Question Game tagged by Saltes


rule 2) Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 10 new ones.

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rule 4) Let them know you’ve tagged them.

  1. One super power you want the most? Flying, like really really fast and high up.
  2. What would you do with that super power? Travel to wherever I’ve always wanted to go.
  3. If you were invited to act in a movie, what would it be? Any Classic Disney movie! Like Mulan or sth hahaha
  4. Describe yourself with one word Lazy
  5. What is your standard for a boyfriend/girlfriend? my bf is the first person who can make me laugh every second :)
  6. You found a bag of money on the street, how much do you wish was in it? Just enough to buy a house with a huge back yard plus like 50 dogs
  7. One thing you can’t live without? Fries! oh and Cheese!
  8. If you were asked on a date, what would you wear? Black jeans. Black Singlet. Black Jacket :p
  9. One website and app you go on the most? if not tumblr then… Netflix lol
  10. Describe your clothing style All-black, some white & denim every now and then haha

Questions for you:

  1. What’s your favourite movie of 2015?
  2. Who’s you favourite character in a movie/book? why?
  3. What’s your major (or planning to major) in university?
  4. City you’ve never been to but always wanted to go?
  5. Last TV drama you watched?
  6. Describe your best friend.
  7. What’s the first thing you’d buy (if you don’t have to worry about money)?
  8. One trait your boyfriend/girlfriend must have.
  9. Who’s your style icon?
  10. If you can learn one spell what would it be?

p.s I’m just gonna randomly tag mutuals who recently reblog my stuff :)