hi so i am a wee baby college freshman this year and i need $$ for books and stuff so im doing commissions yay

above are examples of digital work i’ve done!


sketch: $5 (example is bottom right)

colored sketch: $7 (example is bottom left)

lineart: $9

lineart + flat color: $10

finished bust: $13 (examples are the top 2)

finished waist-up: $15

finished full body: $18

if u want an option i didn’t list just ask!

i’ll also do traditional stuff if anyone wants that and i’m totally open to style/color experimentation

(examples of traditional stuff i’ve done)

things i will not do:


-anything involving vomit

-extreme gore

-pedophilia and incest


and maybe other stuff i can’t think of rn


Finished and handed in an essay, but still have that massive to do list that’s on my screen..!! But for now I’m quickly memorising Korean scripts for a mock oral test. So tempted to skip it but… even if I flop I’ll know what to expect for the real thing.. right? >_<

‘Ello, TimeSkye here! I am finally able to do commissions, so as a result, I’m opening them up! Here’s the basic setup:

  • Bust sketches - $3
  • Sketches waist below - $5
  • Colored sketches - $10
  • Flat Colors - $13
  • Pixel Art - $15
  • Finished Artwork - $18
  • Lineless Art - $20
  • Glitched gifs - Varies from $15 to $20
  • Pixel animations - Varies from $18 to $25

Details and examples are on this page! That page also has a link to q&a and the rules! I would love if you guys could spread this post around to help me with getting money! I appreciate all of your support from all of these years, so don’t stop now! And I look forward to doing business with you all!!

(I will still be doing requests, but as I stated before, they will only happen when I’m in the mood for them.)