16 days of summerland

16 Days of Summerland: Day 2: Favorite Male Character

Bradin Westerly. Hands down. He is the most precious soul of all TV characters. And it isn’t just because he is played by the most perfect man in all of history, Jesse McCartney. From the very first episode, I was blown away. Bradin is just so cute and ugh vfhejjfvrwrevfdw. He cares so much about his siblings even though sometimes he has a hard time showing it. The way he made the best of his parent’s death, he’s just too perfect. He is the sweetest boyfriend ever. He treats all of his girlfriends so well, no matter how crazy they are. Like Sarah. She was one crazy bitch but Bradin treated her like she was the world. He tried to help her even when he lost feelings for her. And Callie. Oh Callie. I hate Callie. But Bradin treated her like a queen. He is just so precious and cute and perfect, ugh.

16 Days of Summerland: Day 3: Favorite adult couple

Ava and Johnny. Definitely. They started off as best friends who dated a few years back. They were roommates as well, so that just made their friendship even better. Their feelings for each other started to come back when they took Martha and Derrick to the movies. Ugh, they were so cute. Then they cuddled on the couch like a married couple. Adorable. But then it all got weird when they both kept denying their feelings for each other. And then they both realized their feelings later but they were retarded and nobody stepped up. Then Ava started dating Simon and blah blah, it’s just all downhill from there. Then Johnny and Mona…. Just ugh. No worries though, Ava and Johnny got together at the end of the season. I remember I started crying when that happened because it was fucking beautiful and I was waiting for that moment forever.

16 Days of Summerland: Day 4(Part 1): Favorite younger couple

Nikki and Cameron are the cutest couple to ever walk the fictional TV world. I think I said that about the last couple but this time, I’m being serious. Cameron is the cutest little thing, with his little gap between his front two teeth. Nikki is adorable. They were best friends and they also had that cute little puppy love. Like when Nikki liked that one kid and Cam got jealous. And then Nikki found him sitting on the rocks and she told him that she’d pick him over anybody any day. I’m pretty sure I cried during that scene. I think I cry over every Cam and Nikki scene. I think there is something wrong with me. Oh well.

16 Days of Summerland: Day 4(Part 2): Favorite younger couple

Okay, you know how I said that Cam and Nikki were the cutest couple ever? Yeah, I was kidding. Erika and Bradin are definitely the cutest couple ever. So first, Erika was just Bradin’s surfing coach. Ya know, since Erika is such a babe, of course Bradin would like her. But he didn’t think much of it.. But yeah, they became best friends through the season. Then in late season two, Bradin finally made his move right after he broke up with Callie. I was beginning to think that Erika was just a rebound but nah. Bradin and Erika are meant to be. They had the cutest scenes ever. But then everybody found out and Jay got mad and Erika got fired and Bradin left and fjrhgdsveiodrfhgr. I forget what happened next. I’m rewatching the series so I’ll find out soon.. I’m pretty sure they get back together. WHICH THEY BETTER BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE BABIES. The end.

16 Days of Summerland: Day 1: Favorite female character

My favorite female character is definitely Nikki Westerly. She is so caring and sweet. She wants the best for everyone else and will do whatever it takes to make it the best. She is kind of like the “mom” in the family. She makes sure that her brothers are in the best care and she’s just so sweet. She had such a hard time dealing with her parent’s death but in the end, she made the best of it. She is there for her brothers whenever they need her and she gives the best advice. Kay Panabaker is also such a great actress and is completely gorgeous.

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