Twice, SNSD, EXO, BTS, f(x), Big Bang, AOA, Running Manand more! Feel free to message me for more details and/or pictures. I’m moving to Korea, so I really need the money! T.T

There are lots of items, including some that are not pictured, so please do CTRL+F to find what you’re looking for. Shipping is free for those in the US. I accept PayPal or Venmo. Prices may be negotiable, especially if you purchase multiple things. Lots of items have already been sold, so act fast!

Also, a small freebie can be included, but please message me to remind me and I’ll let you know what you can pick from :)



  • Signal official preorder cards (set of 10 with 9 individual pics and 1 group one) $10
  • Signal and TwiceCoaster:Lane1 large group photos $3.50 each
  • Signal and Cheer Up Chaeyoung photo cards $7 each
  • Signal Chaeyoung CD (CD only) $6
  • Chaeyoung Cheer Up holograph card $14 
  • TT era large sticker sheet $2.50 (2 available)
  • Cheer Up small group photo card $7 

{note: I have nothing against Chaeyoung or any of the members, I just have lots of duplicates and I use the profit from sales to buy more Twice albums~}


  • Dark & Wild Ver. B Group photo card and Jimin photo card $6 each
  • You Never Walk Alone official stand doll $4
  • Boy In Luv Era unfolded poster $5


  • various member postcards $2 each
  • logo tattoo $1
  • folded posters $1 each
  • EXO 3D printed bracelet $3

Girls’ Generation 

  • 2014 SMTOWN LIVE - Girls’ Generation Stationary Set (unopened: comes with mouse pad, notebook, 3 buttons) $15
  • SM Official Goods - “Yoona” Photo Card Mr. Mr. Version (unopened) $5
  • ‘Lion Heart’ Album & Seohyun photocard $12
  • ‘Original’ Lion Heart Poster $8
  • Kwon Yuri Socks – Genie Era $4
  • “Into the New World (Asia Tour)” Button & Post Card $4
  • Girls’ Generation Post Cards – pack of 30 with different pictures (OT9 is on there) $6
  • Ball Point Pens $7
  • ‘SNSD’, ‘SONE9′, ‘DJ Put it Back On’, ‘Tokyo Seoul London New York’ and ‘Jessica Jung’ 3D printed bracelets $3 each

       Soshified Goods – from KCON NYC/NJ in 2015:

  • SONE Party Tank Size Small (never worn) $15
  • SONE Beanie (never worn) $15
  • Soshified Vinyl decal pink (in cursive) $4
  • Soshified Vinyl decal white (in cursive) $4


  • ‘Pink Tape’ & Krystal photo card $15
  • official Pink Tape poster $8
  • Red Light special cards for Victoria and Sulli $1 each
  • ‘Jung Soojung’ 3D printed bracelet $3


  • AOA unfolded Heart Attack poster $7.50
  • AOA double-sided large folder $5
  • Running Man 7012 shirt size Asian small $13 
  • Running Man extra large sticker sheet $2
  • Wonder Girls ‘Wonder World’ (& photo cards) $15
  • 2NE1 ‘1st Mini’ Album $10
  • My Love From the Stars postcards $2 each
  • Kim Soohyun tattoo $1
  • 2AM “Saint o’clock (1st Special Limited Album, there’s a slight rip on the box) $15