15th here so tomorrow is the day!



TO👏  MOR 👏  ROW 👏  kicks off the very first day of KazuBisha Week 2017 and we’re so excited to see what everyone has created and share our own works with you all. :) 

Remember, when posting please use the tags:

#kazubishaweek17 or #kazubishaweek2017 

these are the only tags we will be searching for! For more information about the rules, click here.

Official Daily Themes:

Day One {May 14th}: Red String of Fate
Day Two {May 15th}: School Days AU
Day Three {May 16th}: Vacation or Day Off
Day Four {May 17th}: Reincarnation
Day Five {May 18th}: Commissioned Doujinshi Drawn By Master Artist Yato
Day Six {May 19th}: Domestic or Family
Day Seven {May 20th}: Names or Nicknames

*Themes are open to interpretation in any way, shape, or form. Get creative!

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A day and a half left to sign up as an artist for the next RSSC Issue!

Hello, all!

Just a friendly neighborhood reminder that there’s only a day and a half left before Artists sign-ups are closed for the next issue of the RSSC!

To see just what you’ll be up to, check out our last big post about art (including direct link to sign-up form) found >HERE<.

So far we’ve got lots of new and returnee artists for the sequel issue, but we’d really love to have YOU with us as well! :D

Sign-ups officially close at 11:59pm EST tomorrow, May 15th, so don’t let it pass you by!

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It may not be my best, and I may have gone a liiiiitle overboard… but I wanted to make sure it came out on time! I had to make SOMETHING for my B.A.P bias. So here it is, enjoy!

Night Vale marathon

So tomorrow is the 26th of October and that means it’s 50 days before the 15th of December and, if I counted correctly, the 15th of December is the day tHE HUNDREDTH EPISODE OF WTNV WILL BE RELEASED ONTO THIS MORTAL PLANE!
So I thought that if I’d listen to two (2) episodes each day starting tomorrow I can relisten the entire show before the hundredth episode and post every day something about this Night Vale marathon like meta or art or just some rambles about how pretty the weather is
So if you were looking for an excuse to relisten to all the episodes (again), here it is! And if somebody wants to join me and scream into the void with me please do!