quite spectacular reaction. 

Someone on Wikipedia draw the reaction mechanism, so let’s see it: 

  1. Base abstracts an acidic N-H proton, yielding an anion.
  2. The anion reacts with bromine in an α-substitution reaction to give an N-bromoamide.
  3. Base abstraction of the remaining amide proton gives a bromoamide anion.
  4. The bromoamide anion rearranges as the R group attached to the carbonyl carbon migrates to nitrogen at the same time the bromide ion leaves, giving an isocyanate.
  5. The isocyanate adds water in a nucleophilic addition step to yield a carbamic acid (aka urethane).
  6. The carbamic acid spontaneously loses CO2, yielding the amine product.
ID #60928

Name: Lancelot
Age: 16
Country: Canada

Open to talk about anything and everything. I’m really into music and photography. some of the artists I’m really into are: Mac Demarco, Rex Orange County, Cosmo Pyke, Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, Hockey Dad, Skegss, and so much more!! I play the electric as well :) I’m the type of person that likes to go on walks taking pictures of anything. I also shoot film!!!

Preferences: nope

ID #79781

Name: Hannah
Age: 16
Country: USA

im han! im from new york, my style of music includes rex orange county, tyler the creator, the beatles, and noname. i like doing yoga, writing poetry, photography, and thrifting too. i want a friend to text/write letters to and spiritually connect with! i love making new friends<3

Preferences: age 14-20

Yang Sedikit

1. Orang alim (pintar) itu banyak, tapi yang mengamalkan ilmunya, itu yang sedikit. Dan yang lebih sedikit lagi adalah orang yang ikhlas.
2. Orang yang pandai berbicara itu banyak, tapi yang jujur dalam bercakap itu sedikit.
3. Orang yang mencintai itu banyak, tapi yang benar-benar tulus dalam mencintai itu sedikit.
4. Orang yang elok fisik itu banyak, tapi yang elok batin itu teramat sedikit.
5. Banyak sekali orang yang sungguh-sungguh mengobati penyakit badan, tapi sangat sedikit yang serius mengobati penyakit hati.
6. Di negeri ini, orang super kaya itu banyak, tapi yang dermawan itu sedikit.
7. Banyak sekali orang yang tersenyum ketika dipuji, tapi sedikit sekali orang yang tetap tersenyum tulus ketika dicaci.
8. Banyak orang yang ingin selalu dimengerti, tapi sedikit sekali orang yang mau belajar mengerti orang lain.
9. Orang yang badannya kuat dan kekar itu banyak, tapi sedikit sekali yang kuat hati dan kesabarannya.
10. Banyak orang yang kuat sekali ibadahnya, tapi teramat sedikit yang khusyuk di dalamnya.
11. Di negara kita ini, tiap tahunnya banyak sekali orang yang pergi menunaikan ibadah haji, tapi sedikit sekali orang yang makbul (diterima) dalam hajinya.
12. Yang memiliki pangkat dan kekuasaan itu banyak, tapi yang rendah hati itu sedikit.
13. Orang yang miskin itu banyak tak terbilang, tapi yang tetap sabar dan bersyukur itu sedikit.
14. Banyak sekali orang yang melaksanakan shalat, tapi sedikit sekali yang istiqomah (konsisten) berjamaah.
15. Orang cerdas di Indonesia ini banyak sekali, tapi yang bijak itu teramat sedikit.
16. Orang tua yang rajin ibadah itu banyak dan sudah seharusnya, tetapi alangkah sedikitnya anak muda yang giat beribadah.
17. Banyak sekali orang yang sanggup membalas kebaikan orang lain dengan kebaikan serupa, tapi sedikit sekali orang yang mampu berbuat baik kepada orang yang membenci dan memusuhinya.
18. Kalau orang yang sudah tua mampu menorehkan sejarah, ini umum dan banyak terjadi, tetapi jika anak muda yang sanggup menorehkannya, ini baru luar biasa dan sedikit.
19. Orang yang bertobat itu terlampau banyak, tapi yang benar-benar bertobat (taubatan nasuha) itu sedikit dan jarang.
20. Orang yang mampu melaksanakan berbagai amalan-amalan shaleh itu banyak, tapi yang mampu menahan diri dari segala macam kemaksiatan itu yang sedikit.
21. Orang yang kaya raya dan gemar bersedekah itu banyak, orang yang tidak kaya namun senang berbagi itu yang sedikit.
22. Orang yang mengajarkan orang lain dengan perkataan dan nasehat itu banyak, tapi orang hang mengajarkan dengan contoh dan keteladanan jtu teramat sedikit dan sulit dijumpai.
23. Banyak sekali orang yang mempunyai angan-angan dan impian besar, tapi sedikit sekali orang yang mau mewujudkannya dengan tindakan.

—  Jadilah orang yang ‘sedikit’ tapi bermakna. Bukan menjadi manusia pada kebanyakan. Lawanlah arus dalam hal berlomba-lomba dalam kebaikan.
Antara 33 ciri-ciri gadis muslimah:

1. Solat tepat waktu
2. Banyak amalan sunat dan bibir basah dengan zikir.
3. Butir bicaranya terselit dengan kalimah seperti bismillah,
4.alhamdulillah, insya-ALLAH, subhanallah, Allahuakhbar dan lain-lain zikir.
5. Tidak mengeluh dengan masalah remeh kehidupan hariannya.
6. Bercakap dengan rendah suara.
7. Lembut dan halus tingkahlakunya.
8. Tuturbicara yang senang didengar tanpa kata lucah atau sumpah seranah.
9. Pakaian longgar tanpa mendedahkan bentuk tubuh.
10. Rambut, leher dada yang sentiasa ditutup dan dijaga dari pandangan lelaki bukan mahram dan mereka bukan Islam.
11. Sukakan kanak-kanak dan kanak-kanak menyukainya.
12. Pandai mengambil hati orang tua.
13. Menghormati dan taat ibubapa.
14. Kesayangan keluarga dan tetangga.
15. Contoh kepada adik-adik dan mencontohi orang tua.
16. Berkuku pendek sentiasa bagi menyempurnakan wudhu.
17. Rambut tak diwarnakan.
18. Banyak dan murah dengan senyuman.
19. Banyak mendengar dari bercakap.
20. Senyuman adalah ketawanya.
21. Tidak ketawa terbahak-bahak.
22. Suaranya tidak lantang dan jarang didengari oleh lelaki bukan mahram.
23. Tidak suka bersiar-siar atau keluar rumah tanpa urusan penting bagi mengelakkan fitnah.
24. Menjauhi kumpulan yang sedang mengumpat dan mengeji supaya tidak dikira bersubahat.
25. Tidak menghebohkan kedukaan hatinya dan menyembunyikan kesedihannya.
26. Menerima dugaan sebagai ujian ALLAH dan kafarah dosanya.
27. Sentiasa berdoa baik untuk keluarga, orang lain dan juga untuk orang yang menganiayanya.
28. Pandai bergaul dengan semua orang tanpa mengira tahap pendidikan dan taraf.
29. Tidak boros dalam berbelanja dan pandai menguruskan kewangannya.
30. Berhati-hati dengan apa yang dimakannya dan menjauhi makanan syubhah.
31. Sayangkan dan kasihan binatang peliharaan seperti kucing, arnab, burung, ikan dan lain-lain.
32. Suka kepada alam sekitar, suka berkebun dan bunga.
33. Menitik-beratkan aurat yang dianggap remeh seperti tumit kaki, kaki, siku dan lengan. Caranya dengan memakai sarung tangan dan sarung kaki.