16 million fans


So, I was watching Darkiplier stuff and I remembered Mark saying this;

He’s manipulative, seductive, and he only wants to use you…

If Dark of a demon, which everyone knows he is, those are sure warning signs that he is an incubus (male succubus (demon that feeds off of sexuality))
Now, some of you may be wondering “Why do you think that you fucking moron” well, this is why;

·Dark wants us to let him in (and incubus’ can only get a human soul if the human consents to them)

·Dark is very…persuasive. He uses a date to lure us in.

·He wants to use us.

Incubuses don’t typically possess humans, but Darkiplier did.
Because…what a better way to get souls then to take on the form of an attractive internet star with 16 million+ fans. (90% of which are attracted to him)…Dark took on Marks form because he can convince us to give in to him…since it will be the closest to the real Mark we ever get.

He was mocked by Mark calling him emo and shiz. He was replaced by the other personas. And he pushed aside after Relax

Sorry I’m late to the party, but congratulations to @markiplier for hitting 16 million subscribers!!! Such a big number, I almost can’t believe it!! Thank you so much for sharing your laughter to the world Mark! and I can’t wait to continue watching you and your channel grow into even more than it already is, you truly are a blessing!

(If anyone is curious, the link to the speedpaint of this drawing is here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOzI4OJqR3zDMfY6F4rHcuw thank you!)