150 series

So, I was browsing “all catagories” in Listia because I’m ill, and came across…this.

Autoerotic Fatalities by Hazelwood/Dietz/Burgess

“Nine chapters discuss deaths occurring in the course of autoerotic activities in which a potentially injurious agent was used to heighten sexual arousal. A series of 150 autoerotic fatality cases were studied.”

You really can find anything on that site…

Project For Awesome 2016
Here's my P4A video about Reading is Fundamental, an organization that gives free books to kids in need.

Hi friends! I made a video for Project for Awesome about Reading is Fundamental, an organization that gives free books to kids in need. This link will take you to my video on the P4A website where you can watch and vote if you like it!

(I read a list of 150 books and book series out loud at the speed of light it’s a fun time I almost blacked out)

CBB Podcast Recs

@absolutely-fatal Imma lay out some (of what I consider) classics. Not that you asked me too lol.

Time Bobby series (#150, #215, #286, #423): Starring Paul F. Tompkins and Bobby Moynihan. The epic saga of Dame Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and his scrappy adopted (or not) orphan, Fourvel. Possible time travel problems.

Marissa Wompler’s Six Flags Birthday Womptacular (#304): Starring Jessica St. Clair, Lauren Lapkus, Jason Mantzoukas, Andy Daly and even more people.  I crack up at any Wompler ep so I don’t even know which one to rec but I thought this one was super fun. 

The Premiere of Bob Ducca (#39): Starring Seth Morris, Riki Lindhome, Kate Micucci, and Brendon Walsh. Early days! This is important because it’s the first appearance of Bob Ducca (one of my favorite characters). Also you get Garfunkle and Oates which is always a good thing.

Farts and Procreation series (#120, #166, #219, and #336 if you’re dedicated): Starring Adam Scott, Chelsea Peretti, and Harris Wittels. You don’t need a reason, look at the line-up.

Grounded Me@ (#312): Starring Andy Samberg and Lauren Lapkus. Scott constantly bothered by his pesky 13-year-old nephew Todd. Hollywood facts!

Happy Black Friday! (#31): Starring James Adomian, Michael Cera, Jimmy Pardo, Nick Kroll, Harris Wittels, Paul F. Tompkins (lot of people popped in). This maaaaybe my favorite ever? Or one of my first favorites anyway for sure. But it’s great. 

One Year Anniversary Party/The Party’s Still Raging (#51, #51.5): Starring Tig Notaro, Nick Kroll, Seth Morris, probably other people. This is important because it has an epic Bob Ducca bit and also because Tig Notaro tells the Taylor Dayne story which I’ve listened to a million times and it’s amazing.

Oh Golly!/Oh Golly! You Devil! (#274, #300): Starring Andy Daly and Jason Mantzoukas. Scott and Jason vs. the infinite unearthly evil of ventriliquist Gil and his pupped, Golly. I think that’s what it was about idk but it was really funny.

Heynong Man (#356): Starring Jason Mantzoukas and Paul F. Tompkins. You’ve probably listened to it already I’d think but just in caaaase.

Also: Any episode involving both Zooks and Andy Daly. Any episode with James Adomian. 

That’s good for now. I could rec a million more lol. The Best Of eps are always good anyway. 


                                      TASK 3: PSYCH EVAL

below the cut is an excerpt from a basic psych questionnaire, which was given to each applicant for the Proxima B mission prior to their initial psych interviews, to assess preparedness and capability for the mission. 

the test was a series of 150 yes or no questions on a variety of topics. applicants were not permitted to quality their answers in this computerized test, only to check a box “yes” or “no” before moving on to the next question. they were encouraged to answer based on instinct, but the test was not timed. 

provided here are 50 of those questions. how did your character answer?

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The latest Bikes Of The Week is out, and the headliner is the first ‘official’ custom Street Twin, commissioned by @officialtriumph and built by @downandoutcaferacers.
The signature wide-tired style adds a brutish appeal to the Triumph, with chunky TKC80 rubber on 150-series wheels. The subframe has been chopped, and a custom seat and bobbed set of fenders installed.
We’re also digging the new bars and risers from LSL and the custom pipes from GP Exhausts.
Hit the link in our bio to see four more killer builds that made the cut this week.
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Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.  

#150: Bolin lavabends in “Enter the Void.”

Bolin’s had some confidence issues in Book 3 with his inability to bend metal.  This made fertile ground for him to bond with Opal, and it was played somewhat for laughs when Mako tried to inspire him to metalbend in the prisons of Ba Sing Se.  But it was also great setup for Bolin’s big moment in Act III of “Enter the Void.”  

We see that lava is barreling down toward Bolin, Mako, Asami, and Tenzin, and there’s nowhere to go: 

I love the expression the animators drew on Bolin’s face in the shot below. It’s serious, but determined, and he seems to be coming to terms with the fact that he’s going to sacrifice himself to try to save the others. It’s a quiet hero face: 

And then Bolin charges toward the hot magma:

And he shows just how special he is. This shot is crazy because the lava is about to engulf him, but Bolin’s arms are outstretched as he confronts the danger – and the only word I can think of to describe Bolin at this moment is “substance.”  He’s a man of substance:

Bolin’s courage under fire (well, under lava) then unlocks his hidden lavabending talent: 

It’s a great. triumphant moment for the character.  I wish Bolin had more of these.