1500 dollars

  • Really cool black man
  • plays awesome games that people like watching
  • plays games with his subscribers
  • really cares about everyone who follows him
  • hilarious
  • silly voices
  • look at his hair
  • intentionally doesn’t use slurs
  • told his chat to use Rainbow Flag/Pride emojis on Youtube to celebrate Undertale’s diverse gender and sexuality representation
  • Got mad that no such emoji exists
  • Got $1500+ dollars from subscribers on his birthday and tried not to cry
  • Really good at Fire Emblem Strategy tbh
  • Spends 4 hours on Fire Emblem so no one dies due to him rushing

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Don't get mad when I count out your money!! I'm sorry my voice is a little loud, I try to control it, but don't get mad!! I understand you're in a bank, but we're in a small town, that's super fucking friendly. It's my job to count out your 1500 dollars!!!! Or else I could have shorted you!!! Now I have a paper cut from you snatching the envelope out of my hands!

I would love to get another corgi in the future, I just hate how many health problems they tend to have. Both of my corgis died early because of random health complications– the second got fucked up because of back problems that are EXTREMELY common in the breed. :( It’s just not worth getting attached to a 1500 dollar dog that’s going to get hurt because of its genetics.

Sooo... I would like to ask for your help...

Hello guys!

Nobody knows this here but my family and me are actually living in a difficult situation (financially) since… well… since ever lol… 

I recently discovered that my mom had a higher debt than I thought at first… So with the debts, her salary is only $1000 - $1500 pesos ($50 - $75 dollars!) each month and with that we need to pay rent ($200 dollars or so each month), water, electricity, gas and food… as you can see, it’s impossible, so my mom borrows more and more money, making an endless cycle of debts.

I’m a freelance illustrator and I help my mom with what I can, but I’ve not had a lot of work since last year (I received less than $100 dollars last month), so even with my help. it’s impossible or nearly impossible without borrowing.

You could think that If I leave my freelancer work and find another job my situation could change, but the thing is… I make more money freelancing because I earn in dollars lol… When I don’t have a bad month of work, I make at least $200 dollars each month and if I find a crappy job here in Mexico and work 8 hours a day, the salary is $2500-$3000 pesos (Like $100/$150 dollars) each month, so yeah…

Maybe you’re dizzy with all the numbers I’ve been mentioning here, so let’s get to the point…

I would like to ask for your help to pay off my mom’s debts.

I said before that my mom’s debts were higher than I thought but the thing is… They’re actually not that high…

She needs less than $500 dollars to pay a big part of her debts.

After she pays those $500 dollars, we are going to have like $250 - $300 dollars each month! she had some other debts, but these are the more important ones :)

I also going to open commissions just until I earn the necessary money to pay my mom’s debts.

You can go to THIS page to buy a commission and read the specifications for that :)

You can donate by clicking the donate button on my blog! :)

I would like to ask for your help just this time! If you donate even with a dollar OR/AND buy commissions from me, that would help us SO MUCH!

I thought on options to help her, and this one was the only option that could actually work so please consider it a little and even if you don’t want to or can’t donate, please help me by reblogging this so more people can see it :)

If you have any question, don’t hesitate in sending me a message or an ask here! :) I’ll try to answer all your questions!

Thank you in advance and sorry for my poor English… English is not my first lenguage :(


P.S. If you know of another way of make donations instead of the donate button (something like gofundme… but I can’t do it there because I’m not american…) please send me a message! :)

I’d really like to see an episode of cutthroat kitchen where it’s all celebrity chefs competing. I really want to see Gordon Ramsey spend $1500 dollars making Paula Deen get all her butter from single butter-pats from a diner and then promptly be forced to use the overheating transformer of a computer charger as his only heat source by Guy Fieri. 

this is sean, one of the coolest dudes I know…sold his van, bought a one way ticket to Iceland, gonna work on a farm, venture his way down to Bali and Australia on a shoe string budget of 1500 dollars. say hi if u see him
jan 2015

Hi! So lately I found out my granma need eye surgery that’ll cost around 1500 dollars, and my disabled mom still need her meds, and my mental health is so fucked I can’t ignore it anymore, so I need costy therapy and meds too. Also I still need to eat and pay my rent, but prices on everything went up and i just cant afford shit. I’m still stydying at my uni, and this get in the way of getting a normal job, but I desperately need money. So im relying on your help guys.

I’ll draw you everything, even your OC, with colors and stuff, for fifteen bucks (because i think its really low price so i can actually get any commissions, and because im desperate). Just don’t make me draw complex backgroungs.

If you have any questions, contact me at ksaf.pro@gmail.com or just send me an ask!


Guys, I know I’ve come to you before in need of help and you’ve come through for me in the clutch. PLEASE HELP ME NOW. My electricity is going to be shutoff at my new apartment on MARCH 30th if I don’t settle my parent’s bill by the 30th (APPARENTLY I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF IT EVEN THOUGH THE BILL WASN’T IN MY NAME BECAUSE I LIVED THERE). PLEASE GUYS. I cannot have my electric shut off now. I can’t. I won’t survive. I’ll be kicked out of my apartment and homeless. I need to raise 1500 dollars and fast. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate to my paypal by sending it to jaecarter91@mail.com

PLEASE. Guys. I’m desperate. 

Univeristy It’s not for everyone

The value or lack there of in a university education.

Most students these days either have their education paid for by their parents or just mindlessly accept the burden of the debt without thinking too much about the actual cost to value, so let’s… let’s take a look.

