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I still don’t get the hate Nicole is getting, sure she doesn’t own up to her game, but Vanessa didn’t either. She was called a snake, dragged by so many people, in a showmance, wasn’t OTB until top 4, and had her enemies had her the win. 

Some people claim to be a feminist in this tag but if it was a male they wouldn’t get as much hate.

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Be prepared future friend

I’m kind of a prick. I make jokes about my mental health all the time cause I don’t know how else to handle myself. I make bad puns and send trashy memes. I recommend music almost every day because I express how I feel better through songs. I’m way too sarcastic and my constant fangirling about bands, books, shows and movies annoys the shit out of some people. If you’re still reading, woa, cool. Why would you want to talk to me? I’m a loyal friend. I don’t just stop messaging after a little while. I’ll always try to make you feel better. So if you want to talk, let’s talk. And sometimes I try to be an interesting person.

Let’s talk about everything. Your life. My life. Death. Existentialism. When it’s late and we can’t sleep. Let’s complain about the weather and school or work, and send each other memes and pictures of our pets. Let’s talk about how the future is scary yet exciting. Let’s talk about what scares us and what makes us happy. Ask each other questions from “how was your day?” to “do you think there’s life after death?”. Rant about your day and I’ll rant about mine. Let’s talk about our favourite books and movies  and watch them at the same time while skyping or texting.

Some things I identify with: bisexuality, borderline, INTJ, art, photography, writing. I speak English and Dutch.
We can tell each other everything about ourselves when we get to know each other. Things I’m looking for: a long-term friend. Someone who talks a lot, long conversations about anything and everything. Someone who can deal with my endless sarcasm and stupidity. And someone who is comfortable talking on whatsapp after a few tumblr messages, simply cause that’s easier. I’m almost 18 and I’d prefer to talk to someone around the same age. If I didn’t scare you of and you like talking a lot you can message me on tumblr @aboynamedfinch

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Opinions on otayuri?

first of all, i am fully aware that no matter what i answer i’ll have a shitstorm coming my way but whatever

i don’t ship it? yurio’s whole character arc theme was him finding his agape and by doing that, learning to build/find/accept bonds with others and i don’t think romance fits in that narrative? what yurio needs is a friend and they hit it off so well and i can absolutely see them causing mayhem within the skating community for years to come

i don’t care if others ship it tho nor do i think it’s a p/edo ship, as they’re canonically 16 and 18. if this bothers you, feel free to unfollow and/or block me

Very illogical, PB.

Everyone who’s already played the diamond scene in the latest chapter of The Royal Romance, will remember this moment:

Apparently the legal drinking age in Cordonia is 21. But that seems a little bit weird since Cordonia is (most likely - see RoE) located in Europe. And while every country in Europe can decide their legal drinking age; a quick search on the internet confirmed; the legal drinking age in European countries lies between 16 and 20 (whereby in most cases the legal drinking age for beer and wine is 16 or 18 and the legal drinking age for (hard) liquors is 18 or 20 - and 20 only in Iceland, Sweden and Norway). 
That’s why it seems a little bit weird to me, that cordonia is the only european country where the legal drinking age is the same as in the U.S. Not completely impossible, but it is a bit illogical.
So why is that so? Didn’t the PB team do their homework on that? Or did they think, “Well, American teens play this, so we should remind them that the legal age is 21, the state of facts is absolut irrelevant.”

*sweats nervously*


ayye internet peeps- I’m Jordan most of my friends call me Jo or just jordan , I’m 17(turning 18 in July). I’m in my final year of High school and I hate everyone there- so I’ve turned to the internet which is full of my people. I like a lot of things like anime, music , movies and writing. 
Seeing as I have like min (few) irl frens I really need a few people to keep me sane. I struggle with depression ut that doesnt stop me from being there for my friends. 
Anyways.. idk. Oh yeah I’d really love to skype if y'all want to I’m all about meeting people. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa , but if youre in another time zone I wont mind because I barely sleep- so feel free to hit me up. I love art and being creative ,but some of my ideas fall through because I cant finish anything -
I’m also teaching myself Japanese and its going okay so if youre teaching yourself too hit me up and we could be study buddies and because I love learning things I’m also learning the violin, piano and the ukulele. I really love music of all kinds especially classical, lo-fi hip hop and all kinds of rock. The movies I enjoy are typically on the horror and psychological side of the fence (My fave is American Psycho, by brett easton ellis) , and i love suspense, thriller books. Here some more stuff i like: 

death note
Tokyo Ghoul 
one punch man 
kill la kill
psycho pass
Noragami (Aragato)
- and a lot more 

bands// artists:
the 1975
fall out boy
j.s bach
james bay
-and like a bible more. 

