Some years ago I built a superfly self-split PP subminiature tube amplifier (last pictures). Since then I wanted to make an improved version, with more gain, to play at home at night.

 I changed the circuit to SE, which helped with the extra triode stage, and further reduced the output volume (it’s still to loud to play at maxed volume, as you can see I play it at 9 o’clock). The transformer is a fender reverb transformer, or as the hammond version is called, a 1750a.

Another problem was that the tubes were not properly protected, so I added the metal grill.

The similarities with another lil buddy made me use a similar faceplate style, the painted letters were really bad. This is how the Nightingale born! It uses the same MAX1771 SMPS as my other amps, but in a tiny board.

Chills & Shivers (Requested)

Bucky Barnes x Reader


Request: “Fic request! A Bucky x Reader fic around/with this quote by JM Storm: ‘Flowers are ok, but she’d rather you pin her against the wall in the dark and personally deliver a bouquet of chills and shivers.’” - @lovelyladylilac

Word Count: 1590

A/N: I woke up on Friday feeling like I got hit by a train- head cold, fever, aches, the works. I spent the entire day in bed feeling absolutely awful, and as badly as I wanted to use the down time to right, I was too cloudy and sniffly to be inspired or to focus on any of the prompts and requests I’ve been working on. Then Lily shows up in my ask box with this gem of a request and it did the trick. I tried to finish it and have it up last night but my eyes got too puffy at one point to see, so I woke up early and finished it up this morning. Hope Lily and you all enjoy, and hope I get better soon so I can get back to finishing everything else! Love you all!

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Title: Engagement Spies (Reader x love of your life Pietro)

Summary: Pietro is worried sick about making sure his proposal of marriage will be perfect, from your favorite dinner to the best wine he could find. He has no idea that practically all of the Avengers are spying on him, though.

Word count: 1590

A/N: I may have cried a lil bit while writing this I love it so much. ROMANTIC PIETRO IS MY AESTHETIC. Okay, I hope you enjoy my loves!! 

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