Volt × Mag

Volt is my favorite male warframe (with Saryn being my fav ‘frame in general) while Mag is my boyfriends favorite female warframe. So I drew them being all cute n cuddly together. ( ˘ ³ ˘ )

I’ve tagged all my Warframe related posts with einnnWF so if you’re not into it but happen to like my other stuff (Tera, BnS etc), you can hide it with that tag.


{ {{ Celestia }} }

My boyfriend logged into Tera for the first time in forever. Subsequently he looked at the tradebroker and went on a shoppingspree for his character Jolteon. Said “There, now you have material for screenshots, right?” and then he logged off lol. Thanks~ ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡ Used my last gold on NA to get my zerk the black version as well to match, so will screenshot that and them together soon.

Okay I’ve got to release more pokemon feels.

I mean seriously guys, Gogoat has an adorable pre-evo! Have you seen that thing? Can you not see it pronking about like Pinkie Pie through the streets?! And ever since I saw 150plus’s rendition of it I’ve viewed Absol as a goat and it got a dazzling and fluffy and winged new form and my gods guys I’m in goat overload over here! The goat feels!

And then there’s Ampharos! Ampharos, my baby! You now have the greatest mane in all of pokemon I am so proud! And you’re a dragon now! Do you guys know what this means?!?!

We have a dragon

That is a sheep


My good fuck but the ungulate feels!!