15th july 2013


SCHUBERT Arpeggione Sonata (1st mov.) Božo Paradžik & Mira Wollmann

Franz Schubert said once “Is there any cheerful music? I never heard of it”. This version for the double bass is remaining nearly throughout the piece one octave lower than the arpeggione’s part in the urtext, otherwise it is performed according to the urtext. Live recording, Jesuit church of Sion (CH), 15th July 2013 International Tibor Varga Academy, teachers’ concert Božo Paradžik (double bass) Mira Wollmann (piano)

Xiuhan Archives

So….I have been sitting on-top of a mega collection of Xiuhan GIFS (saved by date, cause what is being anal retentive?) I finally did something with them, and I hope that translates into some Xiuhan amazingness (sqeeing and cooing and well, Xiuhaning) among anyone who chances to watch.  I decided to convert the GIFs to Vids and well..check out the Xiuhan Archives (13 volumes total). I have 7 uploaded now- as it takes awhile to transform Xiuhan amazing-ness to Youtube. Bear with me. And drown your Xiuhan feels here, by date of their amazing xiuha-ness of course-

Xiuhan Archive: Volume 1 [April-May 2012]

Xiuhan Archive: Volume 2 [June-August 2012]

Xiuhan Archive: Volume 3 [September-October 2012]

Xiuhan Archive: Volume 4 [November 2012- January 2013]

Xiuhan Archive: Volume 5 [February 1st-June 15th 2013]

Xiuhan Archive: Volume 6 [June 16th-July 15th, 2013]

Xiuhan Archive: Volume 7 [July 16th-August 2013]

Oh wow it was one month ago today that Eliza and I saw First Aid Kit live! I didn’t ever write a long and rambly text post about that concert but let it suffice to say now that the performances of Emmylou, Ghost Town and America (they actually played it oh my GOD) were literally some of my favourite moments of my entire existence. Other than that there aren’t words for that concert. I’d just repeat “incredible”, “amazing”, “fantastic”, “beautiful”, “divine”, “perfect”, etc. It was a GLORIOUS EVENING.