[Insight] Khuntoria rings (cont.)

I’m sure we all still remember this rumor around Khuntoria BVLG rings, that they have been wearing a lot lately, especially Vic

There are some close-caps from Vic’s fan-taken photos.

Look like we aren’t too delusional after all ^^

Those rings are quite expensive too so…. they must be somewhat serious right?

I was spazzing so much yesterday, after seeing these HD photos

Thanks to all the awesome fans 

Cr to all the rightful owners


  1. Sherlock was great (even though i couldn’t have feels out loud because dad kept telling me to shut up but u no~)
  2. helenas shock that sherlock wasn’t gay
  3. technically this morning so it counts - i wrote a fic and it’s sad and i’m kinda proud of it so
  4. breadsticks are gr8 except when i choke on them
  5. ashleigh makes gr9 hot chocs
  6. i haven’t stressed about exam shit today so huzzah
  7. chris colfer’s face
  8. my owl had keeps my ears warm ^_^
  9. my hair was very soft today and idk it was good i guess
  10. my socks are gr8