16 frames


hey friends and family heres that one video i wanted to upload a long time ago that i had to wrangle windows live movie maker for. i hope it was worth it


nick just wanted to live out his wearing-the-bf’s-clothes dream

day 6: wearing each other’s clothes

30 day otp challenge with Nick and Charlie (from @heartstoppercomic)

ANIMATION COMMISSIONS (frame by frame animation)


I’d like to try out some animation commissions! It’s a little experiment for me.


Full colored animation with background and shading per second: $15

(12-16 drawn frames; 1-4 work days, 10-20+ hours work time)

(really depends on the amount of backgrounds, actual drawn frames, movement and amount of characters portrayed)

Also loops and not moving frames are free of charge if it extends the amount of seconds.

Note: I will always draw a storyboard and present it to you how the finished animation may look like with sheets and sketches if you like. I also can send you my SAI file where everything is drawn.

Also please be aware that I’m not a professional and may not fully deliver what you may expect.

I’m mostly open to every subject to broaden my experience.

Payment only via PayPal in USD, please send me a private message if you are interested.

Pets Painting - Simlish Font

Vor einigen Wochen hatte ich diese Bilder schon mit normaler Schrift gemacht. Languidity hat mich dann angeschrieben und den Wunsch geäußert, dass es toll wäre die Bilder auch mit Simlischer Schrift zu haben. Hier sind sie nun endlich ♥

  • 8 Motive, pro Motiv 2 Rahmenfarben -> 16 Swatches
  • Custom Swatches & Thumbnail
  • Grundspieltauglich

Simlische Schrift by @franzillasims - Danke ♥

Wer die anderen Bilder haben möchte findet diese hier *CLICK* (bei der Gelegenheit habe ich denen direkt ein neues Custom Thumbnail verpasst!)

A few weeks ago I had done these pictures with normal font. Languidity wrote me then and expressed the desire that it would be great to have the pictures also with simlish font. Here they are finally ♥

  • 8 motifs, per motif 2 frame colors -> 16 Swatches
  • Custom Swatches & Thumbnail
  • Basegame

Simlish Font by @franzillasims

If you want to have the other pictures you will find them here *CLICK* (I added a new Custom Thumbnail)

Download: SFS