16 min

job shit fucking SHIT job

srsly fuck my job i’m so mad. i just stew in it. my boss is acting all fucking strict even tho we all kno that this WHOLE TIME he has neglected to enforce store policy, to enforce dress code, to even work on the floor with us when we need to and now bcus his boss is cracking down on our store’s low scores he’s acting like a bitch.

today he accused me of taking a 16 min break during my ten minute break. i was like, nuh uh dude i don’t think so but he insisted and he started acting like i was trying to argue with him so he was getting this infuriating tone in his voice which i’ve never heard him use before. i timed my break. it began at 7:09 and he came to me just about 7:20. i said no way it’s been that long, and i told him the time i started my break. he started talking to me like a teacher that just caught u texting in class, “RYLIE I WATCHED YOU!! I TIMED YOU!” and mentioned that the day before i had done the same thing (that is completely up for debate bcus 1. i get extreme anxiety about being on time and look at my wristwatch constantly and 2. i don’t recall him even being around when i was on my ten yesterday??? and you don’t clock in and out for a ten and he mentioned something about the numbers not adding up or some shit? what gibberish is that)

anyway, all i could tell him was that i didn’t know what to tell him. he had that “i’m gonna shut u down, honey” stance and it embarrassed me and made me feel like a kid in trouble for smart-mouthing. so i got back to work. then i remembered that i had sent my bf a text right when i first started my break–AT 7:09!!! but i can’t bring it up bcus that’s unprofessional and i don’t want to come off as petty. but it’s driving me crazy. i have pretty great work ethic that i pride myself on; i’ve always had it and i’m confident in it! and i work very very hard at my ridiculous customer service/food service job (nauseating combo of drive thru and barista) and a manager does not need to take this fucking tone with their hardworking employees–if it was my bad, it was my bad and i tried to tell him that if i had made the mistake that i was sorry, but it was obvious that i had not done anything knowingly and in the end he proved to be incorrect anyway. i hadn’t done anything wrong!

and FOR THE RECORD i remember that most of the time i’ve been working there (a year now) he would be “at the lake” multiple times when we’d text him to come in–he’d be scheduled on paper but either just not be in the store at all that day or would show up 45 min–hr late idk!! AND IT TOOK HIM/OR AT LEAST OUR STORE MONTHS TO FIRE A COWORKER WHO REPEATEDLY SEXUALLY HARASSED ME AND OTHER GIRLS!! i had to talk to him and to another shift multiple times and threatened to go over their heads to his boss before anything happened. and someone said that coworker was fired bcus of constant tardiness (idk if that’s true but it made me really really really angry). i dn’t brag about myself but when it comes to my work i have a high opinion of the kind of job i do; i do a great job. no complaints. my coworkers love me. i ALWAYS get positive feedback; nearly once a day!

so after all of this behavior i’ve seen from him and the overall way our store is run i am very angry at the way he assumed some shit and at the way he talked to me today. 

tl;dr: my boss acted like a Mean Girl to me bcus he’s afraid his boss is going to can him probably and i’m mad at being treated like i’m not a good employee bcus I AM SO GREAT AT MY JOB OK

Phil: Hey

Dan: Hey what?

Phil: *laughs* What kind of *laughs*

Dan: Oh no

Phil: What kind of *laughs* 

Phil: What kind of overalls does Mario wear?

Dan: ….

Dan: I don’t know

Phil: *laughs*

Phil [in a deep voice]: denim denim denim

*both laugh*