16 november 2013


Déjà deux années, waw ! Le temps passe vraiment trop vite ! 

Today is the birthday of my Tumblr blog ! 

I posted my first GIF the November 16 2013 =)

I remember making my blog oh so randomly, wanting to post my GIFS there, mostly about Kirby  … =)

Then with the time I wanted to post more personnal animations but was afraid … and then I finally posted the pigeons, with many parodies ! And then the Foxes and other animals BOUNCING ! 

I always loved this way to move, bouncing have a sort of rythm that bring smile, I always laughed when I saw this as a kid and it inspired me to post it there =)

I have to say that these are the best years of my life for sure and this is only the beginning :D

When I go back to my first posts I’m like “weeeew what !?” but I still love my random posts x)

Tumblr is great, I met many talented artists, awesome wanna be artists, LOTS of cool animations ! I love this place !!!

Lets continue this journey together, it means a lot to know that I inspire many of you with my pigeons xD

Never stop what you do the best and continue continue continue ! Even if some pros tell you otherwise and wants you to stop (happened to me, yaay :B) well, never stop :) Why stopping something you like ? (lel)

Well, thank you all for these awesome years, you made all of my days :’) 

I hope you will continue to enjoy my animations and hope it will continue to bring smiles =) 

PS: I try my best english !!! :’’’’’ D


Letters to Bruce

“November 16 2006
Dear Bruce,
  I’m sorry I have to take your time by writing to you, but I was hoping that maybe something would flinch inside you, if you ever felt something about me. I’m still in Gotham, and you can always come to me if you need help. If as you said a year ago, are my soulmate, please come find me. I still love you. With all my fucking heart.
~yours sincerely

“November 16 2007
Dear Bruce,
You did not come. I dont know whether I should say ‘yet’, but you did not come just yet. I got a job at a coffee shop to fund my college studies! I’ll make it Bruce! I promise. I’ll make my life so much better now. My sister, Emma, is also back and I can’t wait to tell her everything.
I love you so much.

“November 2008
Hello Bruce,
I hope you feel amazing. Because I do so too. I’ve met an amazing person. A regular at the coffee shop I’m working. Tonight was our fifth date. I hope it turns out good, Bruce, or that once you’ll come and see me, because I still, even after all these years, utterly love you.
And I will for so long

“November 16 2009
Dear Bruce,
Matt, the man I talked to you about in last year’s letter, gave me a ring.
A ring Bruce.
I mean, I love this man, but a part of me still stays with you. I’m going to ask you to come find me and give me some advice. Also Emma is now pregnant with a child. She said she saw you the week before.
Love you

“November 16 2010
Dear Bruce,
Days pass awfully slow with Matt. Sometimes I wish it was you in his place. But it’s not fair for him. I’m going to leave him and come to you Bruce. I’ll come back just as you had begged to years ago.
Brucie… I’m sorry for leaving that day. Have I told you how sorry I am? I know I’m late for five years but please Bruce, if you’re reading this forgive me.
Come back if you can. Come back because I can’t stand being with someone that loves me and thinks he can replace your love.
I still love you.

“November 16 2011
Dear Bruce.
I saw you on the street today. You looked bright and beautiful. You haven’t aged one bit, though I could see the faint bags under your eyes. How are your night time activities going?
Speaking of which, thanks for saving me the other day. I’d love it if you talked one bit to me. Well okay.. you might’ve not recognized me. It’s okay. Emma sends her regards and love.
Still think I love you

“November 16 2012
Dear Bruce,
I’m getting married. I can’t write a lot. Matt is with me all the time. With the letter there is an invitation. If you still love me, I’m sorry for it. I want you to be there Bruce.
Yours until I get married

“November 16 2013
Dear Bruce
I’m writing to tell you, that I finally found the courage to give up on you. I couldn’t go on like that when you lived your crazy life, ignoring all my letters and my love. You’re not coming back. I know. I’m sorry I kept sending you these messages. You didn’t even come to my marriage. And then I realized, there at the isle, that I was ready to give up on the man that loved me to have a moment with you. I’m sorry Bruce. I never thought I’d stop loving you.
PS: Emma does not send her regards anymore.

