REPOST (from Gigi) IMPORTANT Armys please take the time to read this if you havn’t yet! PLEASE LIKE TO PUSH TO THE TOP: Our Goals & How Daesang Works (Round 2) Daesang is for any album/song in the year nominated. MAMA counts 50% album sales, 30% Judges, 20% voting and selection committee YT views count towards Billboard (1500 views = 1 album sale), but reaching 100M doesn’t guarantee an award. It is a factor than can influence the judges and selection committee, but an MV will not be disqualified if it doesn’t meet 100M views. (NOTE; BS&T, Fire, and Save Me will all qualify because they are all from this year) What does matter is press. Breaking records and getting national and international recognition for your work has a huge sway with the Judges. By breaking records we are offering BTS an international stage to bring Korean music to the world (something the judges want). With BS&T have a chance to not only break the 30M and 50M record, but pass Psy’s 1st 100M record as well. If we pass Psy’s Gangnam Style - the whole world will take notice and the world stage will be theirs. This gives them a much better chance for the Daesang in the Judges and selection committee’s eyes. Psy’s record with Gangam Style was 55 days for 100M. I know that seems like a long shot, but think of it this way- if 500,000 people watch the MV 10 times a day we would reach 100M views in 17 days (by the end of October). If those same 500,000 people watch 12 times a day we would reach 100M in just 13 days. Fire matters because no other Korean band from a company not part of the big 3 has ever reached 100M views in the year it was released. This would be a huge break for BigHit and goes to prove smaller companies matter. Right now the 30M mark on BS&T is our goal. The current 1st place record is 15 days. If iArmy focuses this upcoming weekend on constant streaming we can reach this goal before Monday morning for breaking news articles in music magazines. Trading off BS&T with Fire and Dope is a good way for YT algorithms to make sure your views are counted as valid (seeing you choose another video helps prove you’re a person, not a bot). So spread the word across army bases everywhere. This weekend is an Army YouTube-a-thon. Let’s get our boys the views, not for Daesang, not to beat other bands, but to get them front page of news journals, music mags, and websites worldwide. Let’s give them the stage we all know they deserve. ————– How View Counts work: -

 Views are counted by IP address. 

- Using Incognito only removes cookies it doesn’t make you “Ghost” (ghosting means it wouldn’t count anyway) 

- Do NOT use multiple tabs. Multiple tabs from the same IP shows that you are obviously not watching the MV, and all of your views will be removed (this was a trick that worked in the older days of YouTube but clearly they’ve gotten better at tracking things since 2009). 

- You can stream in one browser and work in another (ex. Stream in chrome and work in Firefox. Different browsers won’t compete.) 

- Watch the video from start to finish. - Do NOT make playlists and loop. Looped playlist views are also not counted. 

-Volume at 50% is for mobile. Non mobile devices may mute or use lower sound if they do so from the device and not the YouTube button. Plugging in headphones for either also is fine. 

- If you’re on mobile- clean your history frequently. The “watched” tag sometimes messes with the view count. If not on mobile; clean your cookies occasionally. 

- The best way to make sure your views count is to watch BS&T and then manually select another video (like Fire, Save Me, Dope, etc – Example: BS&T -> Fire -> BS&T -:> Save Me….) Change the order occasionally to prove you’re a person, not a bot repeating a pattern.

Nationwide, Americans still cling to a deeply sanitized and Southern-fried understanding of the Civil War. More often than not, when I talk to people about the conflict, I hear that it was about abstract principles like “state sovereignty” and “the Southern way of life.” Surveys confirm this. In 2011, at the start of the war’s sesquicentennial, the Pew Research Center asked more than 1500 Americans their view as to “the main cause of the Civil War.” Only 38 percent said the main cause was slavery, compared to 48 percent who answered states’ rights.

This belief also seems to be growing. According to Pew, respondents 30 and younger were the likeliest to cite states’ rights, by a margin of 60 percent. And there was no difference between northern and southern whites in the plurality citing states’ rights as the war’s main cause.

It would take a book to explain the history behind this belief, and some excellent ones have been written (to name one, David Blight’s Race and Reunion). The very short version is that white Southerners lost the war but won its aftermath and the battle for how the conflict would be remembered. Violent Southern intransigence and Northern war-weariness killed Reconstruction; the nation chose regional reconciliation over racial justice; and ex-Confederates constructed a potent ideology—the Lost Cause—that romanticized plantation life and cast the war as a noble, doomed defense of Southern freedom and an agrarian way of life.

—  Tony Horwitz, author of Confederates in the Attic, on the meaning of the Confederate flag in historical memory. TPM