Repeat after me...

The colour of the horse does not determine how much talent they can have…

You don’t need a 17hh warmblood to have a good jumper

Yes a 14/15hh horse can actually turn out to be a good eventing/show horse despite their size.

Quarter horse can excel in English careers, just as a Througbred can actually make great western horses

to all of those people that have a specific outline for when they horse shop or a general dream horse

when I was younger I was all about Arabians and mustangs that were black, grey/white, dun, buckskin. I wasn’t into generic colours. I wasn’t about Thoroughbreds


guess which horse was one of the most influential horse in my life

a bay OTTB gelding

fast forward a few years

not into quarter horses etc, not into palominos, generic colours, paints, all about them buckskins, duns, blacks, greys/whites, 

guess what

another v important horse is a palomino appendix mare named lucky and now i love all palominos

fast forward to these last few months

casually on the horse search, wants a palomino that is 16+hh, maybe go for something shorter, like a haffie, something fairly trained under saddle

ha ha

ha ha ha ha

I now have a 14-15hh something bay paint mustang that has 4 rides on her and I couldn’t be happier. 

This just goes to show that you should never pass up a horse because they aren’t what you are looking for whether it be because of color, breed, or gender.

The perfect horse is there, you just have to give them a chance.


Josie’s Treasured Legacy. Son of late mare Treasured and late stud Texas Hero.

He’s a sweetie he’s at the barn, he’s only 15hh. But oh he’s a pretty boy