- Buy lace underwear and model it around at home. You’re a goddess, own it.
- Realize the fact that if somebody can’t see your virtues doesn’t it mean you don’t have them.
- Pamper yourself. Fill the bathtub with hot water, throw in a bath bomb, jump in, play some music and enjoy. Exfoliate your skin, wash your hair, use a hair mask. Don’t dare to leave the bathroom till you’ve polished every single inch of your body. Try to polish your soul too.
- Remember situations you faced in the past. Realize they’re not a big deal anymore. That bad anxiety you had two months ago suddenly seem so small you might just want to laugh for being so silly, and now it’s over all those tears you cried are the most pointless thing ever. This will happen over and over again, so next time you face a problem remember in a year from now it will be insignificant.
- Go for a walk on your own. Walk aimlessly without a finish line. Come back home when you’re tired, no need to hurry.
- Doodle. Maybe you think you’re doing not so great at living but your watercolors skills are still on point.
- Buy yourself flowers. This one needs no explanation.
- Clean bed sheets are always a good idea.
- Stare at yourself in a mirror after a long nap and admire how glowing, beautiful and dreamy your face looks. Naps work wonders.
- In fact, stare at yourself on a mirror daily. Each time compliment on something. Maybe today you like your hair but don’t enjoy the shape of your lips, but that’s ok because tomorrow you’ll be delighted at how cute your smile is even tho your hair might be a mess. Learn to love you.
- Bake cookies just to eat with your fingers the remaining cookie dough. Everybody knows that’s the best part of baking.
- Forgive yourself.
—  Tips for people who feel lost 

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Never imagined something like this. I’m really grateful to all of you that follows my work, and @tumblr for being my home for so many art experiments all this years. 

2016 was very busy for me and I couldn’t continue my personal posts with the regularity I used to. Nevertheless, you supported me.

Much Love <3


↳ That Boy is a Monster by Diaryofanarcissisticgayman

Words: 146,493

Chapters: 11/11

Niall Horan is lucky by nature, a man who’s gotten to live his dream in a way that few do. His luck takes a turn for the worse one night when two men, two monsters, show up, and steal him away from the lie that is his life. A new world, hidden beside this one, is revealed to him as he finds himself at the center of a war being waged for the very fate of the world, one that’s been raging for a millennium, and he may very well be the most powerful weapon on Earth.

Aka: The Supernatural-Creatures!AU that nobody asked for, where Harry is the King of the Lycans (aka werewolves on steroids), Liam is his servant and only friend left, and Niall is a very cruel joke by mother nature who gets kidnapped and might just fall for the gorgeous, dangerous lycan holding him captive. Vampires vs. Lycans, because I’m that cliche. Pulls inspiration from True Blood, Underworld, and lots of other things. Warnings for gratuitous Twilight references and dog jokes, because Niall thinks making fun of werewolves is the funniest thing ever.

more / request / werewolves / narry / mpreg