155mm howitzer


Mk F3 155mm

SPG system based off of the AMX-13, mounting a 155mm howitzer. The F3 was developed in the early 1950s to replace their M41s. The Mk F3 is the smallest and lightest 155 mm motorized gun carriage ever produced, and because of its size and low cost it has found considerable success on the export market.

Constructed on a modified AMX-13 light tank chassis, the Mk F3 is novel (or problematic) in incorporating room inside for only two of the eight required crewmen (the others riding in support vehicles). This allows the 155 mm gun to be placed on a smaller chassis than that employed by other armies, but exposes the outside crew members to arms fire.


Some of my favorite Afghanistan pictures. These were all at various locations in the region around the pakistan border in 2006. Some were taken by me and some were taken by others.Some were taken in combat, some weren’t Its crazy to see these old pics and compare them, seeing the progression of the fortifications being done and to remember how it was early on in each location, as well as being reminded of how it was towards the end of the 16 months I spent in that part of Afghanistan. From flying in various helicopters and riding in various vehicles to walking on foot patrolling the mountains. From sitting in comfy buildings and tents to sitting on guard watching some hillside. From being awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of field artillery or mortars going off while supporting a TIC to being on the other end and hearing CAS fly over or the RAP rounds from the 155MM Howitzers overhead. Hearing Apaches or A-10s coming in to support… Seeing the JDAMs and other ordnance make impact. Feeling the concussion from an ungodly distance away, knowing the motherfuckers in that area or compound, or hillside wont be shooting at you or anyone else any time soon. Seeing flames in the night from the hillside you and your fellow Americans just set on fire with overwhelming fire power to repel an enemy attack. Hearing the sounds of soldiers deploying claymores while defending the concertina wire that separates them from death by enemy hiding in the bushes. And then seeing pictures of that same area built up and remembering how the HESCO barriers made it relatively safe. Remembering how the concussion felt from the mortar rounds you hung while reacting to fire from the mountainside just across the valley. Going from hearing bullets bust on rocks and whip past to remembering the sound of an RPG or IED taking out a vehicle or detonating nearby. Then seeing all the friends I made along the way and seeing all the memories they captured of me and held on to through the years. Brothers in arms for life.


The South Korean Samsung Techwin K10 Ammunition Resupply Vehicle, made for and to work in tandem with the K9 Thunder 155mm self-propelled howitzer. 

This vehicle is build on the same chassis as the K9, preserving K9’s mobility, and can follow the main artillery battery without lagging behind. The ammunition transfer is fully automatic, where the vehicle is capable of transferring 12 rounds per minute even on combat conditions. 


1 February 2016 in the only remaining artillery units of the Swedish army - stationed in Boden in Northern Sweden the 9th artillery regiment (Artilleriregementet A 9) - the ceremony of commissioning into the combat regiment of the first four serial batteries of 155mm/52 self-propelled howitzer Archer mounted on a wheeled chassis.