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Writing Alcoholics

Okay, real talk about a sensitive subject: Tony Stark is an extremely high functioning alcoholic.

High functioning alcoholics can function like normal people, for the most part, even when smashed. They don’t slur their words or stumble or show any real overt signs of drunkenness until they are WAY past the normal threshold. The tipoff is the smell. You can smell the liquor on them even if they haven’t spilled a drop. Sometimes, I think it comes through their pores.

Alcoholics usually have a higher tolerance for alcohol, built up like an immunity to poison…because that’s basically what it is. Often they will begin their day with alcohol, for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the ever present hangover. Some can’t function normally without it. But high functioning alcoholics will generally seem normal while intoxicated.

If you suddenly remove all alcohol, some of them experience delirium tremens (DTs), which you’ll need to look up if you want to use; they are rough and can be fatal if not experienced under the care of a medical facility.

Now, not all Tonys are alcoholic, I’m just taking about the ones who are. High functioning alcoholics are not silly drunks or cartoonish. They can walk a straight line, they can even operate vehicles (they are still impaired, they just hide it better).

He doesn’t slur or slide his consonants. He doesn’t fall down. Hell, drinking might actually calm normal mood swings for him. He could still be charming. He could be MORE charming while drunk.

And remember, people are alcoholics for REASONS. It’s self medication. Nobody is addicted to alcohol for fun. Nobody gets there on purpose.

What a “healthy” fridge looks like. Have healthful snacks and foods at your fingertips.

Episode 94, part 1, Isis finally gets through to Kaiba, but chooses a terrible thing to convince him of. And the animation quality is … spotty.

Ready for your terrifying eye? No.

Kaiba’s in fine Seto Fucking Kaiba form.

“I wouldn’t choose God. God is sloppy and a disgrace. If I had chosen God, I would have fired God by now.” #actual-DSOD-dialogue #more-or-less #we-live-in-a-post-satire-world

The Nerd Herd are becoming convinced that Isis’s fairly plausible and well-telegraphed magic powers might actually be real magic powers…

… and Anzu reacts like a 19th century schoolmistress upon seeing a scandalously unclad ankle or some shit. [affected, feminine gasp]

Yami meanwhile, is trying to tease out Isis’s apparently-terrible strategy since she’s so confident of her victory and realises…

“… and it seems unlikely, since she could be a cover model for fucking Vogue and he currently looks like a particularly evil frog eating a lemon” 

but if they ARE brother and sister, she’s “also a Tomb Keeper” (way to be less sexist than Mr Ishtar, Yami!) and might have cards to pull some graveyard-related shenanigans…

But Kaiba presses on.

But Isis is not impressed:

-_- “rly loser?”

Yami reacts WAY more strongly than Isis does.

OoO “why does he never use that card against ME?”

Turns out Isis’s cool, calm and collected demeanor is because she has a HELL of a bomb to drop on Seto Notreadyforthis Kaiba


Kaiba has forced all of Isis’s Monsters over 1500 ATK, plus ten of her magic cards, plus two destroyed Monsters, into her graveyard. He’s used or lost SIX of his own cards. They keep their hands intact, but swap their deck and graveyard, leaving Kaiba with a grand total of 11 cards and Isis with … all her strongest Monsters, ten hand-chosen Magic cards and a full hand. Even if Kaiba can put together a strategy based on 11 cards…

He … doesn’t take it well.

Oh my!

(Also why “lousy bitch”? Seems like a translation jump tbh, he just says “kisama” which is translated as “bastard” when it’s aimed at a boy, so surely just “bitch” would be the equivalent.)

Anyway, Mokuba, watching from the control centre, can’t bear it…

So he rushes to his brother’s side and is greeted with…

wtf bro 

When Mokuba tells him he was just worried about his big brother, Seto doesn’t respond. That means he doesn’t say thanks or anything to indicate he’s glad he’s there, but he also doesn’t tell him to stop being ridiculous and go back to finish the analysis, so y’know. A touching moment. Ish.

The Nerd Herd are now thoroughly convinced

Yami is frustrated and angry, btw, he’s glowering in all these shots as he realises the Nerd Herd aren’t the only ones to be convinced by Isis’s assertions…

Kaiba panics.

His eyes go blank, like he’s been hypnotised but he hasn’t, this is just his internal error as he faces his worst nightmare: loss of control.

But then!