“November 16 2014
Dear Bruce
I never thought you’d be so full of shit and egoistic. You could have st least answered to one of my letters. Nevertheless, I’m sorry for your loss. I loved Dick too.

“November 16 2015
Dear Bruce,
you have a son now. Guess what? I have my own kid too. She’s a beautiful baby girl. I know I’m bothering you once again, but your son is a very beautiful boy. Matt is fighting for his life at a hospital due to an accident. I’m afraid he’s going to die and I’d be left alone once again. Not that you had to know that.

“November 16 2016
Dear Bruce,
Dick is back! I saw him. Tell him i was t to meet him, I’ve missed this kid so much.
Any way. This will be my very last letter to you. Knowing you won’t come back; it’s been ten years already, I wanted to tell you that loving you has made me a happy person. I was always full of love in my heart, when I’d see you, be it on TV or randomly on the street surrounded by reporters and photographers. Matt died, but me and Cindy are doing fine. Emma helps a lot.
I wish you were part of my life, but apparently we were never right. I still can’t get that night out of my mind. How I managed to leave you, even if you begged me not to. I was a ruthless bitch, who thought could make everything better by sending a letter once a year.
Greetings to your son(s)…
I was, am, and always will be madly in love with you.

Alfred held the letters tightly in his hands, while going down the stairs to the batcave. It was time now. Time for Bruce to realise, what not wanting to see you all these years had caused. How much his heart had darkened and moreover, how much had yours.
He set the letters on the desk, right next to Bruce’s right hand.
“ What are these?” He demanded to know.
“Some words you should have read earlier, sir.”

November 19 2016
Dear (y/n)
I’ve been trying to find words, but they don’t seem to come easily to me. Three days ago, I read your letters for the first time. I’ll be at Wayne Enterprises, waiting for you. I can’t wait to meet you to my other sons and Dick cannot wait to se you again too.
Bring your daughter too. We have daycare.
Let this be our new start
Yours Bruce"

Creepypasta #288: The Scorpio Club

To all my fellow Scorpios: Come celebrate being one of the Dark Ones of the Zodiac! A birthday party to celebrate all our birthdays!

Where: At Sonja’s house

When: November 16, 2013 7:00 p.m.

A Slumber Party!

The six invitations, each one for the girls Sonja knew who were Scorpios, did look pretty cool. Her mom had done a great job on them, on all the plans for her slumber party, in fact, but Sonja still wished she didn’t have to bother with a birthday party. Turning thirteen sucked enough without having to invite girls you knew didn’t really like you very much to a slumber party at your house.

“You really should try harder to make friends”, her social butterfly mother had insisted. “When I was your age, I was busy with my friends all the time. You just stay home and read–all that depressing poetry–can’t be good for you….you shouldn’t spend so much time by yourself, honey.”

Sonja was perfectly content by herself. But she took the invitations to school and gave them to the other Scorpio girls to get her mother off her case. It was only one night, she reminded herself.

And even if the girls she’d invited had looked somewhat dubious, amused, or downright contemptuous at being invited to a slumber party given by the quietest, nerdiest girl in school, they did all accept, and showed up the evening of the party. Privately, Sonja thought they likely just came to be able to make fun of her after seeing that she was just as quiet and awkward at home as at school, but her mother was delighted. “See, honey? I told you, if you made it an exclusive party, just for Scorpios, they’d be dying to come…and they’re all here!”

The party was a disaster from the start. Sonja could sense the other girls’ barely concealed derision at her awkward attempts at conversation, and their barely concealed contempt for her house, her clothes, and the whole party in general. The only thing they did seem to approve of was the idea of its being a party for Scorpios only.

“A Scorpio Club! That’s kinda cool…you know, the Scorpion is supposed to be one of the most intense signs of the zodiac…dark, brooding, and SEXY!” Penni McAllerton, reading from a book on astrology, shrieked with laughter. “Yeah, that’s Sonja, all right! Brooding and sexy!” All the girls collapsed in giggles at that.

