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Cap-IM TRB Final Round-up!

Well, it’s been a great first year for this event! Many thanks to all of the artists and authors who participated, it was wonderful to see all the fic and art come together. 

angelinoshi and imaginaryelle would like to give a special shout-out to AnonEHouse, charleybradburies and captainneverever who wrote for every single round! What a commitment! Congratulations you three, and thank you for sharing your writing with us!

Without further ado, here’s the art and fics!
(badge art by angelinoshi - except for MARVEL which is by imaginaryelle )

Assemble   6/28 – 7/5

ART: Like Nothing You’ve Ever Gone After Before by woad


Steve Rogers & the Iron Man Statue  by wisia

Indiana Rogers and the Stony Temple  by AnonEhouse

The Golden One by angelinoshi

Serendipity by laireshi

Right Out of Marvels by navaan

Brooklyn Steve Rogers and the Golden Idol (AO3) by captainneverever

The Starring Role by charleybradburies

Something made it inevitable by a_sparrows_fall

Breakout  7/4 – 7/11 

ART: Deeper Scars by onebilliondelights/onebilliondollarman


Aftershock by Woad

The Beam in His Eye by AnonEhouse

Before We Were Legends by Winterstar

Revelations (AO3) by captainneverever

Don’t See How This is a Party by charleybradburies

Untitled by angelinoshi

Hidden by hanyou_elf

I’m a Villain by wisia

Classic  7/11 - 7/18

ART: Run baby, run by ssyn3


Tiny Bang #3 by laireshi

Tony’s Honor by outercorner

Haven’t Got Three Legs to Stand On, And One of them is Hollow by AnonEhouse

After the Thrill is Gone by charleybradburies

The Three-Legged Race (AO3) by captainneverever

Competitive Edge by stucky-mcu

Closer to You by angelinoshi

End Sequence (AO3) by wisiaden

I swear we had four legs when we started this by dapperanachronism

Disassemble  7/18 – 7/25

ART: What happens in workshop, stays in workshop by marmarris


Untitled by laireshi

Unreactive Eyes (AO3) by wisiaden

Necessary Modifications (tumblr) by hanyou_elf / stucky-mcu

In the Workshop (AO3) by captainneverever

Not-So-Extraneous Features by charleybradburies

Fluidity of Form by angelinoshi

On the Bleeding Edge by AnonEhouse

Earth  7/25 – 8/1

ART: 51 Hours by JY (Nim-lock)


Untitled by laireshi

Duty Calls by navaan

What Steve found in Tony’s Workshop (AO3) by captainneverever

Sketchy by AnonEhouse

Remind Him by wisiaden

Through the Woods and Across the Veil by angelinoshi

Not Your Father’s Slippery Slope (tumblr) by blankspaceslayerbabe / charleybradburies

Tricks (tumblr) by stucky-mcu / hanyou_elf

Flying  8/1 – 8/8

ART: treasure by ssyn3


Untitled by laireshi

Now It’s Our Problem by littlethingofevil (chibimono)

Much Ado About Paper by Woad

Practicing Your Autograph by wisiaden

High Flying by AnonEhouse

Tony Finds a List (AO3) by captainneverever

Free Flyin’ by charleybradburies

Golden  8/8 – 8/15

ART: “I’m going to punch you in your stupid patriotic face.” by a_sparrows_fall


Golden Gloves by AnonEhouse

Flabby (AO3) by wisiaden

In the Gym (AO3)by captainneverever

Incentive (AO3) by Teyke

Come on, love me, love me by angelinoshi

Captain Handsome by laireshi

Workout by navaan

Every Man Has His Castle (AO3) by blankspaceslayerbabe / charleybradburies

Just A Day In The Life (AO3) by imaginaryelle / runningondreams

Encouragement by stucky-mcu

Heroic  8/15 - 8/22

ART by fictionforlife/ireallyshouldbedrawing


A Beginning (AO3) by captainneverever

What Lasts by AnonEhouse

King of All He Surveys by littlethingofevil (chibimono)

Darling Stay With Me by angelinoshi

Future (AO3) by Teyke

The Cookie Cake is Not a Lie by charleybradburies

View by stucky-mcu

Cover Artist by navaan

Entertain Him by wisiaden

Invincible  8/22 – 8/29

ART: Imperfections by ssyn3


Blind Date by AnonEhouse

Untitled by laireshi

Boundaries by navaan

Island Dreams (AO3) by captainnevernever

Dinner Date by charleybradburies

Aparecium by runningondreams

The Dowry Chest by wisiaden

Justice  8/29 - 9/5

ART: Slipping Out to Play by Selofain


On A Pedestal by AnonEhouse

Date Night Interrupted (AO3) by captainneverever

Methods of Learning (AO3) by blankspaceslayerbabe /charleybradburies

Like real life, only smaller by imaginaryelle

I have a dream, I hope will come true by angelinoshi

Natasha’s Toys (AO3) by wisiaden

Kree  9/5 - 9/12

ART: Vigilante by imaginaryelle


Keep You Safe by laireshi

Supervillain Crush (AO3) by captainneverever

Missing Bits by MassiveSpaceWren

Alley Allies by AnonEhouse

So-Called Chaos by charleybradburies

The Mirror Tells no Truths by angelinoshi

Liberty  9/12 – 9/19

ART: toys by ssyn3 


Tony’s Night Out (AO3)by captainneverever

Exercising Your Options by AnonEhouse

Talking Body by charleybradburies

I Was Made For You by angelinoshi

Marvel  9/19 – 9/26

ART: A Friend like Me by angelinoshi


Consensual Grape by AnonEhouse

InGeniOus by AnonEhouse

In Another Life by charleybradburies

Genius in a Bottle by captainneverever

Careful What You Wish For by laireshi

Art Commissions!

Hey friends! I’ve finally decided that after all this time, I want to try to do some actual art commissions!

I am only opening up two slots at a time at the moment just to see how I like it! Below are some examples of my work and the prices they will go for:


Sketches will come with rough lines and either a simple monochromatic colorscheme or rough, basic flat colors and either a blank,solid-colored or color gradient background. I don’t care whether it’s a bust or a full-body or what but depending on size and complexity of the subject the price may change- this applies to all further categories! 

Clean lineart and simple colors

Art with clean lineart and optional flat colors / simple shading and a blank, solid-color or gradient color background:

Detailed lineart and coloring with simple backgrounds
$30, or $35 for lineless art!

Art with detailed lineart, detailed colors and shading (posting individual images for better quality):

OF COURSE I am open to discussing things and prices and stuff with people! Never be shy to ask to work something out on your budget! <3 <3 <3

As for topics and subjects I am up for most anything! My strongest subjects are fantasy / sci fi humanoid characters and I am cool with including blood, tasteful nudity, violence and other “mature” themes all within reason. I will NOT draw anything featuring non-consensual sex acts or extremely explicit or demeaning material. 

My contact information is Semmerik910@gmail.com