16 november 2013


Déjà deux années, waw ! Le temps passe vraiment trop vite ! 

Today is the birthday of my Tumblr blog ! 

I posted my first GIF the November 16 2013 =)

I remember making my blog oh so randomly, wanting to post my GIFS there, mostly about Kirby  … =)

Then with the time I wanted to post more personnal animations but was afraid … and then I finally posted the pigeons, with many parodies ! And then the Foxes and other animals BOUNCING ! 

I always loved this way to move, bouncing have a sort of rythm that bring smile, I always laughed when I saw this as a kid and it inspired me to post it there =)

I have to say that these are the best years of my life for sure and this is only the beginning :D

When I go back to my first posts I’m like “weeeew what !?” but I still love my random posts x)

Tumblr is great, I met many talented artists, awesome wanna be artists, LOTS of cool animations ! I love this place !!!

Lets continue this journey together, it means a lot to know that I inspire many of you with my pigeons xD

Never stop what you do the best and continue continue continue ! Even if some pros tell you otherwise and wants you to stop (happened to me, yaay :B) well, never stop :) Why stopping something you like ? (lel)

Well, thank you all for these awesome years, you made all of my days :’) 

I hope you will continue to enjoy my animations and hope it will continue to bring smiles =) 

PS: I try my best english !!! :’’’’’ D


you don’t how long it took to find this pictures 😂.
November 16 of 2013 was the day our family, ‘magcon family’, was born and like always great things always come to an end. And a year ago from today, magcon came to an end. We didn’t wanted to, we cried, we got depressed and some of us just gave up. But the truth is that this family never ended, the guys were right. Magcon was just a name, the guys still see each other, not as frequent as the used to but they still do it. They are still friends and we are still a family. We don’t need a name guys, we just need them to stick together. Doesn’t matter the reasons why they left. The reasons why the stick together is what matters. We love all the guys and we all had our differences but we are here, today, grieving the day were magcon split up. Read again, magcon split up, not the guys, they guys are still together. The guys are happy for what they are doing. They are sad because of magcon too. And they wish it never ended but lets be honest, magcon wasn’t going to last forever. Im happy for the time it lasted, but im happy too for what the guys are doing now❤️ So maybe is a sad day, but the guys are happy so im happy too.

Thank you MAGcon! Thank you Bart! Thank you Nash, Cameron, Carter, Shawn, Matthew, Taylor, Aaron, JackJ, JackG!.
Thank you Mahogany!❤️ Thank you Hayes!
Thank you for all the memories that we made! Thanks to all the people who made MAGcon possible. Thank you❤️ by moaningshawn on ig


George with Freda Kelly the loyal friend, long time fan and secretary to the Beatles

“George was very thoughtful – he would always say ‘What have you got in your cupboard for me to sign?” - Freda Kelly, excerpt from the article, ‘Good Ol Freda, The Beatles secretary tells her story’ The Guardian, November 16, 2013

“People say George was the quiet Beatle I suppose he was in one way, but he was never quiet with me. He was more quietly spoken. I think, than the others. He was very thoughtful..’ Freda Kelly excerpt from the film, 'Good Ol Freda’


Odd Harmonics by UM Projects

A collection of twelve unique theremins presented by Butterscotch Records at the Judith Charles Gallery
(October 16 – November 16, 2013) in New York City with the support of Moog Music.
Photography: Francis Dzikowski/ Esto