-It doesnt matter who you are or where youre from, you can be my friend- and I’ll totally respect your opinions on religion and sex and whatever but seriously if its hateful plz dont expect me to answer and support hate speech. I’m not really sure about snail mail, but maybe sometime, ideal ages to hmu is (16-20)
You can find me : 

email: panicmore4@gmail.com ( put findteenpenpals in the subject so i dont think its spam//note I dont really check my email so I’m sorry if it takes a while to answer.) 

snapchat: ferriraisbae
tumblr : dankstar3000
instagram: someone.sassy
skype : (email) 

-I cant wait to hear from you! 

Today at Nabra’s vigil in Reston, VA her cousin came up and said that the one thing she wants us to remember about Nabra is that she is a Black Nubian Muslim and that we should say her name. She repeated this twice. Out of all of the beautiful stories shared by her friends and family this was one that stuck out to me the most. May Allah have mercy on her soul and all other souls lost to injustice. Rest In Paradise Nabra. 

modern high school!au vox machina group memes

  • Grog’s foolproof plan to seduce Tom Hardy
  • Percy’s sexual orientation is Exhaustion
  • grog responding to literally any text message with “GET WRECKED”
  • “Listen. Vex’s eyeliner is so sharp it could kill a man,”
  • Pike responding to anyone in the group swearing with “WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH” 
  • keyleth being both horrified by and incredibly, implausibly skilled at those deer hunter video games with the plastic guns
  • yelling “THEY’RE SIBLINGS, YOU FUCKS” when someone assumes Pike and Grog or Keyleth and Percy are dating
  • Scanlan asking Pike to prom at least three times a month
  • “what is keyleth doing?” “her best”
  • pointing at lawn gnomes and saying “look, it’s scanlan”
  • “I’m just saying, have we ever seen Scanlan and Tary in the same room?”
    • Tary, standing next to Scanlan: “YES”
  • saying “where the fuck is vax?” when vax is standing three feet away
  • WWPD: what would Pike do? 
  • picking a random inanimate object, pretending it’s vax, and having a conversation with it in the place of the real Vax when vax Disappears and no one feels like going to look for him
  • Keyleth The Frog Murderer
    • “guys, that was ONE TIME. and the frog was already dead”
  • *points at stranger* “who is that?” “i don’t know but they probably owe Vex money”
    • Vex, sliding her ten dollar Target sunglasses down her nose: “damn straight” 
  • exchanging blurry candid pictures of Percy with the caption CONFIRMED when he’s taking too long to text back 
  • Grog secretly being Hillary Clinton

Hey! My name is hritika and im 17 years old.
I absolutely love books, shoes and clothes! But mostly BOOKS! I’m an over enthusiastic person when it comes to things that i like, so don’t mind if i write in capital letters sometimes lol.

I like Liza Koshy, various types of music and movies. I usually read fictional and fantasy books. If you’re a reader, be ready for tons of recommendations from me.
Some of my favourite tv shows are the 100, 13 reasons why, the originals, and pretty little liars.

I’m an introvert and basically have no friends irl so i want an internet friend! My social life is pretty much non existent and I literally have zero friends who i can actually talk to. I’m just looking for someone who i can talk to about anything and share music and YouTube videos and memes with! Hoping to hear from you! Lots of love and hugs!

Tumblr : you-know-whoo
Email : angeldpathror@gmail.com

Seeking an intelligent companion for times to come

     Hello, I have been incredibly stagnant lately and as selfish as it sounds, have found no one interesting enough to occupy my instinctual yearning for human contact.

    I will give a summary of myself, however I would like to leave things a bit vague because that would ruin our introduction now wouldn’t it?

    I am 14 going on 15 in August; and for those who may be deterred by my age,I will assure you my mannerisms will most likely strike you that of someone older..if you are so inclined to avoid me. Some of my main interests that I feel some could relate to are as followed;

Music of many kinds; musical instruments (I play classical piano and take guitar lessons), drawing, and traveling. I journal a great deal as I feel it is interesting to track my mental state/ opinion on things as I grow older. My sense of humor would probably be considered “horribly offensive” at times, but i’m just putting that out there… 

Something very important to me is Coca-Cola Vanilla; as it is and has been the superior beverage since its introduction/run in 2002, the year of my birth. Coincidence? I think not.

If you are interested in talking I would love to hear from anyone. Keep in mind you do not have to relate to any of my interests, as people from all walks of life can be intriguing :). If we get along really well, I think it would be fun to skype eventually. That reminds me, if you want pictures all you have to do is ask :P.

You can contact me here:

Email- vanillacokeisgod@gmail.com (I love vanilla coke a lot)

Insta- pastaless

I look forward to meeting you!