16 days of otps

-30 day OTP challenge.

DAY 16 - Morning ritual

First I was going to draw them watching anime and eating cereal but I thought this would be cuter, and it is; since they moved i didn’t know what to use as a background, so I created this kitchen haha


“I love you and your hugs, but rub your stubble on me again, and I’ll stab you with my toothbrush.”

Ha, @leggylance, I tried to do your headcanon justice but the muses were being little shits.

it also dawned on me while I was drawing this that this also hits my next day, Day 16: Morning Routine of the 30 Day OTP challenge I abandoned. Ha. 

Dia 16 ¨Traje¨ / Day 16 ¨Suit¨

30 Day OTP Challenge

Goth necesita un traje elegante para una Gala en DanceTale, Palette lo acompaña y se colocan diferentes trajes para encontrar el perfecto para Goth. Palette tambien quiere comprarse uno ya que el que tiene en casa no le gusta. / Goth needs an elegant outfit for a Gala in DanceTale, Palette accompanies him and they put on different suits to find the perfect one for Goth. Palette also wants to buy one since the one at home does not like (the best google traductor) xD

Palette and Gothy belong to @angexci and @nekophy (Thanks for compliment <3 )

The Reckoning

“I swear on the cross of my Lord Jesus, and by the holy iron which I hold, that I give you my fealty and pledge you my loyalty. If ever my hand is raised in rebellion against you again, then I ask that this holy iron may pierce my heart.”

“You are my home now.”

“I want ye so much I can scarcely breathe. Will you have me?”

Vic is an owl. He can stay in bed till midday, then he gets up and doesn’t stop moving, like a maniac, till the middle of the night, maybe early morning. When the sun starts to rise - he goes to sleep. And it’s really hard for him to wake up early, he’s asleep on the go, and passes out easily. Only strong coffee can wake him up… If he gets to the kitchen, that is.
Michael, on the other hand, is an early bird. He wakes up with the sunrise, around five in the morning, and prances around, full of energy and joy till the evening, and goes to sleep at 12pm or even earlier. He’s like a perpetuum mobile. Never tired, always moves forward.


PadMay | Day 16: OTP for Padmé

 Her life before Anakin belonged to someone else, some lesser being to be pitied, some poor impoverished spirit who could never suspect how profoundly life should be lived. Her real life began the first time she looked into Anakin Skywalker’s eyes and found in there not the uncritical worship of little Annie from Tatooine, but the direct,unashamed, smoldering passion of a powerful Jedi: a young man, to be sure, but every centimeter a man-a man whose legend was already growing within the Jedi Order and beyond.

Connections Tags: Hopeless Fountain Kingdom // Halsey

Okay, okay, okay. Since a couple songs on this album gave me an incredible amount of muse, I thought I’d sit down and make another list of tags! Under the cut, you’ll find #166 tags for mostly nOTPs, but a little bit of every type of ship if you’re creative enough from Halsey’s sophomore album. They’re organized in sections by each song, since I personally think looking at long lists fucking sucks. Like/Reblog if this helps you out; thanks!

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