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Hey friend! Can you tell me about what your routine looks like on leg day? Your ass and thighs are amazing!

Hey man! I get a lot of messages about my leg and butt routine, so hopefully this answer helps!

A disclaimer first: I’m a novice at all this stuff, I’m not qualified and just do what feels right for me and what I’ve read works! Your mileage may vary.

I’ve started alternating between high volume/low rep and low volume/high rep each week to shake things up, so I won’t delve too much into weight/rep combos, but for low rep weeks I aim for 8-10 reps and three sets, and for high rep weeks I aim for 16-20 reps and five sets.

There is overlap between leg and butt exercises, so here’s the overlap ones:

- squats

- kettlebell lunges

- leg presses

I’d advise looking up guides on how to do these to work different muscles. For example, feet placement when doing leg presses changes what muscles your working.

Just butt exercises:

- barbell hip thrusts

- lower back extensions (flex your butt when doing them)

Just let exercises:

- leg curls

- leg extensions

That’s pretty much it. I don’t do anything fancy or crazy, but I do spend about 1.5-2 hours at the gym each session. As I’ve said before, I was super skinny when I started. The gym was super intimidating. Start small, go at your own pace, be consistent and you’ll see results 🤗

Illicit Intervention - Twenty Eight

The Fall - Part Two 

Before the wives, before the mistresses, there was just one woman in Negan’s life. Then, by chance, came another. What do you do when you’re married, but find the love of your life after? (Follows Negan before the outbreak and during)

Negan x OC 

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A/N Well, all good things come to an end, right? 


Now I understand the point of those flashbacks while I was unconscious. It’s to show me that stealing from the Hilltop is wrong. Only, I didn’t heed that warning and there’s a war on the horizon. One of my Saviors return to tell me that this fucking barbarian Rick opened up fire and killed some of my men. I won’t fucking tolerate this.

I send a search party to find this Rick Prick, but end up finding just one more community that we can get supplies from. Some kind of school.

I fear every day that Vin is going to find out what I’m doing. Even keeping her occupied with making maps and having her stay in my room, my days are limited. One day, I panic and purposely take her glasses before she wakes up because she’s starting to make comments on how she wants to come with me. 

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2018 10 21, anyám kertjében majdnem minden rózsaszín és a veteményesben pipacs virágzik, elkésett, eltévedt az őszben. cafatos felhőket visz a (beharangozottakkal ellentétben korántsem annyira hideg) szél, kiüríti a kertet, kiüríti a lelkem.
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Becoming Human - Chapter 23

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After the dinner party success, Daniel soon joined Leo more often around the company. At first it seemed to frustrate Doctor Jung, not wanting the robots to get too close with one another. But even he was able to see the difference in Daniel through their connection. Without any added software, Leo’s influence was enough to help Daniel produce his own thought. In the office, if something didn’t sit well with the robot, he wouldn’t immediately push it away now, even going as far as to speak back to one of the staff members who had treated him like a sentient being with no feelings. It surprised everyone around him, and I think even Daniel was shocked too. From that moment, Daniel suddenly had more of a presence in the office, and no longer was seen as the invisible character unless they needed something.

It made me proud to know that Leo had spurred this behaviour on.

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“Hopefully, Death Is Like Being In A Dream State.”