Yami calls to him and his eyes focus on him! Yami tells him he can see something different to what Isis claims is the future:

And tells him, in Seto-Kaiba-poetry, that they have the power and control to realise that vision:

And Kaiba?


So there you have proof, if proof were needed, that “hey, jerk, fight me” can be a touching and romantic moment between two emotionally-warped card-game-obsessed nerds.

Yami is so WORRIED about him and so determined that Kaiba keeps being Kaiba, he even thinks about him in Kaiba’s terms:

And Yami’s weird little pep talk is EXACTLY what Kaiba needed to hear because immediately he’s back at the 105% Extra Drama Card Game Poses I mean he’s holding them horizontally in front of his face for dramatic drawing action, come ON:

He has a plan: since he doesn’t have enough Monsters himself, he’ll use Isis’s to summon Obelisk using a Magic Card that allows you to … do exactly that.

But Isis knows his plan and has her own lying in wait…

Damn, girl, that’s a cold stare. In fact…

holy SHIT you know she’s freezing the skin off people’s faces with her stare if THIS GUY thinks she’s scary

whitesilenceth  asked:

Hey! J'ai lu ton avis sur mon post, je suis complètement d'accord avec toi. Je trouve que c'est l'un des meilleurs épisodes qui a été fait. Au vu de ton message, je vois que tu as fait l'ep avec Ezarel, son comportement change à ce point envers Erika? ( Je fais la route de Nevra ).

Oui, l’épisode a vraiment bien été travaillé! En fait, je ne suis pas encore rendue à l’épisode 15 (très bientôt), sauf que j’aime tellement l’histoire que je me spoil. J’adooooore me spoil, c’est mon péché mignon. Ainsi, j’ai regardé TOUS les let’s play sur youtube, ceux de Ez, ceux de Valkyon et ceux de Nevra, en plusieurs différentes langues, du coup, je suis en position de parler de l’évolution des personnages (je connais bien les épisodes).

Par rapport à Ezarel, selon moi, oui. J’ai vraiment remarqué un changement dans son comportement, et pas juste si on l’a comme coup de coeur, si on suit sa route ou bien qu’on a un bon lom avec lui. Il a changé en général. Par exemple, je sais pas si tu sais, mais Ezarel est moins stricte quant aux contacts physiques entre lui et Gardienne, pourtant c’est ce qu’il déteste le plus. Il est passé de “dérangé par le fait que Guardienne regarde par dessus son épaule” (lors des premiers épisode quand il prépare la potion pour voir si Erika est une faerie), à “le faire lui-même à Gardienne” (Épisode 15). D’ailleurs, c’est pour ça que Karenn lui dit de ne pas faire aux autres ce qu’il n’aime pas qu’on lui fasse. Et ce moment a lieu même si ton lom avec lui est vrm bas. Comme quoi, même si Ezarel et Gardienne ne sont pas très proche, le fait d’être exposée à elle depuis son arrivée (quelques mois déjà) fait que son approche a changé, il s’est ouvert à elle (un peu), il est moins sur la défensive et il est plus compréhensif à son égard.

Aussi, il s’inquiète pour elle (aww  x)  lmao), par exemple, à la plage, quand elle s’est fait attacké par Colaia, il l’emmène loins des autres et vérifie son coup, son visage (et s’attarde sur ses lèvres ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ), et lui demande si elle n'a rien. Et même si Gardienne choisit de reculer brusquement et de lui dire “Ne me touches pas!”, il s'excuse et dit qu'il veut juste s'assurer qu'elle n'est pas blessée : “Désolé, je veux juste m'assurer que tu n'as rien de grave.” Tu peux avoir un lom très bas et ça arrive quand même, tu peux avoir été embrassé par un autre (Valkyon ou Nevra) et ce scénario se produit, comme quoi, Gardienne est montée dans son estime malgré tout. Je pense sérieusement que son comportement envers elle, peut importe le lom, a changé positivement.

Ça parait qu'il s'en veut pour la potion, selon moi, même que ça paraît plus que les autres. Il a vraiment pris le temps de tout lui dire, de mettre sa fierté de côté (et tu sais comment les elfes sont de nature digne et tout) et lui avouer qu'il perd ses mots en présence de Gardienne même s'il fait semblant d'être à l'aise. Il bégaye quand il parle de l’erreur qu’il a commis et lui dit qu’il s'en veut jusqu'à ce qu'elle s'endorme. Il est littéralement resté à côté d'elle, à lui répéter sans cesse et avec sincérité qu'il s'en voulait jusqu'à ce qu'elle s'endorme. Comme quoi il a vraiment pas lâché l'affaire. Il lui a littéralement dit : “Je ne sais vraiment pas m’y prendre avec toi.” Et c’est à plusieurs reprises qu’il avoue sa maldresse face à Gardienne et la situation, en some. Et comme si ce n'était pas assez, il lui a écrit une lettre. UNE LETTRE. Qu'il a écrit et qu'il a déposé au pied du lit de Gardienne.

