16 megapixel

N: Cause you’re my girlfriend, duh. N would nonchalantly explain why he has all those photos and then brush you off like he’s offended you even asked. Depending on your reaction, he’d back hug you and start flipping through the photos making you cringe as he details why each and every photo is in his phone and what happened the day it was taken. “This was two years at that company dinner. Boy, were you looking amazing in that dress. You almost looked better than me.”

Leo: Paws off what’s not yours! Lol, Leo would snatch his phone away from you so quick your head would spin. Although the two of you are dating, he didn’t want you know that he was that kind of boyfriend. The one whose heart swells on a daily basis because he likes to look at beautiful photos of his girlfriend. So, pretend that you didn’t see anything. Not even his rosy embarrassed cheeks. "That’s private research.”

Ken: Honesty is the best policy. Ken would simply fess up to having all those pictures of you and then give you the sweetest reason why. Most likely, he misses you a lot when he’s on tour and it’s easy for him to remember the times the two of you shared based on each photo. He can reminisce and get an energy boost of endorphins from all the happiness. “I even have a folders of my all time favorite photos of you and I together. They’re organized by the seasons. See! This is five years worth of Christmases.“

Ravi: You’re my inspiration. Ravi would simply roll his eyes like "oh man, you caught me”. It wouldn’t be a big deal that you found out, and honestly he’d like that you found his stash because now you might even take more selfies by yourself or with him to give him some more things to look at and be happy about it. “Y'know, writing music is hard sometimes and work in general is just hard. I needed something or someone to get me through it all. And that’s your beautiful face in 16 megapixels.”

HongBin: I don’t know where those come from! Deny. Deny. Deny. HongBin will deny all possible reasons of why you’re plastered all over his phone. Clearly he loves you, but a hot stud like him doesn’t want you to know that. It’ll mess with his street cred. “My theory is that your pictures synced on my phone last time I plugged my phone into your computer.”

Hyuk: Don’t piss me off *kisses*. So, you caught Hyuk red-handed with several pictures of you on his phone? Yeah, well considering the relationship is going well you can just assume he likes you that much to want to show you off to anyone that asks. Although that may be true, he won’t admit that because it would take the fun out of hoarding pictures of you at his own accord. So he’d make up some lousy excuse buying him some time to make another lousy excuse. “No! I have lots of pictures of you just in case something happened and I needed to identify you to the authorities. *Mumbles* Or if I need to blackmail you. Muahahahaha.”

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