15th here so tomorrow is the day!


Here in Mexico we celebrate the Independence Day this weekend on September 15th and 16th (the actual day is the 16th, but one day to party os not enough).

So tonight we eat like crazy and drink tequila and mezcal as if the world would end and tomorrow we’ll wake up with the worst hangover ever. But it will worth it! So, everyone outside Mexico who have a Mexican community nearby, go party with them, you’’l not be sorry.

Also, I just found out that September is Hispanic Heritage Month, so be prepared for a LOT of New Spain related posts.

So today I share a little bit of my culture with you all: this is the National Folkloric Ballet dancing the last scene of their show, that is kind of a resume of the entire show with little scenes of dances from the whole country. My favourite one? The girls in white dancing Veracruz son. I totally LOVE it.

Hope you all like it :)

You can see the whole show for their 60th anniversary on 2013 full on YouTube.


You heard that right, guys. Joyfire week starts tomorrow! We run from the 15th to the 21st, and we are thrilled to see what you guys have come up with!

As a reminder, the official tag of the week is either #Joyfireweek or #Joyfireweek2017. We will do our best to catch everyone participating, but if you notice your story hasn’t been reblogged after a day or so (we still have work, so give us a bit of time) please send us an ask or message and we’ll get that done right away!

The Ao3 collection is here: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/Joyfire_Week_2017 - feel free to add your stories if you like!

Ameblo 17/06/19 - I’ll put my life on the line in order to return the favour

I ranked fifteenth in AKB48′s 49th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo!

Thank you so so much!!!

I had set forth with my fans to rank in the top nine in this year’s sousenkyo, so when I got announced at fifteen I meekly thought “this is it then…!” 

There’s probably some fans who thought that way too.

It was disappointing but I was very happy to be able to get back into the senbatsu. At any rate, I’m glad I was able to convey my feelings in my speech and say that “I’ll put my life on the line in order to return the favour.” 

I wanted to share my feelings of happiness and disappointment with somebody after the sousenkyo ended, but I couldn’t and I felt lonely and cried.

The fifteenth rank is really splendid. It’s in the senbatsu that everyone wants to get in. However I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to reach the goal my fans and I had set. I wasn’t able to make a disappointed face when faced with everyone’s smiling faces congratulating me on entering the senbatsu.

When I returned to the dressing room I came across people who were happy with achieving their goals as well as people shedding tears in disappointment. While I was feeling frustrated that I didn’t have anywhere I could unleash my feelings someone appeared who got me in touch with an old manager I had eight years ago when I first entered SKE48.

I didn’t know their phone number anymore so I never would have thought I’d be able to hear their voice again. In the instant that I heard their voice I became nostalgic, thinking about all the moments that voice had gotten angry at me or praised me. The tears wouldn’t stop. 

“You did well. I’m always watching Akane’s work. Congratulations and good work.” When I heard that I broke into tears.

That voice I hadn’t heard for about seven years hadn’t changed a bit.

In the past two female managers had gotten very angry at me. I was raised strictly. However, there were times where they praised me, and during sad times they’d hug me as I cried. 

I may have gone down the wrong path had the two of them not been there. Therefore I’m really grateful.

After that I got in contact with another former manager.

After that I got some congratulatory LINE messages from Rena-san and Airi, among others. When I called Rena and told her I was lonely, she told me, “You did well, good work. You’re not alone even if we’re far apart you know.”

It was a bit of a surprise but Airi told me, “It’s disappointing! It’s so disappointing! Are you serious!” lol

I thought the conversation would end with a congratulatory sticker like always but in a totally unexpected way she wrote that, so I was happy. I thought to myself that she somehow understands me lol

In this way I learned that there are people who understand me regardless of distance.

A lot of people I worked with at different times congratulated me as well, and while I was replying to them

It may be disappointing if I only look at the 48 group and how I wasn’t able to get to the position I wanted, however if you take a step back and look at the bigger pictures I’m but one of many people competing with others. Just I’ll be given some chances at some work by virtue of entering the senbatsu, which is very important, so to everyone who supported me and got me in, thank you so much!

You’ve once again given me this massive opportunity known as the senbatsu. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who is rejoicing!!!

For everyone who is feeling disappointed along with me, I’ll try to wash away that disappointment with all that I have!

I’ll do it so you can say in several decades from now on, “It’s because we did our best at that time that the present Akane-chan is always shining.”

Thank you.

This year’s sousenkyo was a lot of fun too!

I’m glad I fought along with everyone. Thank you so so much!

Churi got the 15th (parrot) rank during the year of the rooster! Isn’t that awesome?

[There’s a play on words here: if you say 1 (ichi) quickly and cut out the later (chi) of the word and follow it up with a 5 (go) I suppose you could reach a point where it sounds similar to inko, the word for parrot.]

My three days of negativity are over. I’ve probably had three days total where I’ve spit out my negativity this year. Negativity is negativity, however tomorrow is born from positivity so I’ll think positively!

I don’t want those who support me to feel like they regret supporting me.

My mission is to let those who support me feel a sense of pride in having supported me decades from now and for them not to think that their love towards me was wasted while they march into the future.

“I’ll put my life on the line in order to return the favour.”

I’ll do my best so that you can always love me!

I’ll treasure this awesome present for ranking fifteenth!!!

I want to celebrate wildly with everyone soon!

Takayanagi Akane

Choi Junhong (Aka, Zelo): #1 Memelord Since October 15th, 1996


It may not be my best, and I may have gone a liiiiitle overboard… but I wanted to make sure it came out on time! I had to make SOMETHING for my B.A.P bias. So here it is, enjoy!

Night Vale marathon

So tomorrow is the 26th of October and that means it’s 50 days before the 15th of December and, if I counted correctly, the 15th of December is the day tHE HUNDREDTH EPISODE OF WTNV WILL BE RELEASED ONTO THIS MORTAL PLANE!
So I thought that if I’d listen to two (2) episodes each day starting tomorrow I can relisten the entire show before the hundredth episode and post every day something about this Night Vale marathon like meta or art or just some rambles about how pretty the weather is
So if you were looking for an excuse to relisten to all the episodes (again), here it is! And if somebody wants to join me and scream into the void with me please do!