Okay, tu vas me trouver dramatique et penser que je vais trop loins, mais j'ai analyser cette partie du scénarios et voici mes conclusions (par rapport à la lettre) : Il l'a écrit le lendemain matin, parce qu'il dit bien (dans la lettre) “J'étais très sérieux hier soir.” Donc on peut en déduire qu'il avait ça sur la conscience ou bien qu'il y a pensé le matin (ce qui prouve que ça le travaille vraiment). Ensuite, juste le fait qu'il aie choisit d'écrire une lettre pour se vider le coeur encore une fois, et tout le processus d'écrire la lettre…je veux dire quand même. Imagine-le sortir une feuille et un stylo, réfléchir à ce qu'il veut écrire, faire quelques brouillons, re-lire sa lettre pour s'assurer qu'il est bien d'accord avec ce qu'il a écrit, la déposer au pied du lit de Gardienne et prendre le soin de le faire avec discrétion pour ne pas réveiller Gardienne.

J’ai ajouté cette partie à l’instant..

Voici la lettre qu’il a écrit : “ Je ne sais pas toujours comment m’exprimer. J’ai beau paraître à l’aise, mais des que je suis avec toi, je ne sais plus quoi dire. Enfin, saches que j’étais très sérieux hier soir, je vais tout faire pour gagner ton pardon et ce à n’importe quel prix. Ezarel.

Aussi, lorsqu’il parle à Gardienne vers la fin de l’épisode après ce qui est arrivé sur la plage, Gardienne lui dit qu’il n’a fait que la rabaisser depuis qu’ils se connaissent. À cela, Ezarel répond que c’est faux, ce qui selon moi prouve qu’il a honte des conneries qu’il a fait auprès de Gardienne à son arrivé, et qu’il ne veux pas que Gardienne garde cette image et impression de lui. C’est l’une des raisons, selon moi, pourquoi il nie la vérité. L’autre raison va dans le même sens, c’est-à-dire que au fil des épisodes, Ezarel s’est vu devenir taquin plutôt que moqueur, qu’il a fait des efforts envers Gardienne et a changé de comportement avec elle, et lorsque Gardienne lui a reproché de la rabaisser comme il en avait l’habitude, il était contrarié parce que lui-même sait qu’il a changé d’approche avec elle.

Aussi, Ewelein démontre une certaine proximité et inquiétude naturelle envers Ezarel, et au fil des épisodes, ces sentiments deviennent de plus en plus explicites, ce qui nous porte à penser qu’ils ont une relation d’intimité particulière (épisode 14 sent-toi visé). Dans l’épisode 15, Ewelein gifle Ezarel lorsqu’elle apprend que celui-ci à embrasser Gardienne, prouvant ainsi qu’il lui doit des comptes (c’est donc elle la mystérieuse fille dont les 3 gars parlaient dans l’épisode 14). Et si Ezarel lui doit des comptes s’il embrasse une fille au poins qu’elle le gifle, c’est qu’ils sont en couple ou quelque chose du genre. Je peux être la seule à le prendre au sérieux, mais le fait qu’Ezarel, dont la copine/femme/fiancée (Ewelein) est fâchée, décide d’accorder de son temps à Gardienne plutôt qu’à sa dulcinée (arrêtez-moi) m’attendrit. Je veux dire, connaissant Ewelein, c’est sur qu’il va y avoir une confrontation entre les deux elfes sur les événements, mais le fait que malgré tout, il reste auprès de Gardienne jusqu’à ce qu’elle s’endorme et lui écrit une lettre…J’ai vraiment besoin de vous faire un dessin?

