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4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No. 72:

Palazzo Ducale, Venice, Italy. It also also known as the Doge’s Palace. 

It is now run as a museum. 

A majority of the palace dates from the 15th century, although some areas are earlier. Almost every major Venetian painter is represented in the palace. 

From left: Rebecca Benson as Margaret Plantagenet, Suki Waterhouse as Cecily of York, Jodie Comer as Elizabeth of York, Joanne Whalley as the Duchess of Burgundy, Essie Davis as Dowager Queen Elizabeth and Michelle Fairley as Margaret Beaufort in The White Princess

anonymous asked:

Do you like the costumes from The White Princess promo shots? At first, I was like "Oh, pretty" but on a closer look, and I'm no expert on 15th century fashion, I know that they are not historically acurate (also these photos are giving me Magnificent Century vibes, even though they are simmilar to The White Queen promo photos). But at least the costumes look high quality and I think they are very pretty. Do you agree?

Quality wise I found them much better than the ones in TWQ but like you said, even if I’m not expert on the fashion on this era I did some research and they seemed to take some liberties between different periods and their own creativity to cram it into those costumes we saw and they don’t seem very accurate but that’s to be expected.  

I should also be accustomed to the trope of leaving the women without headgear on “historical” dramas but nevertheless seeing Lizzie and the others with the heads uncovered didn’t fail to make me cringe a little. The only one with a head covering was Margaret Beaufort but to be honest I don’t even know what to say on that, they look like exaggerated french hoods and those weren’t even a trend during the 1480′s and even if they were Margaret would have worn the customary steeple hood, same as Lizzie.

What in the world is Margaret of Burgundy wearing??? I’m not even sure if that “winged skirt” (let’s call it that) was an actual thing. I’m also not sure how I feel about the cut on Lizzie’s dress even though the burger king crown from TWQ is gone so that’s a relief, this crown looks much better in my opinion. The low cut on the dresses worn by Cecily and her mother look a bit (but not quite) like a nod to the houppelande style that was worn especially during the latter part of the 15th century and it doesn’t look so bad, it would probably look even better with proper headgear, especially if they’re married women. Are the designers of these shows afraid of head wear?? 

Realistically, this is more or less what they would be wearing. After the 1480s tall headdresses were replaced by smaller ones that framed the face just like the steeple hood shown above, which was later developed into the more recognized ‘gable hood’ that had those lappets on either side of the face shortened. I think they missed a chance on this, they look rather cool.

The Star Trek audition is next door Meg.

I won’t even comment on Margaret’s headdress, I’ve already said it, but Henry here appears to be wearing some kind of furred coat of damask over a long leather doublet with a chain featuring tudor roses. Erm, not exactly accurate, Henry’s portraits mostly show him wearing sleeveless tunics and mantles in the houppeland style with adorned hats. I should bring up the headwear again because men also tended to have their heads covered with caps and hats but there’s no sign in the promos of them giving Henry any of these and it’s quite a shame.


However, that whole set looks pretty nice on him and once again the crown is miles better than the one in TWQ. Though, let’s be honest, that actor could be dressed up as a lemonade stand and still look beautiful af.

*Fancy plays in the background* 

On this last one I really like her gown, the only thing I’m not a fan of is that round black thing she has over her shoulders, I don’t even know what that is and it looks too modern. Henry’s matrix outfit also look a bit over the place but they’re both hot so that makes up for it lol

I think the quality is much better than that of the costumes in The White Queen and there’s a bit of more effort put into it, now the fandom can only hope that they don’t repeat the same outfits throughout the episodes like they did on TWQ. I only wish that designers were more keen on accuracy as I think way more beautiful results could come out of it.   


Practicing some character design.

Here’s my depiction of snow white.
I was reading the tales from the brothers Grimm and as I read snow white I realized that they said that she was only seven when she became more beautiful than the queen. Every depiction I’ve seen of snow white has made her older than seven and I wanted to try to make her more accurate to their telling of the story. I also had to study some 15th and 16th century German fashion for this!
A fun little task~

the Evil Queen