1500 frames

heck! heck!!!!!

we’ve made it. the big one-five-oh-oh. maybe it’s arbitrary, but this really seems like a big number. moreso than 1,499 does. we’ve officially Made It. and you know how sincere i am about that, since i chose to use capital letters.

how to celebrate such a prestigious milestone? well, the six of you who follow my other blog, @extraneousdominomask, know i just ran a 16 character popularity tournament, like so:

it was super fun to put together, and with several fun surprises along the way, even more fun to run! and, of course, i’d love to do a version with zootopia characters as well!


it was also super time consuming and only like 20 people maximum voted in each round, and that’s 10% of that blog’s 200ish followers, and this blog has 1,500 followers (it says so right at the top there) so that’d be 150 votes with the same maths, and maybe it won’t be the same maths, it could be more! it could be less. but it could be more!

so that’s gonna wait. definitely gonna do it! just gonna wait until a less busy time. like, uh. june.

still, i didn’t want this milestone to pass without some kind of marker. but what? already did a press conference, twice. did a schmultzy little speech about how great you all are (and you are all great <3). in terms of low-energy ideas, that only leaves one recourse: the face reveal.

two quick problems with that, though. 1, my face (and voice!) aren’t secret, given i’ve shared my own youtube videos here before. it’s no big surprise. and b, face reveals weird me out a little. you’re there scrolling through your feed and suddenly this blogger you follow with no identity outside their work - coulda been a child or a computer program or a syndicate of accountants for all you knew - has a human face. it’s creepy.

so with that all in mind, and with a final and most sincere thanks for following this dumb blog, here isn’t a picture of what i look like!

i have a perfectly normal number of human fingers.


This is a celebration post because this blog has amazingly passed 1500 followers! Thank you so much to everyone who has started following this blog recently, as well as those that have stuck around since the beginning. For anyone who’s new or interested, on my page I have links for all the directors, cinematographers, and movies that I have covered on here. I can’t believe that just five months ago I was blown away by the fact that I had 200 followers and now here we are- thank you all so much!

Now, back to the movies and the regularly scheduled programming. In thanks, above are 10 new frames from my 10 most popular posts. You’ll find the list of movies and links to the original posts below!

- K

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Ultimate alien like spear mantis feeding on fish in slow motion

Dr Jamie Seymour from James Cook University and Emmy Award winning cameraman Richard Fitzpatrick film a spear mantis shrimp at 1500 frames per second

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