AUSSI (Promis c’est mon dernier point) quand il lui a dit : “Gardienne, je…Tu n’est pas rien pour moi. […] ” (Je fond) Je veux dire, il avoue litéralement l’estime qu’il a pour nous. Et de la manière la plus mignone possible. Écoute, j’adore Nevra et ses démonstrations d’affection envers Gardienne, et je sais que c’est très rare que Ezarel démontre explicitement ses sentiments envers Gardienne, mais quand il le fait, ça vaut de l’or (message approuvée par l’association Squad Ezarel <3). Comme la fois ou il a arrêté ce qu’il faisait, nous a observé silencieusement avant d’essuyer nos larmes lorsqu’on cuisinait. J’veux dire, il ne voulait pas nous voir pleurer et a essuyé nos larmes par réflexe sans trop réaliser ce qu’il faisait tandis qu’on pleurait pour des onions. Des onions..S’il réagit ainsi pour des onions, nous voir pleurer pour vrai risque de le contrarier, voire le bouleverser. Bref je divagues…

(Conseil : ne me lancez pas sur le sujet qu’est Ezarel ou vous obtiendrez ça…)

J'espère que cette rédac’ de plus de 1500 mots (désolée srx aha) démontre bien pourquoi je pense qu'Ez a évolué positivement! @whitesilenceth Merci de m’avoir écrit! À plus!


1 year since this $hit went down in Chi-town.

Hanging with @storybycorey, @piecesofscully, and @kateyes224 and all the other people we met there (SO MUCH FUN) was a major highlight of last year.

Plus, over $1500 was raised for Childreach International with the Subject: Woman tshirt that I thought Gillian would just trash but she wore instead…..so…..

Yeah. 2016!Fandom was the best.

PS - Mitch Pileggi is a fucking gem of a man.

This lil dude just arrived so here’s a reminder that I’m still selling him.
Since I’m not even taking him out of the box he shipped in I’m charging what I paid for him (3590 yen) plus 1500 yen flat international shipping from japan. (regular airmail, but EMS can be arranged although it’ll cost more)
send me a message if you want him.
current status: still available


“Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.” -Lilo

Modern AU Drabble

Hiccstrid have their first big disagreement as a married couple. Rated T for minor suggestions at the end.

“You know, we really need our own place again,” Astrid said as she wriggled out of her leggings. “I miss walking around in my underwear.” Since they graduated college, Hiccup and Astrid had moved back to Berk, and were currently staying in Stoick and Valka’s house while they searched for an apartment.

“I know. I thought maybe we could look at a few places on Saturday,” suggested Hiccup.

“I’m coaching a volleyball game all afternoon.” Astrid slipped into a pair of sweatpants before changing into one of Hiccup’s t-shirts and climbing onto the bed, where Hiccup was watching Netflix on his laptop.

“Well, we can’t go Sunday. We have my parents’ anniversary party. And Monday, I’m working.”

Sighing, Astrid rested her cheek on her husband’s shoulder. “I feel like we never do anything anymore. I mean, by ourselves. You’re working Monday through Friday, I work evenings and weekends, and you’re always grading papers in your free time.” Hiccup had gotten a job as a history teacher at Berk Academy, a nearby private high school. Astrid coached two teen volleyball teams a couple evenings a week, along with both Saturdays and Sundays. “And it doesn’t help that your parents are here, either.”

“Yeah,” nodded Hiccup, his eyes still on his laptop screen.

“Can you listen to me?” Astrid shut Hiccup’s laptop.


“Babe, I’m trying to talk to you. We need to figure out a day to look at places. And maybe when we’re done, we could have a date night.”


“I’m serious. We gotta get out of your parents’ place. And I miss spending time with you.”

“Well, let’s spend time now.” Hiccup placed his laptop on the ground and hugged Astrid. “How was your day?”

“I found a place advertised. It looks nice. Two bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen.”

“Why do we need two bedrooms?”

“We’re gonna have kids eventually, right?”

“Yeah, eventually. But I don’t think we need the extra room right now.”

“I don’t wanna keep moving,” Astrid disagreed. “It’s exhausting.” She pulled the covers to her chin.

“Yeah, but I don’t think we can afford a two bedroom place now.”

“We could make it work. I could try to get a day job.”

“But if you want kids soon, you’d have to take some time off. And then there’d be daycare. And baby doctor visits. I just don’t think we should get a big place until I’m eligible for a raise at the Academy.”

“That’s not for almost a year, babe. We can’t live here for another year.”

“We wouldn’t. We’d get a studio or a one bedroom place, then move into a two bedroom one later.”

“I already told you. I don’t wanna keep moving. And besides, the two bedroom place I found isn’t that expensive.”

“How much is it?”

“About $1500 a month. Plus utilities.”

“I don’t think that’s doable now. I was thinking our budget would be around $900.”

“We could afford more than that.”

