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Hi! I'm a nb transboy, and I just had a workout question. At the moment I have no desire to go on T, but I still wanna have a more muscley man body. I saw some of ur pre-t photos, and you already looked really muscley. Did you have a general routine or did u just do it a lot? I'm joining a gym soon and I really wanna work out correctly

Feb ‘15

May ‘15 (before I started T)

Aug ‘15 (2.5 months on T)

Nov ‘15 (5.5 months on T)

Nov ‘16 (1 year 5 months on T)

And you just have to stay consistent! 3-5 days a week for about an hour. And have a decent diet! I don’t eat enough protein tbh but I dont eat junk food/fast food/sugar-y foods. And i drink a lot of water and no soda/caffeine and I dont drink or smoke sooo lol im generally healthy.


- Detailed clothing may lead to altering the price. If you are not prepared to have an open mind about additional cost, do not ask for complicated clothing, insane costumes and detailed delicates. (Seriously, I’m not a lace person)

- Plain coloured backgrounds are free. Simple Backgrounds will be +%50 of the original price. Detailed backgrounds are +75% of the original price.

- Props are +25% of the original price. This includes large props like thrones/ decorative bed heads / cars etc… Small props are free, including things that can fit in one hand, or a simple book. If you are unsure, just ask, and I’ll give you a heads up. 

- Animals!!!! I love animals and welcome the challenge. Though I am not an artist who focuses on them. I would rather reference photos of animals to deliver the highest quality that I can. Rather than wing it and give you renaissance cats with depressed human faces.
Animals are +50% of the original price.
I will bleed to deliver to you the perfect animal companion.


Any an all references are welcome. I cannot stand going off merely a written description then hearing I got it wrong. If you want perfection, give me references. Otherwise, enjoy what I interpret from what you can write.

Be EXTREMELY specific about what you want. I love having an input and sharing my opinions, but you as the client don’t need to bow to my whim!!!
If you don’t like how I’m going with something, let me know. I like to communicate while working.
AGAIN! BE SPECIFIC!!!! ABOUT THE IMAGE YOU WANT! Not your character. While I love original characters of all types, I do not need to know their life story. This rule is not applied to friends because I either already know and love their oc, or I’m going to get very familiar with said oc anyhow and they are my neice/nephew etc.
That being said, I wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and ask them to tell me everything about their children.
But if I require a perspective to take on something, I will ask. If a character is looking at a book sadly, I might need to know why they’re sad? What is it about this object that makes them sad.
(It’s their dead lover’s journal! or They’re allergic to the dust on it!)
NOT (IT makes them sad because this one day at band camp…. so anyway yeah, hahaa, long story short, Monkey Lips the Magician was never heard from again).

If your commission costs more than you were expecting due to a build up of characters/costumes/props/background etc….
I will happily work in accordance to a payment plan. Splitting into up to three payments. :)

I like to have the drawing complete before payment! It’s digital, so I do not waste supplies.
However I use time.
So if I complete this work and do not receive payment within a month of completion, I will post a watermarked version, and let the public know who you are and that you didn’t pay. People who don’t pay mightn’t care, but I work hard on my art and want to share with others.

Talk to me. I don’t need to know more than that you are struggling. I can hold off from posting if you know when you’ll be able to pay.
And if it is long term financial stuggles, I will happily do a long term payment plan and discuss such amounts in accord to your struggles. 

DO NOT commission me if you are already in hard times. Your wallet can’t deal with it. Save, or take the time to help yourself first. 
But again, if you are already struggling, but want a commission, I will work a three part payment plan for you in private messaging. :) 

Any questions can be asked inbox. Do’s and Don’ts are all over the place for me. So just ask. And I will answer ASAP. 


May is all planned out, it’s so full on and quite intense but I’m feeling okay and in control. On the 6th of June my exams will be officially over ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ so I can focus on more important things like… watching game of thrones and crying about Merlin. Wish me luck!

OK, update schedule.

April 29: Chapter 43 pages 11, 12, and 13
May 6: Chapter 43 pages 14 and 15
May 13: Chapter 44 (end)

I was gonna hold off till May 20, but the book will be done and in transit to Austin by the 13th (if not already there), so it will be for sale on that date as well.

Fair warning: orders placed May 13-June 3 may take up to a month to leave Austin, since it’s just me and my husband taking care of shipping.

Again, the site will probably slow to a crawl on update days– unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about it. Please bear with me.

Full Moon Calendar 2014

January 15
Febuary 14
March 16
April 15
May 14
June 13
July 12
August 10
September 8
October 8
November 6
December 6

Things you can do on a full moon:

- Divination

Bake some vegetarian esbat cakes (to eat, use in ritual, or as an offering)

- Set your tools/crystals/water for ritual/whatever to charge under the moonlight.

- Anything creative like craft projects, art, etc.

- Spells/rituals that bring things to you, such as money and prosperity spells.

- Say a prayer or write a poem that is Goddess oriented.

- Leave a small offering outside as a thank you for all that you have in your life.