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Poke-Femslash February Challenge

I do not know if this has been done yet, but I wanted to make a challenge for Femslash-February with the Pokemon Fandom. This is for Pokemon lesbian couples only. 

  • Day 1: Fave Kanto lesbians? 
  • Day 2: Fave Johto lesbians? 
  • Day 3: Fave Hoenn lesbians? 
  • Day 4: Fave Sinnoh lesbians? 
  • Day 5: Fave Unova lesbians? 
  • Day 6: Fave Kalos lesbians? 
  • Day 7: Fave Alola lesbians? 
  • Day 8: Fave yuri OTP? 
  • Day 9: First yuri ship? 
  • Day 10: Crack ship? OT(insert number)
  • Day 11: [With each other’s Pokemon]
  • Day 12: [Clothes Switch]
  • Day 13: [Natural Beauty] (what they like about each other) 
  • Day 14: Valentines Day! What are they doing? 
  • Day 15: “Opposites Attract” OTP? 
  • Day 16: “Gal Pals” OTP? 
  • Day 17: “High Femme and Stone Butch” OTP? 
  • Day 18: “Battle Girls” OTP? 
  • Day 19: [Double Date] 
  • Day 20: [Crossover] 
  • Day 21: […If They Were Pokemon] 
  • Day 22: [Coordinator Outfits] 
  • Day 23: Fave AU? 
  • Day 24: Celebration Time! [Ideal Wedding] or [Prom Night] 
  • Day 25: [Seasons] (choose one) 
  • Day 26: [Nature Date] or [Urban Date] (your choice) 
  • Day 27: Angst 
  • Day 28: Free Slot! 

[NOTE]: You do not have to complete all day(s). Depending on what day it is, you can do that specific prompt. (Example: If the day is the 12th of February, then you do the day 12th prompt). However, you have the option of challenging yourself to complete all days. 

I hope that this list is appropriate for everyone. If anything on here is offensive, I apologize and did not mean it to be negative. 

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“It’s for a case, John. If it gets too warm it’ll be ruined. A person’s alibi depends on it.”

“It’s not labelled, so it won’t go in here. Remember: no label, no fridge. Moreover, we need the space for the milk.”

“I don’t need milk.”

“Yeah, and the next time you have tea, you’ll complain about the lack of it.”

“I’ll have coffee instead.”

“Fine. But I won’t. I’ll have my tea, with milk, and your bloody … blood … stuff can go elsewhere, alibi or no. There must be priorities.”

“Are you really going to fight me over this?”

“Yes, if required.”

“Very well. Sofa?”


Day 11: Fighting over fridge space of the 31 Day Domestic OTP Sketch Challenge devised by kowabungadoodles. Day 16 will be next.

  1. Milkshake drinking competition
  2. Aggressively feeding ducks
  3. Massage
  4. Secretly shopping for the other
  5. Buying a Pet
  6. New Pet regrets
  7. Sudden rainstorm
  8. Watching terrible television
  9. Sleepy kissing
  10. Starbucks AU
  11. Fighting over fridge space
  12. Sharing a shower
  13. Sexy day dreams
  14. Unfortunate public boner
  15. DIY project
  16. Tickle fight
  17. Spontaneous Musical
  18. Costume party
  19. Walking home drunk
  20. Sex interrupted by phone
  21. Trying a new sport
  22. Home cooking!
  23. Fell in a river
  24. Minor Phobias
  26. Magical AU
  27. Can’t sleep
  28. Night time confessions
  29. Getting lost
  30. Awkward dinner party
  31. Holiday (vacation)!