“No, we can’t. Our student loans are gonna kick us in the butt in a few months.”

“That’s why I’m getting a day job. It’ll help us out.”

“I don’t know. It just seems too risky.”

“So are you saying I wouldn’t be able to handle it?”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that I think it would be too risky for us to go over our heads in rent.”

“We wouldn’t be going over our heads. We’d be fine.”

Hiccup sighed. “We should just think it over for a couple days before we start planning anything. But for now, let’s just relax and try to get some rest for the night.” He reached over to turn out the bedside lamp before kissing Astrid’s lips and closing his eyes. “Goodnight, milady.”

“Really? That’s it? Just goodnight?”

“Well, what were you hoping for?”

“You know, we haven’t…you know, had sex at all this week, and my hormones aren’t exactly happy about it.”

“Oh, uh…you’re feeling it? I mean, you’re still in the mood even though we’re not on the same page about the apartment?” Hiccup grinned.

“Of course I am. My body doesn’t care what’s on my mind. I mean, I could take care of it myself, but I prefer you taking care of it instead.”

“Well, you’re in luck, Ast, because it just so happens that I could use some help taking care of my own hormones.” With that, Hiccup leaned in to press a sloppy kiss onto Astrid’s lips.


I’m in a tight spot and selling my mascot/fursuit/cosplay costumes.
Fit size 5'6" 150lbs +- a bit. Size 7.5 women’s shoes
Okami $800
Toothless $1500
Red Xiii $2000
Plus shipping

Okami is a little rough and needs new hands and paint touch up. Does not include sword.
Toothless will need dismantled to ship or could sell for parts.
Red is still like new.
Feel free to ask any questions. I can post more photos if anyone is seriously interested.

Maggie Q To Topline Limited Series About Famous Chinese Pirate Ching Shih.

Nikita star Maggie Q is taking on another iconic character, this time from Chinese history. The Mission: Impossible III alumna is set to headline a limited series from Steven Jensen’s Independent Television Group, Mike Medavoy & Benjamin Anderson of Phoenix Pictures (Black Swan), and Fred Fuchs (Transporter).

Titled Red Flag, the series is set in the early 1800s and centers on Ching Shih (Maggie Q), a beautiful young Chinese prostitute who goes on to become one of history’s most powerful pirates and head of the most successful crime syndicate in China. With over 100,000 sailors and 1500-plus vessels, Ching controlled the South China Sea while taking on the Imperial Chinese navy, the Portuguese navy, and the all-powerful British navy to eventually conquer them all. “It’s exciting to have the opportunity to share Ching Shih’s real-life story with audiences that are both familiar and unfamiliar with her prominent history,” Maggie Q said.

Do you wanna know just how much money I make?

I wanted to take a second to break some numbers down for you. I’m doing this to be transparent. To let you know what the life of producer/DJ looks like from the financial end. People often think there’s a huge amount of money in this scene. There is, but it is very concentrated and in the hands of a very, VERY few people. The vast majority are on similar numbers to me, running on fumes most of the time to make this thing work. We do it because we LOVE THE ABSOLUTE SHIT out of writing music, playing music and sharing music. 

Let’s start with a release.

Here’s the TOTAL sales breakdown for my Like Boom EP (March 2012). This is sales across all platforms (iTunes / Beatport / etc etc). Bear in mind this EP was the #2 overall release for thirteen weeks on Beatport so you can assume it was a comparative success.

Like Boom                                      2600
Facepalm                                       2932
Totalitaria                                       1125
Haters Gonna Hate                         652
Top Of The World                            710
What Props Ya Got                          614
Rise Up                                            658
Like Boom Nick Thayer Rmx         1953
Facepalm Rmx                                969
What Props Rmx                             509

So that’s 12,722 total sales.

For the sake of making this as simple as possible, let’s be generous and call these sales $2 each (most are a bit less). Then let’s split 50% (give or take) for whatever site you sell through, meaning the site takes $1 and there’s $1 left. Most labels these days run on a profit share arrangement which means you split what’s left of that down the middle too. Let’s also allow for any writing splits where other artists have been involved adding vocals etc. So here we have total income that gets to me after the site, the label and the other artists involved have all taken their cut.