Based on the average cost of tuition it costs mosts students about $50 per class. So that means if your professor decides to show a movie during an hour long class you just paid $50 to watch half of a movie. A value equal to getting five months of netflix. 

It also means if you skip a day of four classes you flushed $200 down the toilet. Skipping two days of classes is like buying a PS4 just to smash it on the ground.

A typical semester is 15 weeks long so if you have a class twice a week that’s 30 classes total. So if you fail a class you just spent 1500 dollars on nothing. Worse yet you just spent 1500 dollars to be bored and/or stressed out. 

Many people go to university for about 2 years before deciding it’s not for them and dropping out. They are fresh out of high school and have no idea what they want to do with their lives so they turn to university as a way to play the field and put off entering the real world

 Many speak about the value of the life experience it brings and the friends they make and the good times they had. Most take 4 classes a semester which is about $6000 per semester. Multiply that by the 4 semesters they’d have in 2 years and you get a cost of  24 thousand dollars. That does not include the cost of housing and living. That’s one expensive life experience. You could travel the world on a 2 year vacation and spend exponentially less than that. Better yet you could spend that time working in another country and actually make money while gaining life experience.

You can rent in a full sized 3 floor home for appx half the cost of sharing a prison sized dorm room with a stranger. 

The textbook industry is a huge scam. Not only do university bookstores mark up the prices about 30% but the value of the book is artificial in the first place. Textbooks have editions that can stretch into the double digits and yet have virtually no new or different information in them. They simply rearrange the chapters, change the graphics, page numbers and images each year for no other reason than to make it difficult for professors to use older versions of the textbook. Edition 1 and edition 8 of the same textbook will have the same information but if the professor is reading from edition 8 a person with edition 5 wont be able to follow along because the chapters and page numbers will all be different. Which means you could pay 120 dollars for a book that absolutely nobody will buy for even 5 dollars the very next semester. You could go to a thrift store and pickup a textbook for 2 dollars and just read it yourself and gain the same level of knowledge the average university student does.

Publishers will send free copies and packages to try to convince professors to use their book for their course knowing if theirs is selected it could mean big money. If a class of 400 students has to purchase a $120 textbook that means a potential 48 000 dollars spent on a textbook for just one class. Some professors can even use their own books as required texts and profit directly off of the mandatory purchases of their students. It’s shameless and not a lot do it but I’ve seen it firsthand, there are even books which promote other books all written by the class professor. 

Last but not least the appx cost of the average 4 year degree is 48 000 dollars. So if you take a useless major and never end up using your degree for a career you just invested 48 grand and received zero return on that investment. Losing 48 thousand dollars on a single 4 year investment is horrendous money management and is enough to ruin lives and careers. 

Consider this as well, many universities also include many secondary costs automatically in with your tuition. University clubs, groups, services organizations and causes that you must contribute to automatically. Most of which will never be utilized or accessed by the the overwhelming majority of students. 

For example my tuition had mandatory contributions to some form of lgbt organization that I’ve never even heard of except for on my tuition bill. There were also several charities on the list which begs the question why are people who are putting themselves into debt just to get an education also being forced to give money to other causes. Can you imagine how absurd it would be to take out a bank loan to give to charity you don’t get to choose. 

Now many people work while they are in school and many people cannot work while they are in school. Those who do work often find their school work suffers because of their job. Some cannot handle the stress and the load of work or the complete lack of a social life that comes with balancing a job and an education.

 So they put off work to attend school which means not only is school costing them money it’s preventing them from earning money. If a potential job pays 10 dollars an hour that could work out to an annual salary of $20,800. So in the 4 years you put off work to attend university you could have earned $83,200. 

Now when you factor in the cost of your education in with the cost of living and housing and the cost of school supplies and books while receiving that education it essentially doubles the cost even if you live on a shoestring budget. So attending university for 4 years could end up costing about 96 thousand dollars. 

That is assuming you don’t have to pay interest on your student loans which you will have to if you got a government loan to attend school. So if you leave school and cannot get a high paying job and have to settle for around minimum wage level work it will take you over four years to pay off your student debt. Also remember that student debt is higher than credit card debt so the government is making more money off of students than credit card companies make in total.

So between wasting 4 years getting the education and four years paying it off you just wasted 8 of the best years of your life. 96 grand could have instead gotten you a really nice downpayment on a home you would be well on your way to paying off. 

University, based on the numbers alone…is no longer the obvious smart choice for planning your future. Think long and hard before deciding to go. 

*These are just rough estimates based on averages so depending on your country, the quality of your school and the program you choose it could be lower or it could be higher.

Writing Commissions

Money’s kind of tight right now, so commissions would be great. I’ll write for a bunch of different fandoms, mainly Red vs Blue, Transformers, Hetalia, and Dragon Age. I’m pretty willing to work with just about anything, but I do draw the line at non-con, underage, or any sort of bathroom kinks.

My prices are as follows:
special: 100-200 words for 2 dollars, anything goes!
200-500 words: 5 dollars
500-1000 words: 10 dollars
1000-1500 words: 15 dollars
1500-2000 words: 20 dollars

These are just the base price. For any smut it’s an extra three dollars, plus a dollar for any kinks that you want to add.

You can check out my AO3 at magicrobot if you want a taste of what I do! Please message me on here if you’re interested.

Note: no anon commissions permitted, payment only through PayPal!