16 and pregnany

My Rant on Teen Pregnancy

Am I the only person left who is not pregnant or married at 20? Seriously, you need to stop making babies.

The world can not support any more children with teenage parents, or parents without jobs, or druggie parents.

“Teen Mom”? “Engaged and Underaged”? “16 and Pregnant” Why isnt there a show called “I did well in high school, kept my legs closed, I’m going to college, and I’m gunna get a kickass job” ?

Attention world: Getting married wont make him love you forever! Having a kid is not glamorous! It wont keep you together, and quite frankly, you’re making America look like shit.

Does anyone remember when you met someone and they gave you butterflies in your belly? You waited weeks to say the first thing, and when you got their phone number you were ecstatic? Life moved slow, and when you realised you were in love it was magic.

Fast Forward to Current times:

Boy: Hi, I like your ass

Girl: Thanks. Can I have your number?

Boy: Why don’t you just come over tonight?

2 weeks later:

Boy: Bitch, come here

Girl: ok, I love you.

This is not aimed at anyone specific. The fact that I’m the only one of my friends and cousins left who is not pregnant means that I must be surrounded by a lot of these people. This is just my opinion on the big picture.

Why can’t we go back to the days when love meant forever? And sex was for love? And baby making was planned and children were a blessing?

Kids should be the result of love. Not a mistake.

There are times when “love at first sight” is not just on a Disney movie, but lets get real. We can’t all live in a Disney movie. Are we all that lucky? If we were, then Disney wouldnt be “fantasy” it would be “real life”. I can’t discredit when real love takes over, and people get married and have children together. I know it can work. But I don’t think this is always the case. In fact, I know it isnt.

<Rant over>