Like Boom (50% to sample clearance, 25% share to three vocalists) 
Facepalm                                                $1467
Totalitaria                                                  $562.5
Haters Gonna Hate (50% to vocalist)       $326
Top Of The World (50% to vocalist)          $177.5
What Props Ya Got (30% to vocalist)        $158
Rise Up                                                      $329
Like Boom Nick Thayer Rmx (see above)  $122
Facepalm Rmx (50% to remixer)               $242
What Props Rmx (50% to remixer)            $127

So that’s a total income from the EP of $3673.50.

(I’m not going to include Spotify or YouTube here as they total less than the price of a beer overall).

At this point you pay your management 15% of what you have. Mastering comes in at approximately $150-$200 per track, so that’s $1500 total. Artwork is $1000 for anything half decent that’s usable across all platforms.  A decent publicity campaign is about $300-$500. There’s a myriad of other smaller costs involved too. Some labels will cover these costs up front but it will be a ‘recoupable advance’ meaning you have to pay them back before they give you any money so it’s the same as fronting the money yourself.

So you can see at the end, this EP which probably represented a year of work at actually ended up COSTING me money (though not a lot) to release. If somebody said to you 'put your heart and soul into this project for a year and at the end give us some money for the privilege of having us listen to it’, what would YOU do?

What about touring?

At this point people usually say 'well you make a lot of money from gigs right?’. Well not really. Around six months after this EP came out, so in late 2012, enough time to potentially see the benefits, in the US I was earning between $1000 and $1500 for a show. That might sound like a lot of money, but that is TOTAL.

Let’s say I did a run of nine shows across three weeks (Thurs, Fri, Sat night x 3) at $1250. That’s $11,250. That’s A LOT right?? Well. Right off the bat the booking agent will take 15%.  As an Australian in the US I pay 30% up front on tax too (this is reclaimable but Australia has a reciprocal tax agreement with US so it comes out of the amount of tax I owe here in Aus). So that’s down to $6200 straight away. Then I have to pay for travel. Let’s say return flights from Aus ($1500 economy fare) plus travel in between shows ($200 per flight if lucky) and we’re down to $2687. You can usually get the club to pay for a hotel on the night of your show, but that’s it. So that leaves maybe ten nights where you are covering it at $100 a night if you can find it. Often they will be much more expensive so you survive by sleeping on couches in friends’ places every second night. That’s $1687 left. Now pay management 15% and we’re at around $1434. Then there is food to pay for cause you can’t live on bar snacks for three weeks. At $30 per day (that’s $10 for b'fast lunch and dinner) for three weeks is around $600 and at that point all you’re left with is around $800 for three weeks’ work, which is not exactly a fortune.

So what?

This is not a sob story. This is me saying to you please, PLEASE support artists you like in any way you can think of. 

 - Buy the whole EP when they release it instead of just one song. You would not believe the difference this can make. Even buying two songs instead of one helps chart positions which creates exposure which means more people listen and the cycle repeats itself.

 - Share the links to their music on your Facebook or Twitter or re-post them on Soundcloud or wherever you can. Promoters keep an eye out for whoever is being talked about the most across social media so instead of bugging your favourite artist to come to your town talk about them as much as you can and bug the promoters to bring them.

I want to say now THANK YOU for every single person who has supported me in any of these ways. Who has bought my music, shown their friends, stuck stickers on things, come to a show or whatever. THANK YOU. 

Why All the Hate Anti-Billdips’?

Okay, Hello Billdip and anti-billdips! I’m a 16 year old blogger.

This has been bothering me for a while now so here it is.

To all those who say billdip is pedophilia then what about other ships from cartoons/animes. Let’s start with adventure time.

Finn the human whose age goes 12 to 17 is always shipped with Marceline who is 1003 years old and Bubblegum who is 828 years of age. Marceline and Bubblegum and wayyyyyy older that Finn. So where is all the hate/anti blogs for these ships?

Next, there is Inuyasha the anime. Kagome is 15 to 18 throughout the series and her romantic love interest, Inuyasha, is 200 to 203 years old. Inuyasha is way older than Kagome too!

Finally, there is Xiaolin Showdown paring of anyone x Chase Young. Chase Young is 1500 plus years old. He is shipped with teenagers like: Jack Spicer, Omi, and Kimiko. There three are way younger that Chase young is.

My point in all of this rambling is, why is older Dipper x Bill and Or younger Bill and Dipper so bad? 

All of these anti-billdip blogs are just spouting nonsense,cuss words and calling everyone a pedophile. They all are just harassing everyone who like billdip. 

So why can’t everyone get along? We like and dislike different things so we should just accept things and MOVE ON!

Thank you for your time :)

Love~ Amyhip