15th century fashion

From left: Rebecca Benson as Margaret Plantagenet, Suki Waterhouse as Cecily of York, Jodie Comer as Elizabeth of York, Joanne Whalley as the Duchess of Burgundy, Essie Davis as Dowager Queen Elizabeth and Michelle Fairley as Margaret Beaufort in The White Princess


4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No. 72:

Palazzo Ducale, Venice, Italy. It also also known as the Doge’s Palace. 

It is now run as a museum. 

A majority of the palace dates from the 15th century, although some areas are earlier. Almost every major Venetian painter is represented in the palace. 


Yes hello, I’ve been (slowly) working on a simple 15th Century Burgundian gown for the Renaissance Faire i’m going to in a few weeks, and here is my progress! the whole dress is made form 4 yards of green Jacquard trimmed in black velvet, and there’s a silver/gray Kirtle underneath.

I haven’t made the belt yet, the one in the picture is actually a blue vintage nylon hair scarf (probably shouldn’t be around my waist but oh well). Unfortunately the scarf doesn’t tie tight enough around my high waist, so it doesn’t fit 100% like the way it will when i have everything, but i’m still loving the whole thing so far:)


Practicing some character design.

Here’s my depiction of snow white.
I was reading the tales from the brothers Grimm and as I read snow white I realized that they said that she was only seven when she became more beautiful than the queen. Every depiction I’ve seen of snow white has made her older than seven and I wanted to try to make her more accurate to their telling of the story. I also had to study some 15th and 16th century German fashion for this!
A fun little task~

the Evil Queen