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wu yifan x reader

wc - 1.6k // rated M for sexual themes. 

author - admin C

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Taking a sip of your drink, your eyes scanned the bar carefully as you felt the comforting burn of vodka slide down your throat. Your nails tapped the surface of the counter slowly as you finished your drink, setting a few bills down before turning to lean against the bar, facing the VIP section of the club. Hazy smoke swirled about, filling your lungs with sweetened air as you lazily made your way to the edge of the dance floor.

Reuniting with your friends, you clasped your hands with one of them, moving your hips to the beat and losing yourself. The song was hypnotic as you felt a drop of sweat run down your neck. You couldn’t help your eyes from wandering back to the VIP section, the smoke heaviest there. Beautiful girls and men alike strut in and out of the small rooms within the roped-off area, undoubtably where celebrities would be.

You went to the club that night with a specific goal: to hook up with someone. You had been single for a while after breaking it off with your long-term boyfriend, deciding it was about time for you to have some fun. Picking out the most sultry dress you owned, rimming your eyes with dark eyeliner and styling your hair to effortless perfection, you looked both mysterious and stunning. Several guys stopped to talk to you, but none of them met your high standards.

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