Black Lion Moment: Lance

So, when Team Voltron is talking about who will pilot the black lion Coran brings up how Keith has piloted the black lion before and Lance says: 

And then goes on to say:

But then when Keith retorts and it slips out that Shiro wanted him to pilot the black lion; Lance’s reaction is this: 

He is just utterly crushed because he wanted to lead Voltron and show himself. But he quickly re groups himself and goes with: 

Once they decide to all go into the black lion we see them all try to summon it’s ablties and they are all a bit humeroues, but then we have Lance’s: 

You can tell he really wants this and he is very concentrated (so concentrated that I think time gets away from him: )

When, Lance doesn’t activate the Black Lion; he gets upset: 

Then, when he sees that the lion picked Keith to be its pilot: 

He’s pretty devastated because he wanted it so bad and he feels like he’s missed his chance to show himself to the team (and the universe). But then, Keith says he won’t be the black paladin: 

Lance is shocked: 

While he said all that stuff about not wanting to be lead by Keith he didn’t think that Keith wouldn’t actually accept the leadership role. Even though Lance is hurting right now he knows Keith needs support right now too, so he gives him that: 

This is such a grown up move for Lance to make, and it shows so much how he’s grown up; it gives us even more insight into what an even more beautiful character lance is growing to be. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think the boys would have tattoos? I've seen artwork with Butters having sunflower tattoos and Kenny having a back piece...what do you think would suit each one of the main boys?

Yeah I’ve seen the beautiful Butters with sunflowers! It’s by @kanoii-chi @aegisdea @kafkaeskin​ if I’m not wrong. 
Now, you come into my inbox with something this tempting? In all honesty.. I don’t think they would except for maybe Stan and Kenny imo. Then again I always feel like Kenny wouldn’t get to keep his tattoos for very long bc of his deaths so he wouldn’t bother. Either that or he’ll cherish them so much he adds another one for every year he doesn’t die haha. Rough thoughts: 
Cartman - I struggled not to make it a joke or anything anti-semitic for his. So the best thing is one with Mr.Kitty
Kenny - Pair of wings that he can’t fly with. He’s basically stuck in this realm forever *casual shrug* :3c 
Kyle - Birds of Paradise symbolising Freedom, Magnificence and Joy 
Stan - Sound Wave of his favourite lyric/quote. 

Ok, so, Fred ‘n’ Shag went to investigate the mysterious attic noise...

…when suddenly, oh noes! Look!

…wait, never mind, guys, it’s just really low-effort Ghost Lumberjack cosplay. False alarm.

*show cuts back to Shaggy and Fred*

Shaggy: “Wh- wh- what is it?”

Fred: “I don’t know!”

*show cuts back*

*guy slowly blinks at them like he can’t begin to fathom what Fred just said*

“…seriously, you two? You legitimately can’t figure out what I am?”

“I’m a guy in blue pants with a sheet over his head. What part of this visual is confusing you, exactly?


I have personally never believed in the concept of restrictive eating when it comes to weight/fat loss. I always believed and suggested to people to eat BETTER instead of less. See this above is speaking the truth… When I hear people saying that they don’t eat because they’re trying to lose fat it makes me laugh (deep inside) because not eating actually slows down the metabolism, so when people start eating restrictively they are actually sabotaging their fat loss efforts; slow metabolism = NO weight loss! The body thinks it’s starving, so it will go on the “survival” mode which means it will literally slow down its calorie-burning capacity in order to “survive”. 

In other words, by not eating the body will sense that it is in “trouble”, so it will try to conserve the little amount of energy it has left as much as possible, which will result in a slower metabolism! Fat is emergency storage for your body. Your body will burn muscle first if you get on low calorie diets, so the body is going to use muscles as fuel, yes muscles, so not only the metabolism will slow down, but the body will also lose some precious muscles.

So… Moral of the story, you don’t have to eat less - you just have to eat BETTER!! In the above picture you can clearly see the sticking difference between 1575 calories of “junk” foods and healthy foods. Remember this, when you’re eating right you don’t have to constantly worry about counting calories

This... this is the best frame of Scooby I’ve seen in ages.

Everything about it is simply glorious.

The unnatural posture! The vaguely-alien shape!

The best-drawn face with the hollowest expression of all time!

It’s like he simultaneously realized he left the stove on, and that he’s an evil shapeshifter trying to impersonate a dog.

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Do you have any tutorials on how you make your portrait paintings glow?

Hey anon! I don’t have any tutorials but it’s an easy trick. 

(Mind you that I use Photoshop and start in greyscale, I’m not sure how this would translate in other painting programs)

1 - After having my base lightning done, I make a different layer and set it in Overlay mode

2 - Click the Soft Brush. I usually make it a little bit bigger than subject I want to ‘’enhance’’ (if it’s a portrait, like you said, I make it go a little bit off the edge of the head) and put its opacity bellow 20% (or else the light would be crazy saturated)

3- Lightly tap/move the brush where I want the glow to be. This process is very intuitive and since it’s on a different layer I often erase some parts, change layer opacity, do whatever makes me get the result I want.

That’s pretty much it. Experiment with it c: Also, the effect is much more pronounced if you have a dark background.

Ok, so, the gang is currently falling into a mystery well.

As opposed to falling into a mystery poorly.

They land…

…Shaggy and his suddenly-bulbous stomach freak out…

…and in the wide shot, his hand disappears as the Totally-Not-A-Secret-Door appears.

Velma: “Stand up… the water’s only knee deep.”

Sure, Velma. Whatever you say.