Sonja, in the kitchen getting more popcorn, had heard. The conversation in the other room continued, with all the girls making fun of her, and snorting with laughter at how little she fit the description in the astrology book of the Scorpio sign. Fine, then. She didn’t like any of them, either, but here she was, playing hostess to them. On her birthday. Resentment began to brew, and as she went back into the living room, she wished she could make these arrogant, contemptuous girls sorry for always making fun of her. She’d had enough.

She quietly tolerated the rest of the evening, till, one by one, the girls all finally dozed off. Getting up silently, she crept into the kitchen. Being a bookworm had finally come in handy. Sylvia Plath had recently become a favorite, and it was her biography that gave Sonja the idea to close the door to the upstairs, turn on the gas to the stove, and then creep up to her bedroom.

She shut her bedroom door, and placed her bathrobe tightly against the crack at the bottom. The six girls would be sleeping their last, deepest, sweetest sleep. She would just say she hadn’t felt well, and had gone up to her own bed. She opened her bedroom window, breathed in the chilly November air, and crawled contentedly into bed. “Idiots,” she mumbled, happily drifting off to sleep. “Don’t they know scorpions are solitary creatures?”

Credits to: Queenofscots


The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (夢と狂気の王国 Yume to Kyouki no Oukoku) Bluray is a documentary directed by Japanese filmmaker Mami Sunada about Studio Ghibli’s two founding directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, released in Japanese theaters on 16 November 2013. The documentary shows us the lives of the two directors over the span of a year during the production of their two films, The Wind Rises (風立ちぬ Kaze Tachinu) and The Tale of Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫の物語 Kaguya Hime no Monogatari). The Japanese BD was released on 21 May 2014 as a “Ghibli ga Ippai Collection Special” title and includes English subtitles. Also included is a 2-minute “Digest short film" and a 32-minute piece entitled “Ushiko Saw It” (Ushiko wa Mitta! ウシコは見た!) about the work of Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki during the production of The Wind Rises, told from the viewpoint of a stray cat named Ushiko that lives around Studio Ghibli. Updating my Ghibli Collection

you don’t how long it took to find this pictures 😂.
November 16 of 2013 was the day our family, ‘magcon family’, was born and like always great things always come to an end. And a year ago from today, magcon came to an end. We didn’t wanted to, we cried, we got depressed and some of us just gave up. But the truth is that this family never ended, the guys were right. Magcon was just a name, the guys still see each other, not as frequent as the used to but they still do it. They are still friends and we are still a family. We don’t need a name guys, we just need them to stick together. Doesn’t matter the reasons why they left. The reasons why the stick together is what matters. We love all the guys and we all had our differences but we are here, today, grieving the day were magcon split up. Read again, magcon split up, not the guys, they guys are still together. The guys are happy for what they are doing. They are sad because of magcon too. And they wish it never ended but lets be honest, magcon wasn’t going to last forever. Im happy for the time it lasted, but im happy too for what the guys are doing now❤️ So maybe is a sad day, but the guys are happy so im happy too.

Thank you MAGcon! Thank you Bart! Thank you Nash, Cameron, Carter, Shawn, Matthew, Taylor, Aaron, JackJ, JackG!.
Thank you Mahogany!❤️ Thank you Hayes!
Thank you for all the memories that we made! Thanks to all the people who made MAGcon possible. Thank you❤️ by moaningshawn on ig


George with Freda Kelly the loyal friend, long time fan and secretary to the Beatles

“George was very thoughtful – he would always say ‘What have you got in your cupboard for me to sign?” - Freda Kelly, excerpt from the article, ‘Good Ol Freda, The Beatles secretary tells her story’ The Guardian, November 16, 2013

“People say George was the quiet Beatle I suppose he was in one way, but he was never quiet with me. He was more quietly spoken. I think, than the others. He was very thoughtful..’ Freda Kelly excerpt from the film, 'Good Ol Freda’