Awaken from slumber, I turned to the ceiling as the sun began to kiss my skin. Tickling my nose, warming my lips, she blew her breath of happiness into my lungs. Encouraging my plans, giving me strength for the day. The stillness of it increased my heartbeat. The quiet of the morning brought peace, as birds chimed in to sing their praises for the new day. We locked eyes, and she told me to rest in her pocket and not be afraid. So i took heed and allowed her rays to emuslify my soul. Title: Sun-kised, VaughnySweet 4.17.13 #nationalpoetrymonth #15daypoetrychallenge

You make me wanna sing. Late nights and early mornings with you just don’t seem enough. I see you in my dreams. I long for you touch. Your tongue my clavicle sends me chills. Lips contouring my silhouette. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, are not enough. I need centuries with you. Centuries with our bodies intertwined. Sexual pleasures neverending. Ecstasy unimaginable. Your kisses satisfy my hungry and quench my thirst. I’m memorized by your being. Easy to submit. My soul longs to be with you. The passion between my thighs calls for your body. A constant rush. This is what it feels like. Spirits become one and energies merge. Sweet and sticky. You give me life, and within your essence is where I dwell. Title: Embrace - VaughnySweet 4.18.13 #nationalpoetrymonth #15daypoetrychallenge

#nationalpoetrymonth #15daypoetrychallenge: His aura was Earth and mine Fire. But I look at him and wonder if he could be my Air. So strong it scares me. Coulda, woulda, shoulda’s cross my mind. Questions of happiness flood my thoughts. Got me feeling like a sexy love song. Different from just a “love” song. His presence enters my room. Mist full of Nag Champa. His eyes force me to connect with his. It’s been so long. I inhale hose Earth as I take it all in. Breathy. Choppy. Whirlpool of emotions. I laugh. Drop a tear. Smirk…just a little. He doesnt know what it means. Asking me to explain i respond with my tongue. Our organs create nonverbal conversations. He doesn’t know but for HIM i’d give the world. A definition of souls meeting. The path seems clear but it is real? Is it for me? Doesn’t matter, cause with HIM the air he breathes is enough oxygen to supply my needs. - HIM by VaughySweet 4.16.13