"One Word" KaiXing Short Story (Requested)

Word: “Dance”

Jongin paced around nervously in front of the gym. Inside he could hear music blaring and someone (he knew too well who) screaming counts in time to the beat. If it wasn’t cliche to say it out loud he’d have told Sehun his palms were sweaty, knees weak, and arms too heavy to even attempt what he was about to do, but Jongin wasn’t about that life.

Suddenly the music cut off and a loud “Thank you, good rehearsal guys!” was heard. Jongin didn’t know if it was possible to die of what ever level of nervousness his body had reached, but he was sure he’d find out if he actually had to step in to find Yixing.

Captain of the school’s dance crew, hip hop dancing wonder, genius student, dimple of the year, THE Chinese heartthrob, and HIS SENIOR BY 3 YEARS; Zhang Yixing was literally the perfect person. In fact, any more perfect and Jongin wouldn’t be standing ready to make an idiot of himself. Oh the sad life of a freshman. Even if he had managed to make the varsity dance team as a freshman (and become the youngest candidate for captainship in the schools history) he was still just fresh meat. Better seasoned than most in his class, but fresh meat none the less. The only reason he was even trying to woo the cute thing inside the gym was because the idea of anyone else dancing with Yixing drove him bonkers.

So there he was, nervous and ready to throw up, waiting to ask Zhang Yixing to the schools dance. Enthralled by the idea of rejection, or just as scary, acceptance, Jongin didn’t realize Yixing was standing in front of him until a hand was waved in his face.

“Jonginnie…? Are you okay?”

“HYUNG!” He jumped; causing Yixing to jump back as well - clutching his unicorn plush like life depended on it. How he was able to go from sexy dance crew captain to a 9 year old with a doll was beyond Jongin. “Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you, I just needed to ask you something and this was the best time to do tha-”

“Yes I’ll go with you Jongin.”

“-t and it’s okay if you say -wait what?”

Jongin stared dumbly at the shorter male as he giggled and pointed at his phone.

“Sehun told me.”

Jongin was going to murder Sehun later, maybe even bring him back just to kill him again, but he was going to thank him first.

“So, the dance?… ”

“Only if you dance with just me.”

Jongin smiled, “Deal.”

Dedicated to: @15thsong

Kaixing “One Word” Short Stories

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