Hey guys, Here with a new commission page. Don’t forget if you’re unsure if I’m willing to do something, just ask! 

Prices above and below are in CAD(Canadian Dollars) So be weary that paypal does charge additional fees. 

3 edits for $15
$3/ extra 

Bust/Waist Drawings
Sketches $15
Partial shade $20
Full shade $25

Fullbody $15
Other $10

Fullbody - $30 

Reference Pages
Clothing Refs $40
- 1 Naked ref
- 1 Clothed edit
+10$/ extra edit

Reference page - $50 
- 1 Full body ref
- 1 Bust drawing 
- 3 Detailed studies

Cheeb Refs - $40
- 1 Naked front+back full body cheeb
- 2 Clothed edits
- 4 Detail studies

External image

$4/ ea


Pixel Cheebs

Skype: Valeofrepose
Email: Kobixxa@hotmail.com

Fanmail and Ask is also available! 

Paypal only My paypal is Kobixxa@hotmail.com ( PLEASE PAY WHEN I SAY TO) And please chose the sending money to a friend/family choice. 

I have no internet access so I’ve been using my phone for internet, however that gets stupid expensive and it’s only been the first week of this month and it’s already at a sickening price. I’m looking for financial help, but even that won’t cover my phone bill. I need help getting enough money any right now all I have is $155 roughly in cash, and with my pill being so high, means my plans of getting a single game is down the drain. 

If you can’t afford a commission, please reblog, and donations are appreciated greatly.