Time-lapse: Chicago, 15fps. View from Hotel Monaco, overlooking the Chicago River.

The tools: Tripod-mounted Nikon D90 with Satechi TR-M remote, Tokina 12-24mm lens.


Gorp finds a friend. A test at 15fps from today.


DAY 103 - 13-04-2013

Filming in 15 frames per second on miniature mode. 


Agne plays Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Hello guys! Today is a special day because I will teach you how to train your AI teammates. This is a step by step guide… Okay, who am I kidding. It’s not a guide. I know, I know, disappointing. However, this is a special occasion for you to see how bad I am at FPS when I use 360 controller + frame rate 15fps. 

This obviously cannot end well for me. I was dumb and didn’t even think to change game settings on low, because the game is old and it already looks low. That’s some weird logic, huh?

In any case, I think, this is one of the funniest videos I’ve made, so I hope you’ll get a good laugh from it. Also, let me know if you’d like to see me play anything else.

For older gameplays, remember to visit my ‘Agne Plays’ page.

Thank you and enjoy!

Collision and animations are looking good right now. Here’s a gif of where I’m at. It took me all day to figure out what the hell I was doing wrong with interrupting walking into walls.

Anyway, I also overhauled the movement and controls I’d put in yesterday because I realized exactly how the real games handled it.

You can see travelling through areas right in this, which is nice, and you can also see that I haven’t programmed in collision for cliffs yet. :x

I had to keep the gif at 15FPS to make sure it was under 2MB while not looking being mangled by compression, but the game does in fact run at 60FPS, just like a real Gameboy game.

That’s pretty much it for now. Make sure to check the Live Updates page on my blog for live updates of what I’ve done or am doing. Bye!

I am getting really tired of seeing Internet comments where ppl say “I am hoping for a Vita release of Disgaea 5″ or “I am going to wait for the PS Vita version of Disgaea 5, instead” to a point where I think they are just trolling for shits and giggles.

I am not saying it’s impossible to make a Vita port of D5, but a PS Vita port of D5 will be significantly more inferior than its PS4 counterpart. Also, NIS is not always the best at optimizing games.

The framerate on a D5 Vita Port would be horrendous to a point where it’s unplayable (like 15FPS or lower). If some of you played the Vita port for D4, you may have noticed the frame rate dropping in the item world. If you have ever tried playing a game at 15FPS or lower, you know it’s frustrating and it drives you nuts. I did once, and I hated it.

Given the facts that the PS4 has 8GB of RAM, the PS3 has 256MB of RAM + 256MB of Video RAM and the PS Vita has 512MB of RAM, it’s likely that D5 would be using at least 1GB of RAM.

Look at how far we’ve come! It’s not really that much but it’s exciting to me. Here you can see animations for running, biking, and cliff jumping in action! Cliff jumping still needs the offset for the sprite, the shadow, and the dust particles when you land, but the movement and animation frames are all in place!

This gif is a bit lower quality that the last one, even though it’s still at 15FPS, but it gets the point across. Anyway, that’s it for now.

Make sure to follow if you’re interested in this project. If you want to know what’s being done every day follow my daily updates page.

Edit: It isn’t shown, but you can no longer phase through the cliffs going upwards.

kalashnikool replied to your post: Goodness Deus Ex is a gorgeous game.

Which one? Human Revolution was too advanced for me and I can run it at a laggy-mouse-and-keyboard-response 15fps. I also got the original, old one but I suck at it hahaha

HR, yes, and the upcoming title. What I’ve enjoyed much about them is the eyecandy that is the environment, characters, and all the little details. I don’t typically care as much about how a game or characters look as I do the gameplay, but it’s one of the only titles that I catch myself stopping to look around, not for anything in particular but just to appreciate the work put into it.

Pluralsight - Practical TypeScript Migration (2015)

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Pluralsight - Practical TypeScript Migration (2015)

Pluralsight – Practical TypeScript Migration (2015) MP4 | AVC 316kbps | English | 1024×768 | 15fps | 2h 21mins | AAC stereo 119kbps | 463 MB Genre: Video Training

This course teaches practical techniques for migrating existing projects from JavaScript to TypeScript. In Practical TypeScript Migration, Steve Ognibene converts a web application that uses popular libraries like jQuery and Knockout to TypeScript. The example app is entirely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so this course is equally applicable to users of any server-side framework. Steve recommends migration techniques that work well, and highlights some things to avoid. He also makes sure to cover related subjects like source control and preparing your team. Once the application is converted over, Steve demonstrates the code refactoring capabilities that TypeScript enables, and then assembles a TypeScript build script using Grunt and other Node.js tools. After watching this course, you will be well prepared to migrate your existing JavaScript code to TypeScript.

TypeScript Introduction


The First Conversion

A Tour of CoinCounter

CoinCounter’s Design

Choosing a Conversion Candidate

The First Extract and Conversion

Visual Studio TypeScript Build Properties

Preparing Your Team for TypeScript

Converting GameClock

Using Our Converted GameClock

TypeScript Migration Toolbox and Workflow

Reimplementing Coins as a Class

Migrating CoinCounterViewModel as a Function

Converting CoinCounterViewModel to a Class

Lambdas and How ‘this’ Works in TypeScript

Completing the Migration and Internal Modules

TypeScript Internal Modules vs. External Modules

Separating Coin and ViewModel Concerns

Extracting a Class from CoinCounterViewModel

TypeScript Build and Test Pipeline

Building TypeScript with Grunt and Node.js

Bundling and Minification with Grunt

Automating Unit Tests, TSD, and grunt-ts Visual Studio Support

Repeatable Builds on a Team


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