hey!!! i reached 15k and i told u guys when i reached 15k i’d do a giveaway so here we go!!! i picked some of my favorite things to give to you guys! 


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The Time Dean was Sam’s Girlfriend and Jess Entered the Winchester Family Business

Author: fleshflutter

Pairing: Dean/Sam, Sam/Jessica

Rating: pg-13

Words: 11,041

Summary: Birthday wishes are special things. They’re a form of magic generally dismissed even by the most open-minded of people. Those same people that regularly check their horoscope – or in some cases, hunt the unquiet dead – will laugh off the suggestion that a wish made on the anniversary of one’s entry to the world has any power beyond that of a wish made any other day of the year.

So when Dean pauses in the middle of a solo hunt on his twenty-fourth birthday, glances up at the moon and wishes he were with Sam right now, he doesn’t expect it to do any good. Same goes with Jess, who at the exact same moment Dean’s looking at the moon, is blowing out the candles on her cake and wishing her life would get a little less regular and a little more exciting.

But, as was mentioned earlier, birthday wishes are special things.

4 stars


all of these are hatchies that i sniped at 10k and put back up for 15k ;)

thank you light and plague for this incredible battle! it was SO much fucking fun to watch, omg.

I just wanna say thank you guys for helping me hit 15K followers and also sorry for my absence. I’ve spent the last 14 hours watching Gerard Way’s charity live stream and right now they’re playing D&D and I’m planning on sticking this out to the end. I will be exhausted today. But I still love you all. Thank you so much, and if you wanna raise some money for charity and/or watch the stream with me you can join here

Book Authors Needed to Write on Self-Help Business and Law Subjects

Self-Counsel Press (est. 1971), a publisher of self-help business and law books, wants to hear from authors who can write on these subjects:

  • Books for the imprint’s Start & Run series
  • Personal and small business tax issues
  • Personal finance
  • Legal/business nonfiction subjects that would interest Baby Boomers
  • Short books on a single business or legal topic, ranging from 10K to 15K words.

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…30 more followers and I hit my 15k mark…. Fucking hell I’m gonna cry, I never thought in a million years I’d get so many…


message me and if you’re able to do it, I’ll either queue 200 from you or promo you!!

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Weekly Writing Update 2/13/16

Leaves of Grass

Goal: 0

Accomplished: 0k

Next Chapter Status: 4.05k/10k

Making Arrangements

Goal: 1k

Accomplished: 1.5k

Next Chapter Status:6k/20k

By Any Other Name

Goal: 0/15k


Next Chapter Status: 0/15k

So, the inspiration for MA has come back, and I’ve decided this will be the last chapter. There will be a brief epilogue, and maybe a scrapbook story for pieces that didn’t make the main story, but it’s got to end. I’m working to wrap it up while the inspiration is still strong, but I wouldn’t look for a posting until mid March.

  • George Lucas:if you make gay stuff about my characters I'll sue you
  • *3 decades later*
  • George Lucas:*sells Star Wars*
  • Oscar Isaac:Poe is in love with Finn
  • Carrie Fisher:Obi-Wan Kenobi is bisexual
  • Mark Hamill:Luke's sexuality is never addressed in the movies, also he could be trans and even if he isn't he supports trans people because all Jedi do